Jerry Jarrett signs new wrestling book at Memphis Heat showings‏

Jul 5, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Press Release

Jerry Jarrett Joins Memphis Heat Showings for The Best of Times Booksignings

The exceedingly well-received wrestling documentary Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’ will have premieres in the following markets:

Paducah, Kentucky Maiden Alley Cinema July 15-17 (July 15th evening booksigning with Jerry Jarrett)

Memphis, Tennessee Orpheum Theater July 22

Birmingham, Alabama Alabama Theater August 5

Atlanta, Georgia Plaza Theater August 5-7 (August 6th evening booksigning with Jerry Jarrett)

One of the great minds and stars of professional wrestling, Jerry Jarrett, will be on hand at each of these venues to sign copies of his brand new biography The Best of Times: Jerry Jarrett’s Story. Jarrett’s former wrestling company and its growth throughout the Southern wrestling territory are a primary focus of Memphis Heat.

The Best of Times chronicles Jerry Jarrett’s humble beginnings on Nashville’s 22nd Ave. and winds through his 50+ year career of wrestling and wrestling promotions, including the founding of TNA wrestling in 2002 with his son Jeff. Having begun promoting live professional wrestling events at the age of 14, Jarrett has seen the ups, downs, and everything in between in the insane world of wrestling. Because he always lands on top, many call him the most brilliant mind in the world of wrestling. From ruthless business partners to wrestlers actually trying to kill him, The Best of Times lays out in frank detail all of the unbelievable behind the scenes events that could only happen in the sport of wrestling and were experienced first-hand by Jarrett. This is a rare opportunity to meet and greet one of the all-time greats!

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