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Jul 13, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

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Aired July 12, 2011 – 23:00:00 ET


And tonight, Linda Hogan`s painful confessions about her painful split from Hulk Hogan.


LINDA HOGAN, EX-WIFE OF HULK HOGAN: I knew he was probably having another affair. I thought, you know, I just can`t go on this way. My kids deserved better. I deserved better.


Linda Hogan`s shocking new claims that her ex, Hulk Hogan, cheated on her.


L. HOGAN: I knew he was probably having another affair. I thought, you know, I can`t go on this way. My kids deserved better. I deserved better.


DIAZ: Plus, why Linda said she feared for her life during her marriage to Hulk. It`s our not-to-be-missed SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

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All right. Linda Hogan`s bombshell new claims tonight to us about her ex, Hulk Hogan, cheating on her.

L. HOGAN: I knew he was probably having another affair. I thought, you know, I just can`t go on this way. My kids deserved better. I deserved better.


DIAZ: Plus, why Linda says she`s feared for her life while married to Hulk. It`s our not-to-be-missed SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, next.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz, in tonight. Hulk cheating mania. Tonight, the he-said, she-said mess between Hulk Hogan and his ex-wife, Linda Hogan, rages on.

Linda fesses up about her marriage to Hulk and why she says he cheated on her repeatedly. It`s Linda`s new book “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Rope.”

She talks about cheating, the end of her marriage, and the new happy chapter of her life with 22-year-old fiance, Charlie Hill. As Linda tells A.J. Hammer in this SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview, getting to this new happy place was not easy, but she`s got a message of hope for everyone.


LINDA HOGAN, HULK HOGAN`S EX-WIFE: Being married to a professional wrestler, an icon – he was a hero to millions of people around the world. And you know, it`s always scary to be the one to pull the plug on the situation.

But I realized at a time that I knew he was probably having another affair, I thought, you know, I just can`t go on this way. My kids deserved better. I deserved better.

And the message that I`m trying to put out there for people is that they need to look at my situation. It was a very messy public divorce. And I really think that, you know, the way I came out of it – you know, I`m not crying in my soup anymore, let`s just say that, OK? So I moved on.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Yes. Now, pretty clearly you have, and that`s good to see. But wow, you talked about some real hardships in the book.

And you really were very candid about the heartache you felt because you claim that Hulk was cheating on you for so long. You also say there were times that you were afraid he would kill you when he went into one of his rages.

Now, he flat out denies that. I do want to listen to a little bit of what he said about that on “Bubba the Love Sponge`s” radio show. Let`s roll that.


HULK HOGAN, PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER: Well, the truth is, it`s just delusional. I mean, the stuff she said about me is a total blatant lie. I never laid a hand on her. It`s a total –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why do you think that you slept –

H. HOGAN: It`s a total blatant lie.


HAMMER: Linda, what do you say to that? Because he calls you delusional and a liar. What`s your response?

L. HOGAN: My response is that he`s got his defense mechanism going and that`s the only thing he can do. That`s all he has left.

You know, when you have repeated affairs and your family is shattered and you look back and you say, you know, was it all worth it? I don`t think you can say it was. You know, it was just something that I had to endure and hide from the public for a long time.

I took one for the team, so to speak. But it was not an easy break. I had to make a decision to say, look, you know, there`s an empire riding on his shoulders. We`ve got a family, but I`m important, too.

And at some point, I just can`t be treated that way anymore. And the violence and stuff that escalated in some of the arguments because of the testosterone, because of, you know, the painkillers or, you know, all this stuff that these guys do, made it like you just didn`t know what to expect.

And I`m not saying that I had no part in that. At some point in a marriage, you realize your husband is not being forthcoming and you`re not going to be the peachiest person, you know what I mean? You know something`s up.

And so it just, you know, disintegrated basically, and I was the first one to make the decision to go.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, and what`s crazy for us, for the people on the outside looking in, again, you were a very famous, very beloved family.

So for us, watching all of this implode and hearing some of the things that you say happened really strikes us as unbelievable.

And this is a very far cry from even as recently as back in 2006 when you and your family – it was Hulk and your son, Nick, and daughter, Brooke – you guys all came to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and you were talking with us just as your reality show “Hogan Knows Best” was becoming this major hit on VH-1 that really let us into your lives.

I want to take a look at what Hulk told us then about how great fame was for your whole family. Let`s look at that.


H. HOGAN: It`s been great for all of us. I mean, the show`s been awesome. We love doing it. And Nick now is inside (INAUDIBLE) and the youngest pro driver ever.



ANDERSON: Record deal.

H. HOGAN: Thank God, Scott Storch and Cecile Barker from Miami signed Brooke. And Linda is getting ready to do some of her own business with QVC. So we`re rolling. We`re having a blast.


HAMMER: All right. So there you were, having a blast. That was about five years ago. And when you were all here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, I`ve got to say, looking around at you all, it seemed like you guys were one big happy family at that time.

But we all know things change rather rapidly. Linda, at least to some degree, do you blame fame for your family imploding?

L. HOGAN: I wish I could. But you know, we were no stranger to the fame. We were Hulk Hogan. We`re their parents. He was my husband since 1983, you know. And I met him in 1981.

All of this fame exploded after I met him. So this was just an extension of what we had already been surrounded by. I really believed that, you know, filming the show actually kept us together a little bit longer than probably we would have lasted, because, you know, you go upstairs.

And even though you`re fighting, you put your game face on and you go downstairs and film. And you sort of forgot about the problems that you were arguing about the night before and stuff.


DIAZ: And you can read more about Linda Hogan`s trials and rebirth in her book, “Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes,” in stores now.

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