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Another update on the creative process in WWE

As we previously noted, there have been recent changes in the WWE creative department, which is fairly common, as the WWE machine goes through writers frequently, and the road schedule ends up weeding others from the creative team. The current power structure in the WWE creative department are as follows, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

top level – Vince McMahon
second level – Stephanie, Triple H, and Kevin Dunn
third level – Ian Jones (Jones is the new show runner)
next level – Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes
final level – Dave Kapoor (Raw) and Ed Koskey (Smackdown)

On a side note, WWE still seeks out soap opera writers, and with the cancellation of many recent Soaps, there is a mentality than they can hire talented soap opera writers are lower salaries.

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    Mmm. Would of thought they would go for wrestlers that have retired guys with knowledge of the business.

  2. Triple J says:

    That makes too much since. Steve Coming would be a great fit. He most definitely knows the business well enough.

  3. Triple J says:


  4. Captain Ass says:

    That doesn’t always work out though. Just ask Nash & Hogan about the last WCW days and you’ll see why.

  5. bob holly says:

    good idea vince. hire writers from a genre that has completely died! thats how you keep your product fresh and relevant to todays kids! i guess he likes the low ratings…

  6. Bommaniac says:

    Hiring writers to come up with ideas is fine because ultimately you don’t have to go along with their ideas if they’re terrible. If you look at the Simpsons they have had over 100 different writers for episodes and that doesn’t count the ideas/scripts they rejected.

  7. JK says:

    Great comment Bommaniac. Retired wrestlers aren’t always talented for pitching creative concepts. They are usually a better asset backstage as road agents coaching the young talent and using their input on match direction.

    Soap writers wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire. The real death of that genre is the insane amount of money those actors/actresses make. The one was laid for for making $750,000 a year, with contracted vacation and hourly work schedules (SAG, which is a union of sorts.) The business model doesn’t support nor justify some of those costs which is why that particular industry is going bust. WWE on the other hand is supported by other revenue streams such as live events, PPV, merchandising, etc.

    Another avenue WWE could look at are those that write or produce creative ideas for serials, such as comic books. They too have the same challenge of coming up with fresh ideas and planning them to work out of a set period of time.

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