DESTINATION X: Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins

Jul 10, 2011 - by Adam Martin

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins

Before the match, Williams ran down Mark Haskins (a fellow UK wrestler). Williams grounds Haskins right away. Williams with some quick offense to Haskins in the corner. Pinfall reversals early on as well. Williams bailed out of the ring during the last pinfall attempt by Haskins. Haskins with a monkey flip on Williams. Haskins then dropkicks Williams through the ropes. Williams comes back strong pulling Haskins’ leg out from under him allowing him to take a big back bump on the ring apron. Williams with a suplex to Haskins on the outside floor. Back in the ring, Williams drops Haskins with a quick clothesline. Williams has Haskins over his head and against his back as he sends him into he corner with force. Haskins is up on the top turnbuckle, fights off Williams and then connects with a missile dropkick. The two exchange uppercuts. Haskins with a close rollup. Haskins with a slingshot clothesline on Williams. Williams attempts his german suplex attempts, but Haskins drops out, flips up and catches Williams with a cutter. Williams goes up top, jumps and Haskins catches him with a superkick. Haskins goes up top, slips, jumps back up again, executes a Shooting Star Press, but Williams moves out of the way. Williams rolls up Haskins for the pinfall.

Winner: Douglas Williams

After the match, Douglas Williams stands over Mark Haskins. Williams picks him up and raises his arm. The two shake hands.

Backstage, SoCal Val is with Austin Aries. Aries wants to say something to the people who paid to watch this PPV or the ones who are watching illegally (who he hopes choke on their unhealthy foods). He said he is more than a guy who can do fancy moves and flips. Aries says he isn’t a spot monkey, he is the most complete pro wrestler in the industry today. He said his opponents will find that out tonight.

* Generation Me vs. Eric Young and Shark Boy is up next.

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