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Jul 10, 2011 - by Jason Graening

Destination X, an all X Division extravaganza, comes to us live this Sunday from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, FL. The card consists of seven match, which includes an X Division Championship match an Ultimate X match, and someone will earn a new contract in a 4-way match.

– Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick (X Division Championship)
– Alex Shelley vs. Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E. vs. Amazing Red (#1 Contender Ultimate X Match)
– Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
– Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian
– Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
– Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Austin Aries (Winner gets Contract)
– Douglas Williams Open Challenge

Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick (X Division Championship)
Abyss recently won the X Division Championship after Eric Bischoff tried to eliminate the division and booked Abyss in a match against Kazarian. Abyss successfully defended the title last month at Slammiversary against Kazarian and Brian Kendrick, but Kendrick wants to step up one more time and challenge for the title as it is his purpose, while Abyss stated that he wants to tear out his heart and kill the X Division.

This is a David vs. Goliath match and Abyss already has the upper hand not only in size and strength, but Abyss decimated Kendrick this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling. The odds are stacked up against Kendrick, but I feel that he will pull this one out and win his first X Division Championship. Destination X is a pay-per-view is all about the X Division and what better way is there than to crown a legit X Division Champion on the show.

Starman’s Prediction: Brian Kendrick to win the X Division Championship.

Alex Shelley vs. Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E. vs. Amazing Red (#1 Contender Ultimate X Match)
There can’t be an Destination X pay-per-view without having an Ultimate X match. There is no doubt about it, the Ultimate X match is there best gimmick match that TNA has come up with and they normally never disappoint. This match should be fun to watch, but what has been a disappointment was the overall build up to this match.

Of all four competitors in the match, Alex Shelley is the only one that has been featured as of late, and that was as a fill-in in the tag team division. What makes matters worse is that this is for a shot at the X Division Championship. Are any of these four deserving of a title shot? Probably not. Since Shelley is the only one that has been doing anything as of late, I’m giving him the edge in this match but I could see anyone, except for Robbie E., pulling down the X.

Starman’s Prediction: Alex Shelley to win Ultimate X and earn a shot at the X Division Championship.

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
On a recent edition of Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles stated he was coming home to the X Division and he was challenged to a match by his close friend, Christopher Daniels. Styles doesn’t want this to be personal between them but Daniels assured him that it’s not about them, but about taking the X Division to the next level.

Daniels mentioned that he has been lost in the shuffle since returning to TNA and I think that Daniels will be going over here and possibly turning against Styles in the process. Fortune has been pushed to the background as of late and this would give both Styles and Daniels something meaningful to work with and give the fans a series of quality matches.

Starman’s Prediction: Christopher Daniels wins over Styles.

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian
Samoa Joe originally stepped up and challenged AJ Styles to a match at Destination X before Christopher Daniels came in and took his spot. Joe wasn’t too happy about being left out of the match and took out his frustrations on Kazarian in the backstage area. The two also brawled in a bar room and this match was made.

These two have been lost in the shuffle as Kazarian is rarely seen since losing the X Division Championship to Abyss and Joe has been losing matches left and right to the likes of Crimson and Devon. I would like to think that this match is used as a stepping stone to get back on track, but I have my doubts. This match should be a lot of fun to watch and could possibly go any way, but I have to give the edge to Joe, especially since he is in the Bound for Glory Series plans.

Starman’s Prediction: Samoa Joe to win the match.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn
RVD said he was X Division before there was an X Division. Jerry Lynn is considered to be the pioneer of the X Division. These two have had classic battles in the past and will renew their rivalry at Destination X. This match was originally penciled in last year for the ECW-themed Hardcore Justice, however, Lynn had to back out due to a back injury.

I was a little leery of this match due to the potential of Lynn having some ring rust, but he pushed that all aside by proving that he still has it this past Thursday on Impact Wrestling. I don’t have expectations that this will be on par of their past meetings, but I do think this match will entertain the fans and be a lot of fun to watch. In the end, RVD will come out the winner.

Starman’s Prediction: RVD to win the match.

Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans vs. Low Ki vs. Austin Aries (Winner gets Contract)
Twelve wrestlers not under contract competed in a series of three-way matches to earn a spot in this match. The final four will go at it in a match with the winner earning a contract. Three of the four competitors have wrestled in TNA before and all of them impressed in their qualifying matches. That said, this has the potential of being the match of the night.

I could potentially see any of the four earning a contract, but the one I would like to see most would be Jack Evans. Evans is a human highlight reel and fits perfectly in the X Division mold. Low Ki and Austin Aries have made names for themselves in TNA and elsewhere, so I could see them also earning the contract. Zema Ion probably has the least chance of winning, but he has a good look and was fun to watch in his qualifying match.

It really is a toss up, but I give the contract to Evans, just because I enjoyed his match the most and he seemed to have the live crowd behind him the most. If TNA was smart and really wanted to take the X Division to the next level, all four of them would be great additions to the division.

Starman’s Prediction: Jack Evans to win the contract.

Douglas Williams Open Challenge
Douglas Williams has held the X Division Championship on two separate occasions and has wanted to bring more of a grappling style to division that usually features quick paced high flying action. Williams is back in the tag team division, but is taking a brief detour to issue this open challenge.

Williams’ opponent hasn’t been announced, but I could see a number of surprise appearances happening to take him up on the challenge. Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Sheik Abdul Bashir are all wrestling for TNA’s off-shoot All Wheels Wrestling, and could be used. Another former X Division Champion and star from the past that I would personally like to see is Petey Williams. Of course, TNA could also take the easy way out and book Suicide or Sangriento as well.

Since the opponent hasn’t been announced, I reserve the right not to predict a winner.

There is only a total of seven matches on the card and there wasn’t a full focus on promoting and hyping the card, however, I have to say that Destination X is one of the pay-per-views in recent memory that I have really looked forward to. I am a fan of the X Division and like the fact that the division has been given a chance to shine.

I hope that this leads to better things and more of a focus on the division on a weekly basis, but I have my doubts. If this event is well received and there is a bump in the buy-rates, one has to think that they take that into consideration moving forward. Whatever the outcome may be, Destination X has all of the makings of an exciting and entertaining night for wrestling fans, especially fans of the X Division.

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