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7/21 TNA Impact SPOILERS

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Here are the results from Tuesday night’s Impact Wrestling Tapings for the episode to air on July 21st: In a dark match, Smith James defeated the Memphis Mofo.

Impact began with Sting coming to the ring for a promo. He talks about how insane he is. He calls out Bischoff and Hogan to come out. Kurt Angle comes out in his clown attire from last week and enters the ring. Angle says that he means no disrespect and says that it was him who saved Sting last week because it was the right thing to do. At Hardcore Justice their paths will cross again. Sting says he respects Angle. Angle says he wants to beat Sting since he never has. It has to be Angle because he has no other choice. Sting says they have a dilemma.

Immortal’s music plays and out comes Ken Anderson and Bully Ray. Ray says it is Sting and Angle versus Anderson and Ray tonight.

In a Bound for Glory Series Match, Rob Van Dam defeated Scott Steiner with a rollup.

Mickie James came out for a promo and called out Velvet Sky. Mickie said she has watched Velvet get blamed for other wrestler’s problems. Mickie knows how it gets and its not good. Mickie wants to give Velvet her first knockouts championship shot tonight because Velvet has earned it and says that they are going to tear the roof off the Impact Zone.

Angelina Love and Winter come out. Angelina says she and Winter are competitors and that Mickie and Velvet just need to go get a hotel room. Angelina says that no matter who wins tonight it won’t be long before the title is back around her waist. Winter insults both Mickie and Velvet for a bit before they go to the back.

Backstage Sarita and Rosita are brawling with Tara and Miss Tessmacher. Madison Rayne brawls with Tara as well until referees have to break it up.

Miss Tessmacher and Tara defeat Rosita and Sarita to become the new Knockouts Tag Champions. Tara and Tessmacher jumped Rosita and Sarita when they came out. Sarita was wrestling this match wearing a mask due to her recent facial injury. Tara had Sarita in the Widow’s Peak and Madison ran out while the ref was distracted and Madison tackled Tara. Tara and Miss Tessmacher were able to hit stereo finishers (Stratusfaction by Tessmacher and fireman’s carry into side slam by Tara) for the three count.

In a Bound for Glory Series Match, Matt Morgan defeats AJ Styles, Gunner, and Samoa Joe to earn 10 points.

They show an Eric Young video package with him going into a gas station looking for an opponent to defend his TV title against. He finds D’Lo Brown. D’Lo tells Eric this is a road Eric doesn’t want to go down. Eric rolls up D’Lo and counts the 3 himself and runs from D’Lo. Young gets away and D’Lo says “he didn’t even recognize me.”

In an X Division title match, Brian Kendrick defeated Alex Shelley Shelley hit sliced bread on Kendrick on the apron. When Shelley put Kendrick back in the ring, Aries ran out and hit Shelley with the title and threw him back in the ring for the fall.

Mexican America comes out for a promo. Anarquia comes out and calls what Tara and Tessmacher did earlier garbage. He says they are pissed off and when they are pissed off they kick ass. They call out Beer Money who enter the building and come face to face with Mexican America. James Storm tells them to do everyone a favor and leave the ring, the company, and go cut grass. Storm threatens to kick Anarquia’s teeth down his throat. Since they have been competing in the Bound for Glory Series, they came out to reintroduce themselves to everyone.

Storm says they are the best, being four time tag team champions. Storm says they aren’t going to just beat them, they’re going to kick their asses for the people here, the people watching, and all the Mexcians that came before Mexican America that they are disgracing. At Hardcore Justice, Beer Money will beat them to retain the tag titles. Storm advises them to mark the day after the pay per view on their calendars because Mexican America is going to wake up with their Green Cards stuck straight up their asses. Roode tells then Sorry About your damn luck.

The Knockouts Title Match between Velvet Sky and Mickie James never got to happen. Angelina Love and Winter attacked Mickie as she entered. Velvet tried to make the save. ODB and Jackie came out and attacked Velvet as Angelina and Winter bailed. Traci Brooks then came out for the save. Referees and security had to separate Traci, Mickie, and Velvet from Jackie and ODB. Cops came out and put handcuffs on Jackie and ODB and took them out of the Impact Zone.

TNA World Champion Sting and Kurt Angle defeated Ken Anderson and Bully Ray when Angle pinned Anderson after an Angle Slam. Ray tried to stop Anderson from doing his usual intro because Ray wants to get in the ring and take care of business. Anderson did it anyway. At one point during the match Bischoff came out and said something on commentary.

After the match, Angle and Sting shook hands and Angle pulled Sting in close before leaving the ring.

In a match for Xplosion, Magnus defeats Shannon Moore in an Xplosion Championship Challenge match. Douglas Williams ran out and pulled Shannon off the apron so Moore hit his face on the apron. Magnus then hit a Michinoku Driver for the win.

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15 Responses

  1. deathedge says:

    Sounds meh, I wish they’d turn Sting full heel already though, since it’s clearly going that route.

    Don’t really get the Young D Lo thing. Wonder if this angle will go anywhere… or be dropped.

    Also, did they drop the Clown Army angle, or is it just taking the night off. Knowing Russo, it could be the former, and I for one prey it is…

  2. From what’s said above, it kind of sounds like Kurt Angle dressed up like a clown at last night’s taping spontaneously, without talking to Sting:

    either Angle did New Crazy Sting a big favor by joining the Rafter Clown Army for no reason (for no promise of a future match or no discussion about why they’re allied), or Angle was able to paint himself up as a clown before his run-in, just to confuse Immortal.

    I think this is a little Russo-level treat for anyone who think it is unbelievable when non-scheduled wrestlers show up wearing wrestling gear, or a wrestler’s music is ready to play during a “spontaneous” run-in: just imagine Mr. Angle having to run out to the drug store for a clown costume and grease paint, then get back to the Impact Zone and apply it all before his run-in.

  3. Kerry says:

    @deathedge – Sting is not going to turn heel…he will be responsible for turning Hulk Hogan babyface again..

  4. cory yuen says:

    Looks great!

  5. Steve Urkel says:

    Impact Wrestling is the best show on tv!

  6. Uncle Phil says:

    Has anyone heard these rumors of CM Punk possibly joining TNA?

  7. Criss Brian says:

    @Uncle Phil CM Punk isn’t goin to TNA.
    @deathedge Sting ain’t goin heel, the D’Lo thing was one night only for EY, and the clown army was probably one night only over. And…
    @Steve Urkel Impact is no where near best show on TV.

  8. deathedge says:

    The way I look at it, Sting is turning into more and more of a nutjob, and with the way him and Hogan are acting, Sting will turn and then Hogan will turn to combat the Joker. That’s just what I see happening and if I’m wrong then eh, I’m relieved that I’m not thinking like Russo.

    Just wondering though, since Sting is going to turn Hogan face and TNA is building up to an eventual match, is TNA going to knock off what happened at and after WMX8 or what?

  9. Bo says:

    Gee, and I figured the clowns were not in costume at all…..thought it was clowns from the TNA front office and creative head writer..Vince Bozo Russo

  10. Steve says:

    Best show on TV is probably Breaking Bad. Somewhere way down that list (even below RAW) would be Impact. Not a TNA hater just being honest. TNA can be better than RAW just not right now while CM Punk is red hot.

  11. advo319 says:

    Where’s the ratings that say Impact can beat RAW Steve?

  12. AJ Starr says:

    Gee… everyone pissed and moaned about the clowns… and I said it was more than likely a wrestler… and TA DA!

    You people just seem to love to bitch about everything this company does. If WWE were doing the same thing… you’d all be tossing your first-born into a fire as a sacrifice.

    Heck… everything I’ve said about the WWE for years… Punk is doing SCRIPTED right now… and everyone is hailing him as the new wrestling God while I get bitched at for the same things even the very next day when I repeat them.

    Marks… you know I love them!

  13. -Jay- says:

    Aside from the Punk Angle WWE is still floating by at the moment…TNA is hoaky as hell but look who is running the ship, what matters is if its drawing viewers.

  14. Gee… everyone pissed and moaned about the clowns… and I said it was more than likely a wrestler… and TA DA!

    The Clown Army effectively aborted with no logical explanation about why it existed to begin with, and one guy shows up who was one of the four clowns last week.

    You and Russo fooled us all, with our expectations of coherent narrative over surprises!

  15. AJ Starr says:

    It was a psychological angle to cost Anderson the Title. Did you just want Angle to run in and hit an Angle Slam… something every wrestler has done for decades… or try something new, and see if it works?

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