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Video: Official preview trailer for Bound For Glory

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  1. Tony Dansa says:

    Looks awesome! Bound For Glory is the superbowl of wrestling. BFG is great for each u.S. city because BFG attracts million of fans and they help the local economy!

  2. Fast Eddie Cruz says:

    Philly here we come baby!!! TNA rocks! Philly rocks!

  3. Joey Chestnut says:

    Philly? isn’t that the home of a soon to be leaving WWE star?

  4. Jimmy cakes says:

    I doubt Hogan is going to wrestle Sting in Philly. He is a smart man, he knows that they will boo him out of the building because he is an old guy still wrestling. He may just come in, throw a punch and raise someone’s hand and be cheered and make appearances at the BFG fan fest. No harm no foul.

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