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TNA talent wanted the company to hire Paul Heyman

In addition to losing confidence in Vince Russo, the boys are also said to be down on Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the consensus is that the talent wanted TNA to hire Paul Heyman last summer and clean house.

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  1. Jose says:

    what’s another year, right?

  2. -Jay- says:

    Dixie loves her uncle eric and grandpa hogan!

  3. sincerelyannoyed says:

    Is anyone else sensing that that ernie lupica dude is gonna come and comment “TNA WILL hire Paul Heyman when Punk comes” or something like that???

  4. DeathNote81 says:

    They still have time to hire Paul, right? They should give him a chance! They gave these three an opportunity to run with the ball, and something’s still not working.

  5. drxfeelgood says:

    Agreed.. but the fact that they gave those three an opportunity in the first place doesn’t allow me to think that they’ll see that there is still time..

    @sincerelyannoyed Nope, not the only one.

  6. RJ Ace says:

    Ernie is an idiot troll, don’t encourage him. Anyway part of the problem with wrestling today is that it’s been taken away from the wrestlers. “Creative Teams”/Writers have ruined the product. TNA does a better job at giving talent free range to get themselves over than WWE, but at the end of the day, Vince Russo is still in charge of the creative direction of TNA and he’s proven he can’t take them to the next level. I’m not saying Heyman is the answer long term because the business has changed so much the last 10 years. I do know that TNA needs to change though. Russo said a while back anyway that he would like a different position in the company. Hell make him a heel manager or announcer. Anything is better than being the lead writer. As far as Bischoff and Hogan go, I really think they can bring some good things to the table if they would stop putting so much focus on themselves. The power struggle storyline is so old and played out in TNA that it’s sickening. They need to leave their egos at the door and start helping develop the product off camera. I’m not one of those fans that wants 2 straight hours of wrestling, but having 4 or 5 segments involving non wrestlers every week is hurting the product long term.

  7. Really? says:

    The problem is, Heyman doesn’t seem to have t anymore. Firing everyone when they turn 40 would mean no Angle, no RVD, and very soon no Christopher Daniels. Bryan Danielson isn’t available to sign (nor was he when Heyman was asked to take over TNA booking) and having him make everyone on the roster submit in less than a minute would have sucked anyway, especially after the guy had (at that point) spent most of his WWE career losing every match. Then, once the company became successful (if it did) he wanted to follow Vince’s example and take it public so he could cash out and leave. The only problem with that is once the company goes public, they are handcuffed in what they can do just like the WWE is.

  8. Radar says:

    @Really? when he means get rid of the 40 year olds he means the ppl like hogan flair eric sting. he would keep daniels cause hes part of the originals of tna and also he doesnt have the fame that sting flair and hogan have. also he didnt say that he would get rid of all them he would keep one or 2 to help the young guys in the ring and all that stuff but he doesnt want to see all of them there. russo is crap its called he got his cred when he was with wwe so they think hes god thats why he is still around but with hogan haiting him so much and with this story comin out that the boys are not to happy i can see him gettin a pink slip soon but i know its not goin to happen

  9. Nick says:

    When Heyman’s plan called for the firing of 2/3rds of the upper midcard of the roster, I can’t really blame them for not hiring him.

    Seriously, the “consensus” is almost certainly from the younger, lower card workers on the roster.

    And of course, it’s the legends and the knockouts that bring the rating for TNA. Complain all you want, but if you look at the breakdowns on most shows it’s the Knockout segment and the Sting/Angle segments that draw the most viewers.

  10. deathedge says:


    You know, building a guy up with a series of squashes and then moving him on to better matches can be very good when done correctly. Danielson needs to be portrayed as a vicious submission artist anyway (in WWE and TNA)

    Heyman not having “it” though. I think he still does and I don’t see Paul as a cash out leave guy. He has a legitament love for the business and if he got TNA to the next level, he’d stick with it as long as he could.

  11. Kellman73 says:

    Paul won’t be available.
    August 2011

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