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7/18 WWE Raw Recap (MITB Fall Out)

* Live from Green Bay, WI

No opening video, Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace make their way to the ring. The WWE locker room is waiting backstage. Fans chant “CM Punk,” but Vince said he won’t utter that name ever again. McMahon said Punk walked on everybody, and said he’s a self centered turd. McMahon said tonight, they will crown a new WWE champion in an eight man tournament. The matches announced:

* Mysterio vs. Ziggler
* Swaggger vs. R-Truth
* Kingston vs. Del Rio
* Riley vs. Miz

Vince noted Cena isn’t in the tournament. Vince said there will be “severe consequences” for Cena, as he said there would be if Punk left Chicago with the WWE title belt.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about Cena noting on his Twitter page that he feels he has already been future endeavored, and apologized to The Rock for not making it to Wrestlemania.

(1) First Round – tournament for the WWE championship: The Miz vs. Alex Riley. The Miz limped to the ring, and is selling that his knee is banged up in the match. Riley applied the sharp shooter, but Miz made it to the ropes from the break. The Miz pinned Riley at 4:58 to advance to the semi finals. Miz will advance and will face the Del Rio vs. Kingston winner.

– Backstage, R-Truth appeared to be talking to himself walking down the hallway backstage.

– We see a highlight package for the soon to be returning John Morrison.

(2) First Round – tournament for the WWE championship: Jack Swagger vs. R-Truth. The announces talked about The Big Show’s broken fibula suffered at the hands of Mark Henry at last night’s Money in the Bank PPV. R-Truth defeated Swagger in 4:17 by countering Swagger’s ankle lock attempt. R-Truth will face the Mysterio vs. Ziggler in the next round.

up next.. Kingston vs. MITB winner Albert Del Rio.

(3) First Round – tournament for the WWE championship: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston. Before the match, Del Rio cut a promo putting himself over as the Money in the Bank winner. Del Rio said he tried to cash in his title shot last night because CM Punk ran as a chicken. Del Rio said he hopes John Cena gets fired. Del Rio said its his destiny to be WE champion. Del Rio brought out the returning ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez.

After a break, Cole said The Rock has responded to Cena via Twitter. The Rock called Cena’s apology phoney, and has asked McMahon not to fire Cena. Kingston won at 5:06 with a roll through. Kingston advances to the semi-finals. Next round, Miz vs. Kingston.

– Backstage, Rey Mysterio is seen backstage preparing for his match with Ziggler, and its next.

– Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Kingston. Kingston said tonight is an opportunity, and his first step was beating Del Rio. “One down, two to go,” said Kingston.

(4) First Round – tournament for the WWE championship: Rey Mysterio vs. U.S. champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero). Mysterio pinned Ziggler at 4:55 to advance to the second round, and will face R-Truth later tonight.

Semi finals
* Miz vs. Kingston
* Mysterio vs. R-Truth

Backstage, Vince is talking to Johnny Ace, as they keep an eye on the tournament.

(5) WWE divas champion Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torress, Beth Phoenix, AJ, Natalya and Kaitlyn vs. The Bella Twins, Alicia Fox, Maryse, Melina, Tamina and Rosa. With the divas brawling on the outside, Beth pinned Rosa in 1:01.

Next up, Miz vs. Kingston.

Tonight’s secret word is Surge

(6) Semi-finals: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz. The Miz advanced the finals by beating Kingston at 3:49.

– Backstage, R-Truth says he deserves to be the WWE champion more than anyone in the tournament. He said tonight, he’s gonna get Little Rey Rey, and the title is gonna get got.

– We see another video of Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine

(7) Semi-finals: Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth. R-Truth had Mysterio beat, but Mysterio was able to grab the rope to break a three count. Mysterio hit a 619, follow up off the top rope, and pinned R-Truth to advance to the finals at 12:48. Mysterio vs. The Miz for the WWE championship.

Vince McMahon comes out and asks Rey Mysterio and The Miz to postpone the finals until next week in the interest of time. Vince tells Rey this is bigger than him. Fans chant “CM Punk.” McMahon thanked Cena for his contributions. McMahon said he has to make the best decision for business, and in time, the fans will thank him. “CM Punk” chants again. Vince says lets do this, and out comes Cena. Cena said that is fine with what McMahon is going to do. Cena talks about HBK, and not wanting to be the man that screwed Punk ala HBK screwed Bret Hart. Cena tells CM Punk it was a hell of match last night, and thanked him. Cena tells Vince he has eight months to find a new opponent for The Rock at Wrestlemania. Cena said he loves WWE. He said if Vince makes him walk, he show up another show “brother!” Cena said he won’t kiss Vince’s ass. Here comes Triple H to the ring, dressed up in a suit. Triple H said there was a board of directors meeting this morning. The board is concerned about this situation, and about Vince. The board is concerned about Vince’s recent questionable decisions. The board has filed an injunction against McMahon with a vote of no confidence. The board has appointed someone to take over the day to day operations of WWE – and Triple H says, its him! The Game tells Vince he isn’t going to fire John Cena. Triple H tells Vince that he is revealed of his duties. Vince sheds tears, as the fans chant “hey, hey, good-bye.” Hunter says, “I love you pop, and i’m sorry,” and walks away. Fans chant “thank you Vince” as the show ends.

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72 Responses

  1. Jeff says:

    nobody saw that one coming. thats a change from the normal

  2. Attitude Era 12 says:


  3. Bob says:

    Perfect way to end raw, would have perfered a pedigree on vkm

  4. James says:

    Is anyone else extremely tired of Michael Cole talking about Facebook and Twitter? My god. Can I do one thing today where I don’t have to see or hear about those stupid websites?

  5. Gentleman Gaga says:


  6. Rex Anderson says:

    This is awesome and historic, Hunter Hearst Helmesly returning after a 14 year hiatus, something called Triple H has been around since. Then we have WWE with a great PPV, and Impact Wrestling with a great PPV. Very interesting, all we need now is a major star to defect to the other side, and hello 1997-2001 again

  7. Kyler says:

    Wow this is a SHOCKER

  8. -Jay- says:

    Vince has been through so much in wwe…poor guy.

  9. Criss Brian says:

    Whoever took over Raw THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This writing is going somewhere great again. I’m so excited for this show now it’s so great again in terms of storylines. Now get a deserving WWE champ and make it a brand new show!

  10. AJ Starr says:

    *sigh* It amazes me you are so damn immature and pathetic. It really does. I honestly can’t even believe you’re so far up your own ass, you can’t get over not having the insight and knowledge I do. I urge you to finally get over yourself, and grow up. Not even kidding… grow… up. Do you NEED to be embarrassed again? Is that it? Do I need to do this all over again, where you pout and whine like a child and stomp your feet in the dirt, and claim you were victimized, or do you just wish to continue acting like a rotten toddler?

    Quite frankly, you make yourself look pathetic.

    Everyone in here has their own opinions, and most can’t back them up with anything. There are a LOT of people in here, who just make idiotic comments without even knowing what’s going on.

    Yet, you feel the need to target me, ALL because I called you out on your pathetic BS. Congratulations, you are OBSESSED with a former local indy wrestler. How proud of yourself can you possibly be? Do you really find any satisfaction in making ridiculous one-liners because you’re INSECURE with your own short-comings?

    I know none of this is sinking into you, and you still think you’re gaining some kind of victory, even though I just humiliated you again because of your own childish behavior. Didn’t even matter I watched a great PPV last night, or a decent (until the last 5 minutes when it got good) RAW… you STILL have to make asinine comments for no reason.

    Congratulations again; You’re a moron.

  11. Fritz says:

    The thing I’m wondering the most about was that if it was actually planned to postpone the finals for next week or try to finish it all tonight……. When I first heard about the tournament idea I couldn’t understand how they would squeeze 7 matches just for the tournament in a 2 hour show. They went over by a decent amount just with the final angle and plus I think that diva tag match lasted about 30 seconds so maybe they felt like oh boy we didn’t time this out right tonight…….


  12. eddie says:

    He didn’t take over raw he took over all of awe just like Vince was

  13. Rex Anderson says:

    Boy somebody really pissed off Aj Starr, its all good Starr, you make good points. You know I could have used you last night when Rob Terry ate all my artichike dip.

  14. deathedge says:

    Highlight of the night for me crowd, crowd being majority anti Cena one second, the crowd turning pro cena the next, then turning 50-50.

  15. Joe says:

    I saw the ending of tonight’s RAW coming since a while back. I do feel the time for change is here & to have Hunter take over should be good. Cena not getting fired is another thing the company will not do, maybe take some time off. All in allthis begins a brand new era.

  16. Scott says:

    is it me or didn’t TNA do the same thing with a confidence of the board of directors/network (basically the same thing) earlier in the year between Hogan Bischoff / Foley? Sounds pretty much the same thing to me.

  17. deathedge says:

    Chris Crocker: “LEAVE AJ ALONE!!!” (sorry, outdated joke but couldn’t resist)

  18. ILMH says:

    I loved the way Cena saved his job. “Well, since I am done here, I’ll go to some other program, brother!” Just well played considering that I think WWE regretting the Cena Being Fired stip about 15 minutes after Punk cut his promor.

  19. VDT says:

    Punk returns then there will be a Ladder Match with both title hanging above the ring like they did with Razor and Michaels for the IC title.

  20. AJ Starr says:

    Eh, it won’t even get to that. With McMahon “fired,” Triple H will just re-sign Punk to a contract, and have him face Mysterio at Summerslam.

    By the way, the shots on me, are not favorable to administration, and it’s being dealt with.

  21. james says:

    They tried getting rid of Vince before at this time of year. Last year Nexus took him out, 2009 he sold raw to Trump, 2008 he got crushed by the Million Dollar Mania equipment, and 2007 he got blown up in his limo. Maybe he will leave every summer?

  22. deathedge says:


    Wow! Never thought about that!

    btw, when in the hell did he wake up from his “coma”? lol.

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