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Update on Vince McMahon

Reality met storyline last night when Triple H “relieved” Mr. McMahon on his daily duties as Chairman of the board on Raw, as this has been the plan, although, not necessarily at the present time behind the scenes. Triple H has been off the road and focused on learning more of the business aspects of WWE. McMahon has always been a workaholic, typically getting by on three to four hours of sleep a night, and while he still does that, there are days the Chairman takes off just to rest up. Obviously, as long as McMahon has his health, he will still be involved with his company. According to the Wrestling Observer, McMahon will be at SummerSlam in LA, though not necessarily in front of the camera.

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  1. Bill says:

    Well…we knew it was inevitable. Yet I would expect it to happen after a major PPV.

  2. Kyle Christie says:

    If thats true he needs to take a bit of a rest thats pretty bad the sleeping thing

  3. name says:

    It’s CRAZY how big (muscular) McMahon is if he’s getting that much sleep every night. Even with the help of supplements and “enhancers” (I don’t know, I’m just assuming) it’s CRAZY!

    He really should get his rest..

  4. Kerry says:

    I could not believe that…

    A) Vince was actually crying when being told that he was being “relieved” of his duties as chairman.

    B)After booing him just a few minutes earlier, the crowd was chanting “Thank you, Vince!” as the show was going off the air.

  5. Captain Ass says:

    When you have something you love in your blood so much, it tends to interfere with sleep. The wheels keep on turning and you can’t sleep. I can relate. I respect Vince for what he has done but at nearly 66, he does need to slow down a little bit.

  6. Mackdeezy says:


    The only logical explanation for the “thank you” chants that came to mind was that maybe the fans were thanking him for the change in storylines lately… You know, how they’ve been unpredictable and exciting lately… Up until now wwe’s writing was scrutinized with McMahon to take lots of blame for it…. Now it’s different…. Like I said, it’s the only logical thing that came to mind.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    Jack Tunney (1984-1995), Gorilla Monsoon (1995-1997), VKM (1997-2011). Sure there’s been GMs & Commissioners and other on-air figureheads but in 27 years the modern WWF/WWE has only had 3 “Big Bosses” on-air. What Vinces duties are on the Corporate side of things has yet to be determined & I doubt will change much but that doesn’t matter because fans associate those backstage decisions with the on-air Figurehead.

    Jack took the WWF from a primarily US/Canadian based regional promotion to a World Wide household name. Gorilla helped the sport & fans transition from the oldschool style of wrestling and into what would be the start of the Attitude Era. And Vince took the Attitude Era and made it the most successful era in Pro-Wrestling history and turned the now WWE into a Global Media Juggernaut. The Mr McMahon character really started with Austin in what was the hottest feud in the industry at the time so it’s appropriate that 14 years later when the Character has finally be “retired” for good it is involving the hottest feud in the industry currently (and some will say since the Austin one) with CM Punk.

    We all new this day would come where Vince would permanently be replaced as the on-air boss & well it was supposed to come sooner (Limo Explosion, & Falling through the stage during the money give-away) but both times outside real-life happenings interfered and the characters death was postponed. Even with HHHs past I think behind the scenes & on-air he will be able to play the role of Boss in a way that most of us wouldn’t expect, though time will tell & I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I had always hoped Shane would take-over the way VKM took over from his father of course both on-air & behind the scenes Shane is no longer with the company.

    On the “Real-Life” side of things I’m not sure if Vince is really out as Chairman/CEO of the company, I don’t think he is & I don’t think it really matters. Personally I’m a fan of wrestling promotions when the “Boss” isn’t actually the Real Boss.

    Storyline wise HHH takes over during the midst of some pretty big storylines on both brands it’ll be real interesting to see how he handles them & hopefully we’ll get some answers on the Smackdown tapings tonight. With a new “Boss” & likely a new WWE Title belt design it’ll also be interesting to see if the company rebrands it’s on-air image a bit, PG is more then likely here to stay especially if Linda is going to run for Public Office again however I could see a new Set & show logos being revealed over the next 12 months along with new belts.

    As for HHH the Wrestler, Vince wrestled for many years while he was the Boss and even held titles so I don’t think this announcement was a retirement one by HHH but I definitely think he won’t be headlining and big PPVs anymore.

    Looking at this take-over in a strictly on-air/kayfabe way I feel we are in for a wild ride over the next few years, lets just hope the stock holders can separate fact from on-air fiction.

  8. John says:

    Actually, the final evnt never materalized where Vince was going to “fire” Cena. He kept saying he had to do something he didn’t want to do. But Cena interrupted him…then HHH. So, we don’t really know what VKM was going to say.

    Everyone assumes his next words were “Yooooourr Firrreeedddd.”

    But, how about this for a storyline. He was really going to tell Cena that he didn’t want to keep him with the company, but he had no choice because “business is business” and John Cena is good for business. Then, he had planned to run Cena through a series of miserable gauntlets that were designed to strengthen him for his match against Rock (which becomes a title match, with Cena as champ).

    Of course all that is gone now – for the present.

  9. svengoolie says:

    No, John, we assumed he was going to say “you’re fired,” not “your fired.” Nice try though.

  10. Deathedge says:

    I don’t get why anyone was baffled by the “Thank you Vince” chant. They didn’t start cheering until it looked like Vince was a sad shell of his former self. They started to think that this very well could be the last time Vince appears on TV. They cheered to show respect to a man that has done SO MUCH for the industry, and as a send off to one of WWE’s most beloved (and despised ;)) on air personalities.

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