WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: Smackdown MITB Ladder Match

Jul 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

“Smackdown” Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Heath Slater vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

The bell rings and everyone starts brawling in the ring. Kane tosses Gariel into the corner and then outside. Kane, Sheamus and Barrett are the three that remain. Sheamus and Barrett attack Kane. Kane drops both with a double clothesline and then clotheslines both over the top rope. Bryan baseball slides a ladder into the chest of Kane. Gabriel and Slater do the same to Bryan. Both level Sin Cara with a ladder when he attempts a baseball slide by lifting it up and hitting him with the ladder on the outside. Slater drops Gabriel and sets the ladder up in the ring. Gabriel grabs Slater by the hair, knocks him off, moves the ladder over and Bryan dropkicks him off. Rhodes knocks Bryan away and Sheamus goes after Rhodes. Rhodes breaks free from a powerbomb attempt by Sheamus and levels Gabriel with a kick. Kane throws Sheamus and Rhodes to the outside. Kane sets the ladder up in the corner and sends Barrett face first into it. Kane then throws the ladder over the top rope on Sheamus and Rhodes. Kane takes out Slater with a side slam. Sin Cara kicks Kane in the head when he goes up top. Bryan sends Sin Cara outside. Bryan with a suicide dive on Barrett. Gabriel with a big dive over the top rope on Kane. Slater with a corkscrew dive over the top rope. Sin Cara with a springboard dive to the outside over Sheamus. Sin Cara with a springboard flying elbow on Gabriel. Sin Cara catches Bryan with a kick up top to the head, climbs up with Bryan and does his big flip suplex from the top to the mat below. Huge reaction for Sin Cara. Sin Cara goes to grab a ladder and Barrett drops him with a big boot. Barrett places a large ladder across the ring apron and spanish announce table. Sin Cara then takes a huge big boot from Sheamus inside the ring. Sheamus then lifts up Sin Cara on the ring apron and powerbombs him through the ladder cracking it in half! Huge reaction in Chicago to this spot.

WWE referees and officials surround Sin Cara at ringside. Sheamus grabs a smaller ladder and slides it in the ring as Kane cuts him off. Kane then throws the ladder over Sheamus at ringside. Rhodes and Bryan both bring in ladders along with Kane. Rhodes and Bryan go after Kane kicking him to the corner. Bryan with a big elbow that drops Rhodes. Sin Cara is taken to the back on a stretcher. Kane drops both using the ladder and sets it up. Kane is pulled off. Barrett, Slater and Gabriel all triple team Bryan. Barrett appears to be trying to convince Gabriel and Slater to help him. Barrett starts climbing up and they pull him down. Gabriel and Slater attack Barrett. Both climb the ladder. Rhodes then pushes the ladder over. Cross Rhodes on Slater. Rhodes is climbing up the ladder. Barrett pulls him down. Rhodes pulls him down and hits Cross Rhodes. Rhodes is climbing and Sheamus pulls him down. Sheamus drops Rhodes over his knee. Sheamus starts climbing and Bryan cuts him off. Sheamus has Bryan on his shoulders. Kane comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline taking out Bryan. Sheamus then levels Kane. Sheamus grabs a ladder and puts one end in the corner and the other end through a ladder set up. Kane fights off Sheamus and then chokeslams Rhodes. Chokeslam on Gabriel. Kane is climbing up the ladder. Bryan cuts off Kane. Kane attempts a chokeslam. Bryan almost counters into an armbar. Bryan with another counter dropping Kane with a DDT. Slater is climbing up the ladder. Bryan cuts him off and climbs up as well. Slater with a reverse neckbreaker off the ladder to the mat below. Barrett goes after Slater and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Barrett and Sheamus push the top of a ladder into the stomach of Slater and push him to the outside. Sheamus with big boots on Barrett, Rhodes and Gabriel. Sheamus grabs another ladder and places it across the ropes in a nearby corner while kicking Gabriel.

Sheamus continues to check on the other ladder he put in the corner and through the main ladder. Sheamus drops Gabriel jaw first over the ladder over the corner and then finishes him off with a big boot. Sheamus climbs up the main ladder facing the ladder laying beneath him. Kane climbs up the other side. Sheamus with right hands to Kane who drops down. Sheamus kicks Kane away when he goes under him. Kane with a chokeslam on Sheamus who bounces off the ladder that was under it. Kane is climbing up. Rhodes, Bryan and Barrett cut him off. Rhodes with a springboard kick to the jaw of Kane. Barrett with Wasteland on Kane. Gabriel is up top standing over a ladder on the top turnbuckle. Gabriel with a 450 Splash in a tight space near the corner over Kane! Barrett with Wasteland on Gabriel to Slater on the outside. Barrett with an pump handle slam on Rhodes. Barrett is climbing up. Rhodes is back up and pulls Barrett off. Rhodes clotheslines Barrett over the top rope. Bryan sneaks up the ladder. Bryan with a big elbow to Rhodes who is trying to cut him off. Barrett is climbing up behind them. Barrett has the briefcase. Bryan with a guillotine choke on Rhodes. Bryan elbows Barrett off the ladder. Barrett is back up, grabs Bryan, looks for Wasteland, Bryan with huge elbows to Barrett and then a huge kick. Bryan is up top and grabs the briefcase. Huge reaction in Chicago for Bryan’s win.

Winner of the Smackdown “Money in the Bank” briefcase: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Daniel Bryan celebrates his win holding up the briefcase high. We then see a series of highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Bryan is at the top of the ladder holding up the briefcase.

We see footage of Vince McMahon arriving earlier tonight. McMahon is with WWE VP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis and an unnamed attorney. Michael Cole says they are trying to negotiate with CM Punk right now as we speak backstage.

* Kelly Kelly defending the WWE Divas Championship against Brie Bella is up next.

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