Indy Focus: Scott Reed

Jul 25, 2011 - by Atlee Greene

Indy Focus: Scott Reed

By Atlee Greene

Height: 5’7
Weight: 200 lbs.
Age: 25
Hometown: Manchester, NH
Finishing Maneuver: Smash mouth (aka:roll the dice), Pile Driver
Trained by: Steve Bradley

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment- CT
DGUSA – Dragon Gate -PA
FIP- FL (Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2010)
MCW – Maryland Championship Wrestling- MD
CW – Chaotic Wrestling- MA
ECWA – East Coast Wrestling Association – DE (2008 Super 8 competitor)
EPW – Elite Pro Wrestling – IL
WFA – Wrestling Federation of America – NH
TRP – Top Rope Promotions – MA
MWF – Millennium Wrestling Federation – MA
UFO – Self Titled – MA
EWA – Easter Wrestling Alliance – MA
FRW – Front Row Wrestling – NH
NSW – North Shore Wrestling – MA
RSE – Ring Side Entertainment – MA
NECW – New England Championship Wrestling – MA

Q: When did you become a wrestling fan and how?

SR: I first became a fan when I was in 4th grade. Another kid I hung out with was a huge wrestling fan, this kid had everything! Toy rings, action figures, video games, you name it. I got dropped off at his house after school one day and he was playing with some action figures in his living room and had a tape playing on the TV. Something about professional wrestling drew me in…and from that point on I was hooked.

Q: Where did you grow up?

SR: It’s hard to say really, For a long time I lived in NH, then I actually lived in a tractor trailer for a year or so traveling the country with my mom and her boyfriend who worked for TRL trucking. Then I lived in Roach, Missouri (which is next to the Ozarks) up until 4th grade, when I moved to Manchester, NH and eventually settling down in Hooksett, NH where I did the rest of my “growing up”

Q:Who were your favorites growing up?

SR: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Triple H

Q:Did you attend wrestling shows when you were a kid?

SR: Yes, whenever the WWE (WWF at the time) came to New England my dad would always surprise me with tickets. I have only been to one independent wrestling show as a kid. It was one Walter “Killer” Kowalski promoted. Which in fact I still have the original program from that show.

Q:What is your favorite wrestling match?

SR: I enjoy a good singles match.

Q: What is your favorite event?

SR: Come on now, you know I’m going to say Wrestle Mania!

Q: First impressions of the business when you were training?

SR: I started training back in October of 2002 under Steve Bradley. Talk about some good training! I was very fortunate to have been trained by Steve. I trained there with Brandon Locke Monday-Thursday and Saturday week in and week out. I never went into this expecting anything or thinking it was easy. All I knew was I loved wrestling and this was what I was going to do no matter what. So yeah, I never really got a first impression, I just took everything in as it came to me.

Q: How has life been on the Independent Scene?

SR: Well, Independent wrestling is what you make of it. For me it has been really good. I have got to work for a lot of really great companies.

Q: Who are some of the notable names you have worked with?

SR: X-Pac, Steven Richards, The Boogeyman, Little Guido, and Scotty 2 Hotty.

Q: Any TV/Media appearances?

SR: ECW taping 12/09/08 Bridgeport, CT (ECW TV match with The Boogeyman), 2008 PWI Magazine

Q: What was your experience like working for the WWE?

SR: Working for the WWE was amazing! Not just because as a kid this is what I dreamed of doing, but because it’s just such an amazing experience. You never know what to expect from WWE, and let me say I never expected to wrestle on national television that night. I have talked with so many people that say their first time out there they were so nervous, but honestly I was never nervous. Even standing in the middle of that ring with thousands of fans around me (some even chanting my name which was awesome in itself). I was so comfortable. I came out with a lot of great memories and great experiences every time I got the chance to work for the WWE. It was great!

Q: You also wrestled in the 2008 ECWA Super 8 tournament. What went through your mind when you were invited to the tournament and what can you say about the experience?

SR: The Super 8 Tournament is something I have always hoped that I would get to do since I started learning about this business. My trainer Steve Bradley won the 1999 Tournament. I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps and gain all the experiences he had, Still to this day I really look up to him. So being elected to participate in the 2008 super 8 tournament really meant a lot to me.

Q: What are your future plans?

SR: I have a vacation in Wildwood, NJ coming soon which I am pumped about. This is my first EVER vacation! But other than that I’m working towards some more sponsorships (I already have as a sponsor). I would really like to do a bodybuilding competition soon. Possibly have a few international tours. I just plan on enjoying my life and to keep doing what I love to do!

Q: Where can we see you next?

SR: I have a ton of new dates coming up so please check out my facebook page for the dates!
7/26 EVOLVE (Manhattan, NY)
7/29- Top Rope Wrestling (Fairhaven, CT)
8/5- Top Rope Wrestling (Fall River, MA)

Q: Do you have any sponsors you want to thank?

SR: Yes, I want to thank my Sponsor Tokkyo Nutrition ( for all the help and support. I really want to that my fans who have showed tremendous amounts of support throughout my years as a professional wrestler. THANK YOU ALL!

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