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Video: The latest CM Punk sighting

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  1. James says:

    I want 58 seconds of my life back….

  2. McMahon says:

    H20 is awesome. I remember Punk did a video talking about straight edge for some organization one of their members ran.

  3. Longshot says:

    This video is not recent. It was posted on YouTube almost a year ago. The album has been out since 2008.

  4. Jose says:

    Freddy Madball!

  5. OstegoAmigo says:

    Why do people have to promote themselves being straight edge?

    “Hey look! I don’t drink, do drugs, or have promiscuous sex! I’m straight edge!”

    Congrats. You are not suppose to drink, do drugs, or have promiscuous sex or have anything to do with destroying your body to begin with! That’s like yelling out your car window telling the whole world that you stopped at a stop sign.

  6. sunshinethewerewolf says:

    I would just give up on life period if I was that out of step, I had no clue who h2o, agnostic front, madball, or icepick were, or what they stood for atleast.

  7. ducky says:

    sorry but brust your bubble but cm not really straight edge few year back when wrestle in green bay wis he was at a house party i was at he was drinking and smoking pot straight edge is just a act

  8. Greg says:

    Not to get into a big ol debate, but guy who is yelling about people being proud to be straight edge obviously doesn’t get the will power it takes. Puting poision in your body and engaging in self destructive behavior is a social norm. When people all around you say its okay to drink what you want, screw who you want, smoke what you want, it takes resolved and dedication to live the life I do. Real life is more like a world where you’re suppposed to stop at stop lights, but most of the world blows right threw them. I’m pretty proud to say I stop.

  9. Greg says:

    And ducky, sorry to “brust” you’re bubble but you type like an idiot. Have a nice day everyone.

  10. Deathedge says:

    I don’t buy that someone who has dated the girls he has is straight edge. Lol.

  11. Bommaniac says:

    I think him and all his friends have nothing to prove.

  12. david r. says:

    wow, that……was stupid. I didn’t know the local butchers made a band.

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