DESTINATION X: Four way, winner earns a contract with Impact Wrestling

Jul 10, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Winner earns a contract with Impact Wrestling
Zema Ion vs. Jack Evans vs. Low-Ki vs. Austin Aries

Before the match, we see footage of how everyone earn a spot in this match tonight.

The bell rings and we get lots of brawling. The Orlando crowd has fun with the four way chanting “EVERYBODY.” Ion counters a moonsault attempt by Evans. Low-Ki with some big chops to Ion. Low-Ki catches Ion with a big springboard kick to the face. Aries goes after Low-Ki pulling him out from the corner and sending him into another. Aries attacks all four men with rakes to the body. All three then execute a triple dropkick on Aries sending him to the outside. Evans with a dropkick on Low-Ki and moonsault combo on Ion. Aries drops Evans off the ring apron. Ion fires back dropping Aries as well. In the ring, Ion has a guillotine choke applied on Low-Ki. Aries breaks it up, but Ion counters hitting a crossbody. Aries with a dropkick to the face of Ion. Evans comes flying off the top rope and Low-Ki catches him with a big kick in mid-air. Aries and Low-Ki start arguing. Aries applies a submission on Ion and Low-Ki does the same to Evans. They both continue to trash talk each other. Aries and Low-Ki have chop exchanges. Low-Ki with a bridging pin on Aries that is broken up by Evans who came flying off the top rope out of no where. Ion with a facebuster over his knee on Evans. Aries with his swinging elbow over Ion. Low-Ki breaks up the pinfall with his Warrior’s Way stomp to the back of Aries. Evans with a huricanrana on Low-Ki. Ion dumps Evans to the outside. Ion goes to hit the ropes to take out Low-Ki when Aries runs up and levels him with a clothesline. Aries attempts a suicide dive when Low-Ki catches him with a huge kick to the head while also floating up to the ring apron. Evans with a twisting springboard kick to Low-Ki. Evans shows off and Aries levels him. All four men are down. “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. “SIGN THEM ALL” chant starts up. Pinfall attempts between the four right now with numerous kick outs. Aries with a reverse neckbreaker on Ion using the second rope. Aries is up top. Low-Ki hits a cartwheel kick to the head dazing Aries. Low-Ki is up top. Evans with a springboard huricanrana on Low-Ki for a two count. Evans calls for the 630. Evans is going up top. Ion pushes Evans off the top rope. Ion with a 450 Splash. Aries breaks up the pinfall. Aries tosses Ion out of the ring. Evans attempts a 630, but Low-Ki gets his knees up. Aries with kicks to Evans and now Low-Ki. Aries with a brainbuster on Low-Ki, hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and earning a contract with Impact Wrestling: Austin Aries

After the match, we see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, SoCal Val has a live mic and hands the Impact Wrestling contract to Aries. Aries goes, “Are you surprised?” He grabs the contract and looks in the camera saying, “Hardly broke a sweat.”

Backstage, TNA X Division Champion Abyss is talking about his match with Brian Kendrick tonight. He said Kendrick is hoping for a “moral victory” tonight for the X Division. Abyss said he will teach Kendrick a lesson tonight and “make it quick…but not too quick.”

A video package runs focusing on Abyss becoming the X Division Champion and taking over the division claiming it was “dead.”

* Abyss defending the TNA X Division Championship against Brian Kendrick is up next.

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