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Destination X

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TNA Destination X PPV
July 10, 2011
Orlando, Florida
Report by: Adam Martin of

A video package opens focusing on Abyss talking about getting to “know his enemy” and quotes from Brian Kendrick. Abyss talks about the X Division being dead.

A graphic opening his welcoming us to Destination X. We go live to the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida where a series of pyro goes off. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash (replacing Taz tonight) welcome us to the show. Borash talks about the history of the X Division in TNA. Both then discuss the card set tonight.

Kazarian is out first to kick off the show.

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

Huge reaction for Joe in Orlando. Joe fires away with chops on Kazarian. Kazarian dodges a rear naked choke attempt early on. Joe drops Kazarian face first off the ring apron and then levels him with a clothesline on the outside. Kazarian with elbows, but Joe pushes him away. Crowd is very pro-Joe. Joe walks off dodging a springboard splash attempt by Kazarian. Joe with an atomic drop and senton splash combo. Kazarian with some right hands and Joe levels him with a big elbow. Joe with more quick offense with a big kick to the chest and knee drop over Kazarian. Joe with headbutts to Kazarian and then props him up on the top turnbuckle. Joe winds back and connects with a big chop. Joe attempts a Muscle Buster, but Kazarian holds on to the ropes. Kazarian with huge springboard dropkick. Both men are down. Both men are back up exchanging elbows. Crowd boo’s for Kazarian and cheers for Joe. Kazarian with a quick scoop slam and springboard leg drop combo on Joe. Kazarian with a springboard tornado DDT. Kazarian with a shoulder block and then a slingshot DDT from the ring apron over Joe. Joe recovers and sits up on the top turnbuckle. Kazarian catches him with a huge kick to the head. Kazarian is up with Joe, drops to the ring apron when Joe fights back, Joe with a kick to Kazarian’s chest when Kazarian leans in, Kazarian falls out and Joe hits the ropes connecting with a suicide dive. Loud “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Joe with big slaps to the back of Kazarian. Kazarian counters a powerbomb, attempts a Fade to Black and Joe counters back into a powerbomb. Joe gets a two count, but rolls Kazarian over and applies the STF. Kazarian bites Joe’s finger to break the submission. Kazarian with a dropkick sending Joe into the corner. Kazarian runs at Joe and Joe drops him in his corner slam spot. Joe with the rear naked choke applied. Joe pulls back, locks his legs around Kazarian’s body and Kazarian is reaching for the ropes. Kazarian gets to the bottom rope. The referee has to pull Joe off Kazarian. Joe argues with the referee (Earl Hebner). Joe goes for the rear naked choke once again, but Kazarian drops out of it and rolls up Joe for the win.

Winner: Kazarian

After the match, Samoa Joe has a shocked look on his face as Kazarian recovers on the outside. We then see a series of highlights of the match leading up to the finish.

We then go to a video package highlighting the history of AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels featuring the Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe main event from Unbreakable in 2005.

We then see footage of Christopher Daniels arriving to the Impact Wrestling Zone earlier today.

Footage is also shown from earlier today of Eric Young walking up to an autograph table featuring Suicide, Curry Man and Sangriento. Young needs a tag team partner tonight. Curry Man informs Young that none of them can compete tonight. Shark Boy walks up and agrees to be Young’s partner. They walk off celebrating. It sounds like someone yelled, “That was the sh*ts!” as the segment came to a close.

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins

Before the match, Williams ran down Mark Haskins (a fellow UK wrestler). Williams grounds Haskins right away. Williams with some quick offense to Haskins in the corner. Pinfall reversals early on as well. Williams bailed out of the ring during the last pinfall attempt by Haskins. Haskins with a monkey flip on Williams. Haskins then dropkicks Williams through the ropes. Williams comes back strong pulling Haskins’ leg out from under him allowing him to take a big back bump on the ring apron. Williams with a suplex to Haskins on the outside floor. Back in the ring, Williams drops Haskins with a quick clothesline. Williams has Haskins over his head and against his back as he sends him into he corner with force. Haskins is up on the top turnbuckle, fights off Williams and then connects with a missile dropkick. The two exchange uppercuts. Haskins with a close rollup. Haskins with a slingshot clothesline on Williams. Williams attempts his german suplex attempts, but Haskins drops out, flips up and catches Williams with a cutter. Williams goes up top, jumps and Haskins catches him with a superkick. Haskins goes up top, slips, jumps back up again, executes a Shooting Star Press, but Williams moves out of the way. Williams rolls up Haskins for the pinfall.

Winner: Douglas Williams

After the match, Douglas Williams stands over Mark Haskins. Williams picks him up and raises his arm. The two shake hands.

Backstage, SoCal Val is with Austin Aries. Aries wants to say something to the people who paid to watch this PPV or the ones who are watching illegally (who he hopes choke on their unhealthy foods). He said he is more than a guy who can do fancy moves and flips. Aries says he isn’t a spot monkey, he is the most complete pro wrestler in the industry today. He said his opponents will find that out tonight.

Generation Me vs. TNA TV Champion Eric Young and Shark Boy

We start with Jeremy Buck and well, Eric Young and Shark Boy can’t figure out who is going to start. Shark Boy gets the nod and Young tags himself in. Young pumps up the crowd and tags in Shark Boy. Jeremy with strikes to Shark Boy in the corner. Shark Boy fights back with kicks of his own in the corner. Shark Boy with a Lou Thesz Press and then an elbow drop to the chest over Jeremy. Tag to Young who drops the sledgehammer. Jeremy catches Young with a huge spinning elbow and tags in Max. Max with a series of arm drags on Young. Young with a springboard kick to Max and tags in Shark Boy who bites the ass of Max. On the outside, Max flips back catching Shark Boy’s head in his feet holding Shark Boy allowing Jeremy to get in a cheap kick to the head. Back in the ring, Jeremy gets the legal tag choking Shark Boy with his boot. Jeremy with a sleeper on Shark Boy to ground the action. Shark Boy fights back to his feet. Max with a cheap shot on Young and helps Jeremy double team Shark Boy. Shark Boy with a reverse neckbreaker on Jeremy. Hot tag to Young who levels both members of Generation Me. Max takes a belly-to-belly from Young. Jeremy with a faceplant on Young and springboard flip to Shark Boy on the outside. Max levels Young and gets a close two count inside the ring. Max has Young on his shoulders, Jeremy is up top, Shark Boy trips him up, hits the Stunner on Max and Young hits a german suplex into a reverse neckbreaker for the pinfall.

Winners: Eric Young and Shark Boy

We see highlights of Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles as a tag team defeating America’s Most Wanted back at Slammiversary 2006.

Backstage, SoCal Val is with Zema Ion. He talks about competing against some of the greatest X Division stars of all time tonight to earn a contract with Impact Wrestling.

A video package runs focusing on the return of the Ultimate X tonight.

Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie vs. Shannon Moore vs. The Amazing Red

The bell rings and here we go. Moore takes out Red, Robbie and Shelley early on. Moore with a side kick to Robbie E. Red with a head scissors takedown on Moore. Red catches Shelley with a kick to the head. Robbie is already on the cables, Red pulls him down and catches him with a kick to the head as well. Shelley with shots to Red in the corner and then executes a Dragon Screw using the ropes. Shelley then trips up Moore on the other corner. Shelley sends Robbie face first into the corner and then drops Moore down in the tree of woe over Robbie. Shelley with a double dropkick to both. Robbie pulls Shelley down from the cables as Cookie yells at him to get up there. Moore gets Robbie wrapped up in the ring apron and gets in a few shots. Red is now on the ropes, Moore pulls him down to his shoulders, Red is sent into Shelley who is up on the top rope and Shelley crashes to the mat. Red with a standing Shooting Star Press over the back of Moore and catches Shelley as well. Robbie is back up on the cables. Red pulls him down, Red with a series of spin kicks and then hits a corkscrew dive over Shelley and Moore on the outside. Robbie is back on the ropes, drops one arm to fist pump and then Red hits a springboard dropkick. Moore is now climbing up the steel X structure and is at the top. Cookie is holding Shelley’s leg who is on the top rope. Moore is crawling the structure at the top towards the middle. Red is now up on the cables making his way to the middle. Moore is climbing down through an open in the structure standing on the cable. Moore kicks Red down to the mat below. Shelley is now climbing the cables near Moore. Shelley kicks Moore away and Moore falls. Shelley is sitting on top of the X, reaches down and grabs it.

Winner and #1 Contender for the X Division Championship: Alex Shelley

After the match, we see all the highlights of the Ultimate X leading to the finish. Back live, Shelley is dusting off the X when Chris Sabin appears. Sabin shakes his hand and they hug.

Styles vs. Daniels from Final Resolution 2009 is highlighted.

Backstage, Low Ki is with SoCal Val. Low Ki said tonight is about proving people wrong – something he has been doing his entire career.

A video package runs focusing on Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn tonight.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

We get a handshake from both men before the match begins. A loud “LETS GO JERRY – RVD” chant starts up. Some quick exchanges between the two early on. RVD with a flip off the top rope, lands and then arm drags Lynn with force. RVD misses a kick, Lynn goes up to and this time RVD lands his kick. RVD with a clothesline that sends Lynn over the top rope back into the ring from the ring apron when Lynn attempted a swinging DDT. Both with high risk offense and they meet up again in the middle of the ring. RVD then catches Lynn with a kick to the head sending Lynn to the outside. RVD then invites Lynn back into the ring. RVD extends his hand and Lynn tosses RVD out of the ring. Lynn then catches RVD with a dropkick when he was trying to get back in the ring. Lynn then runs down the apron and hits a flip dive. Lynn tosses RVD back in the ring and gets a two count. Lynn chokes RVD and breaks it up before the five count in front of the referee. Series of counters and Lynn gets a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Lynn slows down the action, RVD fights back with elbows and Lynn throws RVD down by his hair. Lynn with a quick clothesline. We can see blood in RVD’s mouth. Lynn attempts a hip toss, but RVD connects with a big kick to the head. RVD connects with the Rolling Thunder. RVD with another spin kick that sends Lynn to the outside. RVD with a baseball slide sending Lynn into the steel barricade. RVD then props Lynn chest first over the guard railing and connects with his spinning leg drop over the back of Lynn. RVD with a slingshot leg drop from the ring apron. RVD is going up top and Lynn pushes him off sending RVD to the ground below with force. Lynn tosses RVD back in the ring and then grabs a steel chair. Referee Earl Hebner warns Lynn. RVD attempts a spin kick on Lynn sending the chair in RVD’s face, but Lynn ducks, throws the chair down, dodges a trip from RVD and then hits a leg drop on RVD. RVD’s face bounced off the chair. RVD is busted open above his right eye. Lynn grabs a second chair. RVD kicks Lynn grabbing the chair, jumps to the corner, Lynn moves, jumps up hitting a sunset flip powerbomb on RVD right over the steel chair! That looked nasty. Lynn with a cover and RVD somehow kicks out. Lynn misses a chair shot and RVD kicks the chair into Lynn’s face. RVD is up top and connects with the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD covers Lynn and gets the pinfall. Hell of a match for the 48-year-old Lynn and the 41-year-old RVD.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, the bloody Rob Van Dam celebrates his win. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish.

Backstage, SoCal Val is with Jack Evans. Evans said he is pretty nervous, but tonight is his only chance.

Winner earns a contract with Impact Wrestling
Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans vs. Low-Ki vs. Austin Aries

Before the match, we see footage of how everyone earn a spot in this match tonight.

The bell rings and we get lots of brawling. The Orlando crowd has fun with the four way chanting “EVERYBODY.” Ion counters a moonsault attempt by Evans. Low-Ki with some big chops to Ion. Low-Ki catches Ion with a big springboard kick to the face. Aries goes after Low-Ki pulling him out from the corner and sending him into another. Aries attacks all four men with rakes to the body. All three then execute a triple dropkick on Aries sending him to the outside. Evans with a dropkick on Low-Ki and moonsault combo on Ion. Aries drops Evans off the ring apron. Ion fires back dropping Aries as well. In the ring, Ion has a guillotine choke applied on Low-Ki. Aries breaks it up, but Ion counters hitting a crossbody. Aries with a dropkick to the face of Ion. Evans comes flying off the top rope and Low-Ki catches him with a big kick in mid-air. Aries and Low-Ki start arguing. Aries applies a submission on Ion and Low-Ki does the same to Evans. They both continue to trash talk each other. Aries and Low-Ki have chop exchanges. Low-Ki with a bridging pin on Aries that is broken up by Evans who came flying off the top rope out of no where. Ion with a facebuster over his knee on Evans. Aries with his swinging elbow over Ion. Low-Ki breaks up the pinfall with his Warrior’s Way stomp to the back of Aries. Evans with a huricanrana on Low-Ki. Ion dumps Evans to the outside. Ion goes to hit the ropes to take out Low-Ki when Aries runs up and levels him with a clothesline. Aries attempts a suicide dive when Low-Ki catches him with a huge kick to the head while also floating up to the ring apron. Evans with a twisting springboard kick to Low-Ki. Evans shows off and Aries levels him. All four men are down. “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. “SIGN THEM ALL” chant starts up. Pinfall attempts between the four right now with numerous kick outs. Aries with a reverse neckbreaker on Ion using the second rope. Aries is up top. Low-Ki hits a cartwheel kick to the head dazing Aries. Low-Ki is up top. Evans with a springboard huricanrana on Low-Ki for a two count. Evans calls for the 630. Evans is going up top. Ion pushes Evans off the top rope. Ion with a 450 Splash. Aries breaks up the pinfall. Aries tosses Ion out of the ring. Evans attempts a 630, but Low-Ki gets his knees up. Aries with kicks to Evans and now Low-Ki. Aries with a brainbuster on Low-Ki, hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and earning a contract with Impact Wrestling: Austin Aries

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, SoCal Val has a live mic and hands the Impact Wrestling contract to Aries. Aries goes, “Are you surprised?” He grabs the contract and looks in the camera saying, “Hardly broke a sweat.”

Backstage, TNA X Division Champion Abyss is talking about his match with Brian Kendrick tonight. He said Kendrick is hoping for a “moral victory” tonight for the X Division. Abyss said he will teach Kendrick a lesson tonight and “make it quick…but not too quick.”

A video package runs focusing on Abyss becoming the X Division Champion and taking over the division claiming it was “dead.”

TNA X Division Championship
Abyss (c) vs. Brian Kendrick

Christy Hemme handled the ring introductions for the challenger Brian Kendrick and the champion Abyss.

The bell rings and Kendrick starts kicking Abyss. Abyss doesn’t budge. Kendrick attempts a crossbody and Abyss doesn’t budge again. Abyss dumps Kendrick to the outside and toys with him. Abyss throws Kendrick back in the ring and hits a big chest chop. Kendrick is able to get in a quick charge on Abyss, but Abyss fires back with a big boot and corner splash combo. Kendrick attempts more kicks to the body, Abyss keeps moving forward and drops Kendrick with a huge right hand. Abyss is now busted open over his eye after taking a stiff right hand from Kendrick. Kendrick is fired up hitting Abyss with some big elbows. Kendrick dropkicks Abyss through the ropes to the outside. Kendrick then catches Abyss with a suicide dive. They brawl up to the ring apron and back in the ring. Kendrick connects with a crossbody. Kendrick attempts the Sliced Bread, but Abyss counters connecting with the Shock Treatment. Abyss covers Kendrick…1…2…Kendrick kicks out. Abyss gets in the referee’s face after that pinfall thinking it was over. Referee bump when Abyss sends Kendrick to the corner. Kendrick connects with the Sliced Bread on Abyss. Kendrick covers Abyss and the crowd chants the pinfall. Eric Bischoff is walking down the ramp and is now in the ring. Bischoff is yelling at Kendrick. Kendrick drops Bischoff with a big right hand. Immortal hits the ring going after Kendrick. Members of the X Division now hit the ring. Immortal clears the ring easily of the X Division talent. Scott Steiner, Bully Ray and Gunner beat down Kendrick. More X Division stars hit the ring. They toss Immortal out. Kendrick then jumps off the top rope at Abyss. Abyss catches Kendrick ready for a chokeslam. As Abyss lifts up Kendrick, Kendrick counters and rolls up Abyss to get the pinfall. Abyss is shocked.

Winner and NEW TNA X Division Champion: Brian Kendrick

After the match, the stars of the X Division lift Brian Kendrick up in the air as red confetti fills the Impact Wrestling Zone. We then see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Abyss is staring back at Kendrick celebrating. Bischoff is glaring at the scene in the ring at the top of the ramp.

A video package runs focusing on AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Christy Hemme handled the main event introductions for Styles and Daniels.

Lots of exchanges between the two early on. They continue to brawl back and forth across the mat applying and countering submission attempts. Daniels with some high hip tosses, avoids a dropkick from Styles, but Styles with a quick arm drag and works over Daniels’ arm. Another set of hip tosses by Daniels on Styles. A pocket of people in Orlando start a “WRESTLING – YAY! HULK HOGAN – BOO” chant. Daniels tosses Styles to the outside, Styles is back in, Daniels is out, jumps back in and both meet up in the middle. More back and forth between the two with Styles getting the better of Daniels this time on the mat. Daniels bails when they both start hitting the ropes and avoiding each other. Daniels with a quick arm drag on Styles. Styles fires back with two big dropkicks. Styles drops a knee over Daniels. Styles with a head scissors takedown and arm drag combo on Daniels. Daniels appeared to go for Styles’ own Styles Clash, Styles avoids it, rolls out of the ring and Daniels connects with a suicide dive sending Styles into the steel barricade. Daniels hits the ropes and gets air one more time diving over the top rope over Styles. Back in the ring, Daniels drops Styles over the back of his head with three back suplexes. Daniels starts wrenching the head of Styles and applying pressure. Daniels dumps Styles with a scoop slam, looks to hit a springboard, but Styles counters and sends Daniels to the outside. Styles with a dive of his own this time on Daniels.

Both men are down on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Styles with big elbows to Daniels. Styles with a jumping clothesline on Daniels that results in a two count. Styles with an armbar on Daniels. Daniels reaches the ropes to break it up. Both are on the ring apron and Styles (almost slipping) executes a suplex on Daniels over the ring apron. Styles goes to springboard back in the ring, but Daniels pulls the top rope down and Styles crashes on the outside. Daniels drags Styles back in and chops him across the back in the corner. Series of mat reversals and Daniels gets the Crossface locked in. Daniels with a Death Valley Driver and two count on Styles. Styles fights back with right hands to the mid-section on Daniels. The two exchange chest chops. Styles drops Daniels with a kick to the head. Styles with a springboard flying clothesline attempt, but Styles trips up on his way down. Styles with a suplex on Daniels, but Daniels lands on his feet and drops Styles down in a reverse neckbreaker. Styles with a spinning powerbomb on Daniels. Daniels with a full body submission on Styles. Styles stands up with Daniels keeping it locked in and dumps Daniels through the ropes. Daniels has Styles up on the top rope and flips him down to the mat below with force. Styles then flips Daniels off the corner this time. Styles with a springboard inverted DDT for a two count. Styles attempts Angel’s Wings and Daniels continues to counter. Daniels drops Styles with a big clothesline.

Styles counters a BME attempt by Daniels and connects with the Styles Clash. Cover and Daniels kicks out after two. Daniels with Angel’s Wings, covers and Styles kicks out as well. Styles crotches Daniels up on the top rope. Daniels looks to hit Angel’s Wings from the top, but Styles dumps him over his head in a back body drop. Styles with the Spiral Tap on Daniels. Styles hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, we see a series of highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Styles extends his hand to Daniels. Daniels turns his back to Styles, but turns around and they shake hands. Both hug and Daniels holds up Styles’ arm as the PPV goes off the air.

A promo for TNA Hardcore Justice on Sunday, August 7 airs.

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26 Responses

  1. ShinWillow says:

    Three roll-ups victories on a single PPV, Are you serious Bro!!!111

  2. IHATEROBBIE E. says:

    Wow TNA made PPV without a WWEject in the main event. WOW! Thats amazing too bad its already too late for TNA and all the damage the Mega Powers of Stupidity have done. TNA will never recover from it and I bet if this PPV did draw big numbers. Next year Hogan will wrestle for the X-Division title and everyone will be forced to wrestle every WWEject and have only the WWEjects go over. I’m sorry TNA but your too late in trying to put over your younger talent. Had they kept the same spirit going today like they were in 2009 before Hogan, Carter, Bischoff and Russo really ruined everything. Then TNA would be legitimate competition but they never will be.

  3. O says:

    I hope they keep Jack Evans around too… I’ve only ever seem him wrestle in that MTV’s WSX, but I think he’s reaaaal talented. Might just be me though.

  4. Fisha695 says:

    Daniels was in WWE back in the late 90s he played 1 half of the Los Conquistadores & even had a WWF Lightheavyweight Title match under his “Fallen Angel” gimmick.

    Styles wrestled for WCW and after WCW was bought he wrestled a few matches on WWF Jakked.

  5. deathedge says:

    If they do what they should do, and build off this PPV and truley become where wrestling matters, as opposed to oldies and wwejects, then this could be a great boost for the company.

    But, odds are, TNA will go back to what made them “succesful” in Hogan and Eric’s eyes.

    Still, imho, this is the best PPV by a major promotion yet, but the lack of a World Title match does put a slight damper on it. (And yes TNA had this planned out a while back and could have put the belt on AJ, or even Daniels)

  6. Fawn says:

    Dear TNA don’t screw up what you have with Austin Aries. Learn from past mistakes.

    I’m sure the RVD/Lynn match was great but it would have been amazing to see Lynn pick up the win that way the guy could claim a “w” over RVD.

  7. Gentleman Gaga says:

    Wow no real hatred tonight…I’m shocked.

  8. Juan says:

    My God people! You b**ch about TNA because of Hogan and all of his cronies, so TNA gives you a PPV free of Hogan and you bitch.

  9. T says:

    One of the better PPV TNA has done as of late. But will they learn from this?

  10. IHATEROBBIE E. says:

    Umm the title match was Try out match. Daniels got paid to be a jobber. So it doesn’t count at all. God I can’t wait until TNA goes out of business.

  11. Korey Parker says:

    I did not care for this ppv.

    The Ultimate X match they had was the least impressive out of all the ultimate X matches I have seen.

    The fans were begging and chanting for a Muscle Buster spot….why not call for it? YOu don’t have to change the finish…just do it!

    It was cool to see Sharkie back but it was “bleh”….not bad…not great….a Thursday match to me.

    I enjoyed the fatal fourway match…..was worth watching.

    Lynn and Rob Van dam…..didn’t want to see and didn’t care for…..i’ve seen it enough times….same spots they have always done….i can watch the same match on youtube for free…..they did nothing new (and what is up with the ref not moving the chair? that doesn’t make sense)

    kendrick and Abyss…..was what ever…not bad but not great…..i am still sour over thier “take the title off of a non-xdivision wrestler”……again….if your slogan is “no limits” then NO ONE is out of the division…..he uses a bat of nails…..his persona doesnt like limits……perfect!

    Daniels and Styles was fine…..wanted more…….this was not the great ppv it should have been.

  12. Rex Anderson says:

    Well ill be … Its about time, a great show and no stealing ideas. Lesson: you dont need to mimmick to create a better gimmick

  13. deathedge says:


    You do know the Abyss X-Division title run was built on Abyss not being a X-Division superstar and Eric wanting to “kill” the X-Division.

    It irked me at first but after thinking about it, it wasn’t a bad angle. Kendrick becoming champ was the highlight of the PPV for me (yes, I’m a Kendrick mark, lol)

    Still, the Ultimate X match could have been better, but the rest of the advertised card was great, imo anyway.

  14. Korey Parker says:

    I understand that but he IS X-division……everyone is…..the gimmick no limits and therefor EVERYONE who would wrestle would be in the division they should keep the script to the “kill” angle as oppose to the “not of the division” angle

  15. Duh Oh! says:

    wow. who the hell is austin aries?? he looks like he just got back from a chemotherapy session lmao. =))

  16. seth says:

    please leave this forum to fans of TNA only.
    I’m sick of the TNA haters on here that find stupid little things to nit pick on

  17. deathedge says:


    Alright, I see what you’re saying. Yeah, under that logic Abyss is X Division. I also thought his matches in the division were solid David vs Goliath match ups.

  18. Gentleman Gaga says:

    Uh oh now I see a few of the mizarks have come through the cracks. Would you “guys” have preferred to see more ring psychology? Like 90 punches and kicks with 25 minute chinlocks ala the Great Orton? 😉

    Austin Aries is one of the better wrestlers there is from the Indy scene, I’m so sorry he isn’t some 270 lbs roid monkey that can flex his pecs for you to enjoy.

  19. Steve says:

    I can’t say that this will last but if this is what Impact Wrestling is going to be then I for one will be watching. I hope the fan reaction shows the former TNA it’s time to drop the old muscle bound guys and focus on the wonderful talent they have. Oh and RVD and Jerry Lynn proved being older doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

  20. Steve says:

    I also have to add, the WWE would never have the guts to put on a PPV without one of their normal main event stars. Bold move by Impact Wrestling. Let’s hope this is the start of better things to come.

  21. Rob says:

    I remember when roderick strong and austin aries were both on impact yrs ago

  22. reyo says:

    All they have to do is look back at history. Not only of wrestling but pretty much all sports. The youth always overtakes the older guys. Check the WCCW, check WCW, check WWF and check why the AWA ended up folding Bischoff should be an expert on that!

    Veteran talent should be used to put over the younger talent. WWE gets it. And I’m not saying I’m always impressed with their choice of young talent or how they book them but at least they have tried to infuse their rosters with some younger newer faces. And have given some of the guys straps as well. And have booked them on PPV cards in the main event no less. Nobody can bash WWE for not having new young talent consistently. The writing you can bash them all day if you want I wouldn’t blame you.

    But TNA has these guys and chooses to use guys who are passed their prime or guys who the WWE let go. It’s time for them to keep about 5 veterans and let everyone else go. Let the young guys have the spotlight. And try like hell to sign CM Punk give him the mic and let him go, he’s the only reason I would even consider buying Money In The Bank.

  23. Kellman73 says:

    I detest IMPACT! Wrestling..or what ever the hell they want to call themselves this week.
    Still..this sounds like a solid PPV show from the top to the bottom.

  24. Jose says:

    A-Double in TNA? I’ll definitely be watching more often now.

  25. AJ Starr says:

    Wow, Korey… if you weren’t impressed with that PPV, nothing is ever going to impress you. This was the first time I sat down and watched a show from start to finish in almost 3 months, and I was happy I did after hearing so many positive things about it. Also, like was already pointed out to you, the whole storyline in Abyss being X Champ was because the STORYLINE was Bischoff wanted the X-Division dead, when in reality, Bischoff LOVES the X-Division, and this angle lead to a huge blow-out where Kendrick decked Bischoff in the face, and got over HUGE in doing so by that and winning the X Title back.

    You, and others, do not seem to understand… The X Title is NOT a Cruiserweight Title. NEVER has been… NEVER will be. It’s about high-flying, risks, and hardcore… all rolled into one. Anyone saying Abyss shouldn’t hold a Title meant for taking risks and being hardcore… has never seen Abyss in a match.

    Deathedge… like you, and so many others will never understand… you cannot… CANNOT… make a global company out of using lesser known talent, it’s not possible. Take a look back, how well did TNA do back in the days when it WAS AJ and Daniels in the Main Event? Getting .02 in the ratings on Saturday afternoons on a 3rd rate sports channel because that was ALL they could get for the talent they had. Doesn’t matter how great the talent is in the ring… if there are NO big names there to give them a boost, the company will never go anywhere.

    Look at Ring of Honor, they detest having established well known veterans on their roster… and where are they? Off TV and doing non-televised shows in the old ECW arena, and they’ve been around, what… 10 years now, and all the top talent in Impact used to work there. So guess what? The likes of Sting, Kurt Angle, Christian, Anderson… THOSE people were needed.

    AJ Styles improved by LIGHT YEARS after spending months on end working with Sting, Angle & Christian. He got confidence, he got tons better on the mic, and he got that swagger in his step so you knew he felt he belonged on the top. He never had that working with Daniels… Joe… or anyone else YOU think should be pushed.

    I’d LOVE to see those guys on top, but they don’t draw the money for them to be there on a constant basis, because they’re not being boosted to that level. Where would Styles be without Angle, Sting & Christian? I can tell you right now… same thing he always did; Win the NWA World Title one minute… back in the X-Division the next… rinse and repeat. How many times exactly did that happen? I believe it was 3.

    Established names are needed to establish new stars. Angle, Sting & Christian went on record numerous times to say Styles was THE MAN to lead the company, and all 3 asked to work programs WITH him to elevate him to their level, because they felt that’s where he belonged.

    So… sorry to burst another person’s bubble… but the whole “let’s have unrecognizable people be on top” spiel… is BS. It can’t work, it won’t work, and if you don’t like it, you should just watch DVDs put out by smaller companies who don’t have established names.

    IHateRobbieE… are you 12 years old or something? You hate Impact… yet you came in here to tell us the PPV was great but the company is going to go under regardless because of a couple people? Sorry, son, the company is doing as well as it was BEFORE Hogan and Bischoff arrived financially, heck, I think I saw where they made a profit for 2010 they hadn’t in previous years. Kills your logic, doesn’t it?



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