Jul 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Raw “Money in the Bank” Ladder Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne vs. R-Truth vs. Alex Riley vs. The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

Everyone has a ladder in hand as the bell rings. They all sandwich Del Rio and knock him out of the ring. Miz launches Mysterio under the bottom rope to the outside. Riley knocks Swagger to the outside. We have a stand off between Truth and Miz with tiny ladders. Swagger knocks out both with another ladder. Swagger is trying to setup a ladder when Bourne and Kingston climb up both sides and then throw it at Swagger. They take out Truth as well. Mysterio springboards off the ladder when Bourne and Kingston play tug of war. Riley sets up a small ladder and starts climbing when Miz cuts him off. Riley throws the ladder at Miz sending him to the outside. Riley with a dive over the top rope on Swagger and Miz. Truth with a flip dive over the top rope as well over Miz and Swagger. Mysterio and Kingston are both up top. Both take out everyone on the outside with quick dives. A large ladder is setup at ringside and Bourne connects with a Shooting Star Press on everyone at ringside. Huge reaction in Chicago for that spot. The large ladder is setup in the ring. Miz and Bourne are up top. Bourne with a kick to Miz. Del Rio then knocks the ladder over and both Miz and Bourne crash and burn. Miz is favoring his knee screaming in pain. A WWE official and more referees attend to Miz who screams anytime someone puts pressure on it. Del Rio is knocked off another ladder by Truth. Del Rio and Truth are both on the ladder. Mysterio and Bourne scale over them. Mysterio and Bourne both pull out double huricanrana's on Del Rio and Truth. Swagger is in to drop Mysterio with a quick clothesline. Kingston springboards to the ladder over Swagger. Swagger with an ankle lock on Kingston while he is on the ladder. Kingston falls down. Riley is now up. Swagger with right hands to Riley. Mysterio breaks it up and then goes after Truth.

Mysterio setup a ladder in the corner and Truth dropkicks it into Mysterio's chest when he slides under and stands up. Mysterio knocks Truth back who hits the ladder on the way down. Kingston springboards off the ladder and hits a Boom Drop over Truth. Kingston knocks Del Rio to the outside. Kingston pulls the big ladder towards the middle under it and Mysterio hits a 619 using the ladder! Truth jumps over a ladder causing it to fly up into Swagger's face. Mysterio with a 619 to Truth. Mysterio sets up a second tall ladder near the other one and starts climbing. Riley and Bourne are now up with Mysterio. Riley knocks Bourne off. Mysterio and Riley exchange shots. Del Rio and Bourne bring two ladders close by climbing up. Everyone is climbing up at the top of respective ladders reaching for the briefcase that is now dangling over them. Del Rio is sent face first into a ladder in the corner. Swagger is down. Bourne is down. Riley is down. Truth is down. Kingston kicks Mysterio down. Kingston is up top by himself. Kingston reaches up. Swagger is up, cuts him off, Kingston with an elbow to Swagger's face and both Swagger and Kingston go down at the same time. Miz is hopping down the ramp on one leg. Miz is climbing up when Mysterio cuts him off. Mysterio with a sunset flip powerbomb on Miz off the ladder. Chicago crowd gave Miz a huge reaction on his way down. Mysterio is climbing up the ladder and reaching. Del Rio cuts him off. Mysterio kicks him away. Del Rio is back up on the other side. Mysterio uses the briefcase to hit Del Rio in the face with it. Del Rio pushes Mysterio over and he lands on another ladder nearby. Del Rio reaches out and pulls Mysterio's mask off. The ladder tips over into the other two. Del Rio stands up, throws Mysterio's mask across the ring and climbs back up the tall ladder. Del Rio reaches up and gets the briefcase.

Winner of the Raw “Money in the Bank” briefcase: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Alberto Del Rio holds up the briefcase to a huge reaction in Chicago. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

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A video package runs focusing on Randy Orton vs. Christian.

* Randy Orton defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Christian is up next.

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