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Update on Sin Cara

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– Triple H has told Sin Cara not to listen to anyone’s advice on American wrestling, but his. Hunter has told the Lucha Libre star to seek him out if he experiences any problems, and if he wants to work with anyone in particular.

– There are wrestlers unhappy working with Sin Cara due to the lighting issues, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. Bill says:

    Makes you wonder if the other guys are mad about the “lighting issues” because of the lights themselves, or because they realize if the lights are on, it tells the fans that Sin Cara is automatically getting the win.
    Sin Cara says, “Si las luces están encendidas, se trabajo.” (“If the lights are on, you job.”

  2. bob holly says:

    Sin Cara…a complete and total FLOP. the guy is so sloppy he is on his way to having a bigger series of botchmania vids than even jeff hardy. he gets moved to SD because he is sloppy and his matches needed to be on a show that isnt live so it can be edited. then they add the lights thing to cover his mistakes even more. i dont believe for a second that story about vote tabulation being wrong…sin cara just sucks and vince had no confidence in him wrestling on raw- and his fears were proven right when sin cara wrestled this week on raw…AND BOTCHED THE END.
    i have no idea what anyone in that company sees in sin cara…his name should have been sin talento.

  3. Seeing from this how much of a “HHH’s Pet Project” that Mr. No Face is, it makes me think HHH’s looooong attempt to make Vladamir Koslov a main-eventer.

    I hope it goes better this time!

  4. Decaying101 says:

    Totally agree tho.

  5. MAF says:

    Shouldn’t Sin Cara have a bigger issue with the lights since he’s wearing a mask? I’m just saying.

  6. McMahon says:

    The lighting is so stupid and makes trying to watch his matches obnoxious. And he’s clearly a remarkably talented dude, but he’s working in a company where no one knows how to work with him. There’s really no reason why he couldn’t have spent time in FCW to learn how to adapt his style.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    I just don’t get why when WWE brings in the biggest talents from other countries they always want them to change what made them famous (and what made the WWE want them).

    The entire reason that Sin Cara was as popular as he was in Mexico was because he was a fast-moving spot monkey & that is what drew the WWE to him.

    Instead of teaching the Lucha & Japanese wrestlers to work the American style why not team the American wrestlers to work the Lucha & Japanese styles?

    Also you would think if WWE was really worried about Sin Cara and him not learning the style they would pair him up with Mysterio as Rey knows both the Lucha & American styles as well as how to combine them perfectly.

  8. Danny says:

    I think the big problem is that no one wrestles his ‘style’. Sin Cara was only brought in to appease the latino community (and probably the likes of Rey Rey and others). Too obvious for him to have a program with Rey so they try to piece together a feud with Chavo…now Chavo is gone…and that is why they are looking to sign at least one more wrestler from Mexico for him to work with soon.

  9. Steve says:

    McMahon I think you hit the nail on the head. Everyone trashes the guy but it really is just he is working a style that doesn’t mesh with the WWE. I don’t think he is much slopier than other luchadors. It reminds me of when they brought in Ultimo Dragon. By then there weren’t many other guys in WWe working that style and he looked like he constantly botched things. He was one of the best luchadors ever. I think they should work with him and teach him a more grounded style. And lose those lights they make watching the matches unbearable.

  10. name says:

    @Fisha695 Because there are more American wrestlers than Lucha/Japanese wrestlers. Imagine the entire roster converting to Lucha style rather one guy converting to American style? That’s not practical/efficient.

  11. Juan says:

    @Fisha695 Because there are more American wrestlers than Lucha/Japanese wrestlers. Imagine the entire roster converting to Lucha style rather one guy converting to American style? That’s not practical/efficient.

    Question: What was it about his style that attracted him to the WWE?
    Answer: His style.

    Rey Mysterio Jr., Alberto Del Rio, Chavo Guerrero-all could have a program with him, yes Chavo is gone. If the WWE would slow down and work a feud between him and Rey Mysterio Jr.- a slow build towards WM, it would work.

  12. The XFL says:

    Put a mask on Evan Bourne and send Sin Cara to FCW. Problem solved.

  13. Joseph says:

    WWE killed Mistico’s career. WWE never realized NO ONE SELLS IN MEXICO!! Muhhuhahaa

  14. McMahon says:

    The style Del Rio worked while in Mexico is drastically different from what Mistico does. And every style can be adapted to mesh – just look at Mike Quackenbush. He’s a perfect example of mixing lucha libre and pro wrestling.

    Honestly, I’d love to see Claudio get signed and work a program with Sin Caras. He has some experience with the style and works as a great base for a high flying opponent.

  15. Fisha695 says:

    @Name, actually it is more practical for the entire WWE roster to learn to work more then one style of wrestling as it expands the capabilities of the company and the different variations of matches/moves thus improving the entire product tenfold.

    Something I’d like to see (Even though it’ll never happen) is Rey & Cara team up as “Warriors”/”Body Guards” for Del Rio. But they’d have to turn Rey & Cara heel and if they won’t turn Cena heel they definitely won’t turn Rey heel.

  16. art123guy says:

    Chavo left because of Sin Cara. Chavo, who had no problem working with Hornswaggle, that’s right, HORNSWAGGLE!

    Sin Cara’s style just doesn’t mesh with anyone in the WWE. Why is it we the fans can see it but the people running the WWE can’t?

  17. -Jay- says:

    Working under HHH and being tossed in the spotlight without an adjustment period…great plan, no pressure at all WWE.

  18. Decaying101 says:

    They just dont want to show that Rey now can only do the 619, Droppin’ Da Dime, West Coast Pop and thats it. He wouldnt be able to wrestle him.

  19. Michael S says:

    With all of the blown spots and botched entrances, anyone else would have been knocked down to FCW immediately. But since he’s HHH’s first international ‘find’, they will protect the silly little masked man to the hilt. Hit the bricks, Sin Cara.

  20. Asterik says:

    Personally I like Sin Cara’s style, the American “Pro Wrestling” style that most of the WWE superstars have is really boring. Tell me this, clotheslines, punches, kicking like a retard person with down syndrome to the gut is called interesting? That’s what mostly “American” Pro Wrestling is. I would like to see more technical chain wrestling in the WWE, combine the Lucha Libre, Japanese, and Technical style for each WWE superstar then it’ll be more interesting. ROH has better quality matches then the WWE and TNA combined, and the wrestlers over at ROH has a contrast of style to Sin Cara.

  21. Fisha695 says:

    @Asterik, that’s the one thing I loved about ECW back in the day. You could turn it on and see a Hardcore match followed by a Lucha-Libre spotfest, followed by two guys giving a downright schooling on technical/mat-wrestling, followed by a regular “American” style match. It’s a shame that the Hardcore aspect was really the only part that even to this day gets all the attention because the company was so much more then that wrestling style wise.

  22. Philly Phil says:

    Lets be honest…. Sin Cara was not signed because of his style… The guys was signed for 3 simple reasons….

    1) So that Rey would stay…it had be going around for a long time Rey was leaving or thinking of leaving well what do you do when you want somebody to stay you bring in a familiar person that could help curve that thought.

    2) With Rey’s move to Raw already locked and stocked before Sin Cara made a splash, they knew that somebody would have to fill Reys spot for the Latin viewers, becuase Del rio is a heel and he couldnt fill Reys spot because of that.

    3) Its a way to *In my Sting voice* “Stick it” to another company… come on, we all know Vince is about: Domination, Control and Power… So if you take the biggest draw in Mexico and bring him to your company that is already watched heavily by the mexican people then what did you just do? You just helped further the “death” of another company….just ask Heyman, Ted Turner and all the other Territories that Vince has crumbled and owned since he took over as H.N.I.C…

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