WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: John Cena vs. CM Punk (WWE Title)

Jul 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

WWE Championship
If CM Punk walks out WWE Champion, John Cena is fired
John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk

The reaction to CM Punk in Chicago during his entrance was huge. Words can't describe. Huge negative reaction for John Cena. Cena didn't do the normal theatrics and simply walked slowly down to the ring. He stood in the middle of the ring with his head down holding up the WWE Championship. Punk is standing at ringside with Colt Cabana sitting ringside behind him.

We got ring introductions for the challenger CM Punk and champion John Cena.

The bell rings and here we go. Punk with a headlock. Cena counters with a snapmare into a headlock of his own. Punk goes for a head kick and Cena drops down to dodge it. The crowd starts a “YOU CAN'T WRESTLE” chant. Punk stops and goes, “Me?” The crowd boo's and when Punk points to Cena they cheer. Cena with a takedown and gets in a modified armbar. Cena keeps working over Punk's left arm and then connects with a shoulder tackle after hitting the ropes. Cena with a headlock takedown on Punk. Punk with a hip toss and dropkick combo. Punk with a headlock takedown of his own. Punk with a shoulder tackle. Punk mocks Cena doing the “YOU CAN'T SEE ME” gesture. Counters between the two and we get a pause in the action. Punk with big kicks to the body of Cena. Cena with a bulldog on Punk. Cena goes for a loose guillotine choke when Punk tries to get up. Cena levels Punk with a huge clothesline and then goes back to the headlock. Punk breaks out with a back suplex. Cena with a snap suplex on Punk from the corner. Punk counters an AA with a quick DDT. Punk keeps the action grounded applying a triangle choke around Cena's neck. Cena lifts Punk up on his shoulders. Punk with elbows to the top of Cena's head and then dumps him to the outside. Punk slaps hands with Colt Cabana. Cole and Lawler referred to Cabana as a fan. Punk props Cena up on the ring apron chest down and then Punk drops a knee over the back of Cena's neck. Cena goes for a cover and Cena kicks out after two. Punk crashes shoulder first into the corner when Cena moves out of the way. Punk comes back giving Cena a quick snapmare into a headlock. Cena with a kick and right hand to Punk. Punk catches Cena with a big boot in the corner and connects with a snapmare crossbody. Cena rolls to the ring apron. Punk attempts a suplex over the top rope back in the ring, but Cena counters and gives Punk a suplex over the top rope to the floor outside.

We see a replay and Punk landed with a thud on the outside. Back in the ring, Cena gives Punk another snap suplex. Cena hits the ropes and drops a quick elbow to the chest. Cena goes for an AA, Punk counters up top, but Cena still hits a modified powerbomb. Cena with the cover and Punk kicks out. Cena with jabs to Punk. Punk comes back with a right hand. More rights from Punk that daze Cena. Cena with an abdominal stretch on Punk. Punk counters with a hip toss. Double clothesline. Both men are down. Cena is up first with flying shoulder blocks. Punk counters Cena's twisting powerbomb with a close roll up. Punk misses his high knee in the corner. Cena executes the twisting powerbomb. Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle and Punk rakes the eyes. Cena falls out and Punk connects with a suicide dive to Cena. Punk tosses Cena back in the ring, springboards off the top rope and misses his flying clothesline attempt when Cena moves out of the way. Cena connects with five knuckle shuffle. Cena has Punk up for the AA. Punk counters landing almost on his feet and then on the mat. Punk with a series of kicks and a trip up. Punk has Cena up. Cena counters with a quick gutwrench powerbomb that he didn't seem to get much of. Cover and Punk kicks out. Punk with two knees to the chin of Cena as Cena is up against the ropes. Punk connects with his springboard clothesline. Punk covers Cena and Cena gets a shoulder up after two. We see replays of Punk's big knees to the jaw of Cena. Punk with big kicks to the chest of Cena. Cena trips up Punk and gets the STF applied. Punk is screaming out in pain. Punk is crawling towards the bottom rope. Punk gets to the rope. Cena breaks the hold. Punk is up and catches Cena with a big kick to the head. Punk with the cover and Cena again gets a shoulder up. Punk is going up top. Punk connects with a crossbody, but Cena rolls through and Punk counters an AA. Cena counters the GTS.

Cena gets the STF applied while countering the GTS. Cena breaks it up and pulls Punk back to the middle of the ring. Punk looks to tap. Punk screams no. Punk counters locking the head of Cena and then applies a modified triangle choke. Punk wrenches back on Cena. Cena fights to his feet. Cena sits up and hits the AA out of no where. Cena hooks the leg. Punk kicks out. Crowd in Chicago goes crazy. Cena is going up top. Cena jumps and Punk counters grabbing Cena and powerbombing him down to the mat. Punk hooks the leg. Cena kicks out. Punk fires up the crowd and signals for the GTS. Punk has Cena up, but Cena grabs the ropes and drops Punk off the top rope. Cena is back up top and connects with a flying leg drop. Cena hooks the leg. Punk still kicks out. Cena can't believe it. Cena has Punk up. Cena connects with the AA. Cena hooks the leg and Punk again kicks out. Cena stands up and is shocked. Cena checks with the referee about the count. Cena props Punk up on the top turnbuckle. Cena is attempting an AA from the top. Punk with huge elbows to Cena up top. Punk with a huricanrana on Cena from the top turnbuckle. Cena rolls to the other corner. Punk pulls Cena out and hits the GTS, but Punk catches Cena in the chest/ribs instead of the chin. Cena rolls to the outside. Punk rolls out and tosses Cena back in the ring. Vince McMahon and WWE VP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis are walking down the ramp and stop. Punk turns back and gives them a glare. Cena trips up Punk going for the STF. As Cena starts to lock it on, Vince is calling for the bell. Laurinaitis runs near the ring and Cena jumps out knocking him out. Cena yells at Vince saying, “Not that way.” Cena slides back in the ring and Punk hits him with the GTS. Punk gets the pinfall.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: CM Punk

After the match, CM Punk is still sitting down as he is handed the WWE Championship. He holds up the title and looks at Vince McMahon smiling. Vince is furious. Punk stands up on the corner raising the title in the air. Vince grabs Lawler's headset and says to cut the music. He calls for Del Rio to get out here right now. Del Rio is running out with the briefcase. When he hits the ring, Punk drops him with a big right hand. Punk smiles at Vince, blows him a kiss from the ring barricade and takes off into the crowd at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. Punk is at the top of the stands in the crowd holding up the WWE Championship with Vince looking on in disgust. The PPV goes off the air with Punk heading into the backstage area of the arena as we fade to black with a shot of Vince looking down upset.

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