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Location of TNA’s Bound for Glory to be announced tomorrow

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The location of October’s “Bound For Glory” will be announced Thursday morning 8amET on’s Page 2, by ESPN SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores (@RoFloESPN) and his special guest, Sting

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  1. Max says:

    No need to wait until tomorrow, I have the inside scoop. It’s going to be at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. You heard it here first

  2. Sonny says:

    I hope its in Chicago(land), I believe we had three or four years ago!!

  3. Sonny says:

    Last comment, since Sting is going to be interviewed by espn, it must be in California (Sting is from there).

  4. drxfeelgood says:

    Doubt it; they were here in 2009. When Sting “retired”.

    hahah.. that made my day.

  5. Taylor says:

    Come on St. Louis

  6. Creative Control says:

    I’m hearing San Antonio, TX

  7. deathedge says:

    I’ll give TNA props for getting their name out on a major sports network.

    <_< Though I'm not a fan of his gimmick I'd love it if he was in charecter for the interview.

  8. deathedge says:

    *excuse me, website*

  9. Kevin Paralis says:


  10. Gordon says:

    Atlanta, GA

  11. steve says:

    I’m with ya Taylor, i’m thinking St. Louis, it’s been a great ppv town for them, not to mention it’s the mecca of pro wrestling and always will be.

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