DESTINATION X: Young and Shark Boy vs. Generation Me

Jul 10, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Generation Me vs. TNA TV Champion Eric Young and Shark Boy

We start with Jeremy Buck and well, Eric Young and Shark Boy can’t figure out who is going to start. Shark Boy gets the nod and Young tags himself in. Young pumps up the crowd and tags in Shark Boy. Jeremy with strikes to Shark Boy in the corner. Shark Boy fights back with kicks of his own in the corner. Shark Boy with a Lou Thesz Press and then an elbow drop to the chest over Jeremy. Tag to Young who drops the sledgehammer. Jeremy catches Young with a huge spinning elbow and tags in Max. Max with a series of arm drags on Young. Young with a springboard kick to Max and tags in Shark Boy who bites the ass of Max. On the outside, Max flips back catching Shark Boy’s head in his feet holding Shark Boy allowing Jeremy to get in a cheap kick to the head. Back in the ring, Jeremy gets the legal tag choking Shark Boy with his boot. Jeremy with a sleeper on Shark Boy to ground the action. Shark Boy fights back to his feet. Max with a cheap shot on Young and helps Jeremy double team Shark Boy. Shark Boy with a reverse neckbreaker on Jeremy. Hot tag to Young who levels both members of Generation Me. Max takes a belly-to-belly from Young. Jeremy with a faceplant on Young and springboard flip to Shark Boy on the outside. Max levels Young and gets a close two count inside the ring. Max has Young on his shoulders, Jeremy is up top, Shark Boy trips him up, hits the Stunner on Max and Young hits a german suplex into a reverse neckbreaker for the pinfall.

Winners: Eric Young and Shark Boy

We see highlights of Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles as a tag team defeating America’s Most Wanted back at Slammiversary 2006.

Backstage, SoCal Val is with Zema Ion. He talks about competing against some of the greatest X Division stars of all time tonight to earn a contract with Impact Wrestling.

A video package runs focusing on the return of the Ultimate X tonight.

* Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E vs. Shannon Moore vs. The Amazing Red in an Ultimate X match is up next.

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