DESTINATION X: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Jul 10, 2011 - by Adam Martin

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Christy Hemme handled the main event introductions for Styles and Daniels.

Lots of exchanges between the two early on. They continue to brawl back and forth across the mat applying and countering submission attempts. Daniels with some high hip tosses, avoids a dropkick from Styles, but Styles with a quick arm drag and works over Daniels’ arm. Another set of hip tosses by Daniels on Styles. A pocket of people in Orlando start a “WRESTLING – YAY! HULK HOGAN – BOO” chant. Daniels tosses Styles to the outside, Styles is back in, Daniels is out, jumps back in and both meet up in the middle. More back and forth between the two with Styles getting the better of Daniels this time on the mat. Daniels bails when they both start hitting the ropes and avoiding each other. Daniels with a quick arm drag on Styles. Styles fires back with two big dropkicks. Styles drops a knee over Daniels. Styles with a head scissors takedown and arm drag combo on Daniels. Daniels appeared to go for Styles’ own Styles Clash, Styles avoids it, rolls out of the ring and Daniels connects with a suicide dive sending Styles into the steel barricade. Daniels hits the ropes and gets air one more time diving over the top rope over Styles. Back in the ring, Daniels drops Styles over the back of his head with three back suplexes. Daniels starts wrenching the head of Styles and applying pressure. Daniels dumps Styles with a scoop slam, looks to hit a springboard, but Styles counters and sends Daniels to the outside. Styles with a dive of his own this time on Daniels.

Both men are down on the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Styles with big elbows to Daniels. Styles with a jumping clothesline on Daniels that results in a two count. Styles with an armbar on Daniels. Daniels reaches the ropes to break it up. Both are on the ring apron and Styles (almost slipping) executes a suplex on Daniels over the ring apron. Styles goes to springboard back in the ring, but Daniels pulls the top rope down and Styles crashes on the outside. Daniels drags Styles back in and chops him across the back in the corner. Series of mat reversals and Daniels gets the Crossface locked in. Daniels with a Death Valley Driver and two count on Styles. Styles fights back with right hands to the mid-section on Daniels. The two exchange chest chops. Styles drops Daniels with a kick to the head. Styles with a springboard flying clothesline attempt, but Styles trips up on his way down. Styles with a suplex on Daniels, but Daniels lands on his feet and drops Styles down in a reverse neckbreaker. Styles with a spinning powerbomb on Daniels. Daniels with a full body submission on Styles. Styles stands up with Daniels keeping it locked in and dumps Daniels through the ropes. Daniels has Styles up on the top rope and flips him down to the mat below with force. Styles then flips Daniels off the corner this time. Styles with a springboard inverted DDT for a two count. Styles attempts Angel’s Wings and Daniels continues to counter. Daniels drops Styles with a big clothesline.

Styles counters a BME attempt by Daniels and connects with the Styles Clash. Cover and Daniels kicks out after two. Daniels with Angel’s Wings, covers and Styles kicks out as well. Styles crotches Daniels up on the top rope. Daniels looks to hit Angel’s Wings from the top, but Styles dumps him over his head in a back body drop. Styles with the Spiral Tap on Daniels. Styles hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, we see a series of highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Styles extends his hand to Daniels. Daniels turns his back to Styles, but turns around and they shake hands. Both hug and Daniels holds up Styles’ arm as the PPV goes off the air.

A promo for TNA Hardcore Justice on Sunday, August 7 airs.

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