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Billy Gunn speaks of his WWE run and the Hall of Fame

Reported by Adam Martin of is featuring an interview with former WWF/WWE star Billy Gunn discussing his time with the company contributing to the “Attitude Era” and why he feels he belongs in the Hall of Fame along with the members of DX.

“I’m extremely glad that I was part of that and that I had a partner and people around me that we could reach that level. I guess the only thing I really think of, is that when people look back, or think about me, that I just did the best that I could. It really wasn’t all about me. It was about making other people good, or helping other people, or that at least my work was good and not crappy.”

On if he thinks he belongs in the Hall of Fame along with others:

“I think we do. I still think we have a place up there to work, not work wrestling-wise, but work to help the younger guys coming up. Do I think we deserve the hall of fame? Yeah, of course we do.”

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  1. Fisha695 says:

    Since there isn’t gonna be anymore DX (HHS & HBK) reunions I wouldn’t mind seeing a summer or two where we get the same DX reunion style stuff (WWE would probaly love the merchandise sales too) but with Gunn & Road Dogg.

    Just kinda popup for the summer and then as fall starts they fade away for the most part till the next summer.

  2. steven says:

    Easily one of the best tag teams of all time. His singles career was garbage. If he’s inducted it should be with Road Dogg Jesse James as a tandem.

  3. Nufan says:

    IMO one of the most over rated and over pushed guys ever.

  4. ILMH says:

    He’s trashed HHH so much that his chances of getting into the HoF are absolute garbage. Again, another instance of biting the hand that feeds.

  5. RVD420 says:

    He’s talking about kip james and the 3LK making the TNA hof! ahahaha

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