Another update on the creative process in WWE

Jul 20, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

As we previously noted, there have been recent changes in the WWE creative department, which is fairly common, as the WWE machine goes through writers frequently, and the road schedule ends up weeding others from the creative team. The current power structure in the WWE creative department are as follows, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

top level – Vince McMahon
second level – Stephanie, Triple H, and Kevin Dunn
third level – Ian Jones (Jones is the new show runner)
next level – Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes
final level – Dave Kapoor (Raw) and Ed Koskey (Smackdown)

On a side note, WWE still seeks out soap opera writers, and with the cancellation of many recent Soaps, there is a mentality than they can hire talented soap opera writers are lower salaries.

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