WWE MONEY IN THE BANK: Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Jul 17, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

The bell rings and Henry catches Big Show with a big kick and right hands. Big Show fires back with slaps and chops. Big Show with a big shoulder tackle sending Henry out of the ring and Big Show to the mat. Big Show then levels Henry with a clothesline on the outside. They exchange shots near the spanish announce table. Big Show sends Henry over the steel steps. Henry then dropkicks the steps into the knee of Big Show. Big Show rolls back in favoring his knee. Henry with a chop block from behind. Henry with a big boot to the head and then another boot to the chest of Big Show. Henry lifts up Big Show’s leg and drives his knee into the mat with force. Henry with a half boston crab putting pressure on Big Show’s knee. Big Show is reaching for the ropes and pulling Henry with him. Big Show gets to the bottom rope. Big Show kicks Henry away when he goes after him. Big Show catches Henry with a big boot to the chest in the corner. Big Show is going up to the second rope and connects with a shoulder tackle. Big Show favors his knee on the way down. Henry with kicks to the bad knee of Big Show and then connects with the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry hooks the leg and Big Show kicks out after two. Henry is surprised. Henry screams out and gives Big Show a second World’s Strongest Slam. Henry with a body splash. Henry with a second body splash. Henry hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Mark Henry

After the match, Mark Henry grabs a steel chair and puts Big Show’s ankle/foot inside of it. Henry jumps off the second rope and connects with a body splash over Big Show’s ankle. Big Show immediately screams out in pain dropping a very loud F-bomb. WWE referees and officials attend to Big Show. We see a replay of Henry dropping over Big Show’s ankle. They bring a cart down ringside and put Big Show on the back of it. They are selling this hard as we can hear a conversation between Big Show and a WWE official. The official asks if that is what Henry was supposed to do. Big Show says yes, but not that hard. Nice job on WWE’s part selling it hard all the way to the end.

Backstage, Vince McMahon is with John Laurinaitis when Josh Mathews comes in asking if they were able to re-sign CM Punk. McMahon says no. He added he offered Punk one of the biggest deals ever and Punk still turned him down. McMahon said he hopes the CM Punk fans don’t blame him since he did all he could. Mathews asked what Punk said. McMahon said Punk told him to get out. He said John Cena is the reason we have this problem and this is all on Cena tonight. McMahon said if Punk leaves this building tonight with the WWE Championship, “may God have mercy on John Cena’s soul.”

* The Raw “Money in the Bank” ladder match is up next.

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