DESTINATION X: Ultimate X match

Jul 10, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Ultimate X Match
Alex Shelley vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie vs. Shannon Moore vs. The Amazing Red

The bell rings and here we go. Moore takes out Red, Robbie and Shelley early on. Moore with a side kick to Robbie E. Red with a head scissors takedown on Moore. Red catches Shelley with a kick to the head. Robbie is already on the cables, Red pulls him down and catches him with a kick to the head as well. Shelley with shots to Red in the corner and then executes a Dragon Screw using the ropes. Shelley then trips up Moore on the other corner. Shelley sends Robbie face first into the corner and then drops Moore down in the tree of woe over Robbie. Shelley with a double dropkick to both. Robbie pulls Shelley down from the cables as Cookie yells at him to get up there. Moore gets Robbie wrapped up in the ring apron and gets in a few shots. Red is now on the ropes, Moore pulls him down to his shoulders, Red is sent into Shelley who is up on the top rope and Shelley crashes to the mat. Red with a standing Shooting Star Press over the back of Moore and catches Shelley as well. Robbie is back up on the cables. Red pulls him down, Red with a series of spin kicks and then hits a corkscrew dive over Shelley and Moore on the outside. Robbie is back on the ropes, drops one arm to fist pump and then Red hits a springboard dropkick. Moore is now climbing up the steel X structure and is at the top. Cookie is holding Shelley’s leg who is on the top rope. Moore is crawling the structure at the top towards the middle. Red is now up on the cables making his way to the middle. Moore is climbing down through an open in the structure standing on the cable. Moore kicks Red down to the mat below. Shelley is now climbing the cables near Moore. Shelley kicks Moore away and Moore falls. Shelley is sitting on top of the X, reaches down and grabs it.

Winner and #1 Contender for the X Division Championship: Alex Shelley

After the match, we see all the highlights of the Ultimate X leading to the finish. Back live, Shelley is dusting off the X when Chris Sabin appears. Sabin shakes his hand and they hug.

Styles vs. Daniels from Final Resolution 2009 is highlighted.

Backstage, Low Ki is with SoCal Val. Low Ki said tonight is about proving people wrong – something he has been doing his entire career.

A video package runs focusing on Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn tonight.

* Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn is up next.

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