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WWE comments to TMZ regarding CM Punk just issued the following statement from WWE.

UPDATE: A rep for the WWE tells TMZ, “WWE does not condone this type of language or bias and we reinforce that with our talent who are independent contractors.”

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  1. Travis says:

    In basic terms: We don’t take responsibility for the language the superstars use, but we do tell them it’s a no-no. LOL

  2. Kerry says:

    Suspend or fire him for real.

  3. RJ Ace says:

    @Kerry – Why? Homophobia is being afraid of gay people and calling someone a “homo” doesn’t make you afraid of them? I’m not saying Punk should be saying something like that to a fan but firing him over something so petty is ridiculous. If he called someone an idiot, that doesn’t make him afraid of stupid people. If he called him fat boy ala Ric Flair, that doesn’t make him afraid of overweight people. Have you ever been to a wrestling or sporting event and heard the kind of insults people hurl at the athletes? People need to stop being so freaking sensitive. If athletes and pro wrestlers are gonna be held accountable for their actions, so do spectators. Besides that Punk actually offered a real apology via Twitter and not the normal “I apologize if I offended anyone” BS.

  4. -Jay- says:

    TMZ is the anus of the internet, just saying.

  5. Daniel says:

    Calling someone a homo is the same as calling them gay, a fag, etc. homo is short for homosexual. It has nothing to do with homophobia.

  6. McMahon says:

    A better statement would have been to say “CM Punk has been refusing to listen to WWE management as his contract is expiring. This type of behavior is not tolerated and action will be taken.”

    Play it up as part of the storyline and pretend they’ll do something about him. Win-win.

  7. Captain Ass says:

    Find something else to nit pick about. There are queers and straight people all over the world. If everyone worried about offending someone all the time, nobody would be talking. Screw this “walking on eggshells” BS. The world has become a haven for drama, racist comments and violence. Sadly, it’s the way things are now in life. People have to stop being so thin skinned and offended by every stupid thing. Get a life.

  8. Nuff Said says:

    Calling someone who is gay a homo does not make you mature or a real man either. Two concepts Mr Punk will never realize in his lifetime!

  9. B says:

    @Captain Ass: THANK YOU!

  10. Gentleman Gaga says:

    This is just getting way out of hand, all of these sensitive little nancys crying about every word that someone says. As much as I hate what the WWE stand for I hope they push back and not allow these sissies to gain power with this.

  11. AJ Starr says:

    Funny how the same people praising Punk are now condoning him for saying a word ALL OF YOU use on a normal basis, and do not dare, a single one of you, say otherwise.

    My best friend is gay, and even she uses the word all the time, so do not even try to be hypocrites about it.

  12. Common sense says:


  13. AJ STARR2 says:

    get a life AJ STARR.

  14. T says:

    Do not agree with Punks insult. It wrongly (and the comments on this page) only reinforces the stereotype that wrestling fans are backwoods hillbillies.

  15. AJ STARR#3 says:

    i know everything there is to no. i think i embarrass people but really im embarrassed my self. i love getting tattoos of guys on me because girls are supper icky. im one tough hombre so u better watch out. im the most biggest most strongest wrestler in the whole wide world. my dream is 2 get in the wwe and job 2 jobbers because thats my only skill. i swear i will embarrass those jobbers with my wits and lack of girlfriends but all my internet buddies look up to me so i have 2 put on my superman costume before i wrestle so maybe the jobbers will fear me. have u guys heard of a guy up here names heywood jablome. man that guys awsome i love how he speaks his mind. if i met him in real life i would definitely blow him cuz thats just the guy i am.

  16. B says:


  17. AJ Starr says:

    Heywood & Just Saying… get lives. Seriously, you punks are embarrassing yourselves. You two are the only ones who find yourselves humorous, and I honestly feel sorry for any moderator here who is allowing the crap you two are pulling to keep continuing like this. Everything we say needs to be monitored, but they allow you two morons to say and do what ever you want.

    I urge you two to grow the hell up.

  18. Kyle Christie says:

    Although nobody will probably ever see this (Im trying to catch up with the Gerweck news) I thought that was funny AJ STARR#3

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