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Video: Sting regains the TNA title

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  1. joeandrews says:

    could tell it was kurt angle with the mask on anyway.

  2. kc says:

    Awesome win for this young up and comer. This Blue Chipper has a real bright future in TNA

  3. marty mcfly says:

    kurt angle didn’t need to use the mask anyways, he is a pitiful clown without being disguise 😛

  4. derek says:

    @kc if this was a facebook post i would sooo like it

  5. -Jay- says:

    Welcome to Monday Nitro folks!

  6. Randy says:

    Tipical wwe rip off, anyone didn’t notice how the lights when off and came back on? that’s the undertaker’s thing why would they have to do this. And really? They have someone in a clown mask if I wanted this I can go rent the dark knight on Netflix and watch some of the undertaker’s videos on YouTube. And people say TNA is better then wwe please, both companies are horrible I rather have someone pay me to see this garbage y’all called pro wrestling. Want some real fighting sports watch boxing or UFC real stuff and worth spending money on ppv.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    @Randy – Don’t watch then you stupid troll. Learn to type too while you’re not watching. Not that many people think TNA is better than WWE by the way.

  8. Randy Pena says:

    @RJ Ace Really? stupid troll what are you 10? I heard better comebacks then that, and if you got a problem with my grammar then tell somebody who gives a s***. I haven’t watch pro wrestling since march, The only reason I go on this site is to read some UFC news just like I read Boxing news on ESPN. I just noticed this and decided to watch and see what was going on since my friends said TNA is better so I watched, and I said doesn’t the lights goes off and on for the Undertaker when he comes out and disappear? is it me or does TNA really needs to do the same crap WWE does? TNA is nothing but a cheap copy of WCW and WWE. thats why TNA only gets 1.0 or lower TV rating HAHA!!! WWE gets Twice as much as that and UFC gets even more ratings and shows coverage on ESPN.

  9. Randy Pena says:

    @RJ ACE I bet your a 10 year old kid who learns grammar from watching the Disney Channel or Nick JR HAHA LOL

  10. RJ Ace says:

    First off, insulting TNA doesn’t hurt my feelings. I like WWE better and I also like MMA. I’m 23 if you must know and before you start calling someone a 10 year old, maybe you should start typing like an adult. You also proved my point, you are a troll. You come on a pro wrestling website and call it fake, you wait for someone to respond to you, then you start flaming. That’s what attention seeking little trolls do.

  11. Randy says:

    Ok dude that’s only comeback you got for me I’m gonna let it go because it’s not worth it I didn’t came on here looking for attention or starting anything. All I was doing is giving my opinion on how TNA is garbage coping everything the WWE and if TNA is not insulting you then why you care of what I had to say? So chill out not everyone can’t agree with other people’s opinions. So before you run your mouth remember this is a site where people are open to talk about their opinions. All you did was calling me a troll because of what I had to say? Are you serious? Give me a break. And again if you got a problem with my grammar tell someone who gives a S***.

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