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Update on Triple H

Triple H has been put in charge of WWE development, a post previously held by Senior executive John Laurinaitis. However, Laurinaitis is still involved, although it is said that Triple H is not a fan of the former Johnny Ace. Triple H is likely taking over the role as a scout (current scouts include Laurinaitis and Gerald Brisco). There is a feeling that changes are coming with the WWE developmental program, but at this point, not much has actually changed.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Drew says:

    Changes are coming with the WWE developmental program?

    Does this mean that the better workers in FCW (Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Xavier Woods, etc.) are gonna get their shot before jabronis like Lucky Cannon?

  2. Phil says:

    If Triple H can continue his good business side, I honestly think it makes his wrestling career epic. He learns from the outside to the insides over a long span of time. Sin Cara so far is continuing to be a great investment.

  3. DJ Reign says:

    The Click is gonna be the new trainers!

  4. Radar says:

    @Drew no lucky is still goin to be pushed b4 the others cause hes an entertainer the others are wrestlers and we all know that vince dont like wrestlers and HHH is just like him

  5. Bommaniac says:

    They should have seen the end coming for people like Jericho, Michaels, HHH etc and had a better strategy to offset that. Until Sheamus won the toitle fella, it seemed that the whole roster were mid carders. Now it actually feels as if anybody could step up and be champion.

  6. Jon says:

    Actually I think HHH has a good sense when it comes to wrestlers. Unlike Vince, Paul actually looks for passion in prospective wrestlers rather than just a good look.

  7. Agent Cooper says:

    @Phil How exactly has Sin Cara been a great investment so far? Or haven’t you seen him blow spots left and right in every match?

  8. drxfeelgood says:

    Very interesting and very true.

    haha.. the “toitle fella”

  9. Trig says:

    Ambrose is a guy who seems to understand his character and his promos reflect that. He ‘gets it’, in terms of body language, facials, and the way he talks. But he still wrestles like everyone else. If he can bring what he brings to his promos to his ring work, then he’ll be good. But he’s just not ready at this point and rushing him to the main roster would be a disservice just as much as having Sin Cara skip developmental hurt both him and the company. Xavier Woods just sucks. His look is better but he still does stupid things in the ring and should not be brought up until he stops that.

  10. Nick says:

    Developmental isn’t in good shape right now, so this should be very, very helpful. Hopefully they can find away to actually start focusing on real new talent for the promotion instead of the number of unskilled manbeasts they have now.

  11. -Jay- says:

    Trips has a nose for new talent.

  12. Bumbolee says:

    @Phil…..isn’t that the same way he learned Stephanie? (rimshot…I’ll be here all week!!)

    Seriously, I feel HHH will do well in his new role. He is a guy who lives and breathes the business and his passion is only matched by a few.

  13. Boycott Facebook says:

    Man beasts like A-Ry

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