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Smackdown Money in the Bank competitors

Daniel Bryan

Heath Slater


Justin Gabriel

Cody Rhodes


Sin Cara

Wade Barrett

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  1. Andy says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, if this gets 25 minutes this could be something awesome. I can’t help but think Cody is the obvious pick here, though.

  2. Miguel Guerra says:

    Health Slater?

    Really? Really? Really? Where is Ted Dibiase? :O

    My picks are : Rhodes or Wade

  3. Drakeo says:

    Both the RAW and SD MITB matches looks good…We’ll just have to see

  4. deathedge says:

    Daniel Bryan is my dream!

    Cody Rhodes is my pick.

  5. Jesse Doorknob says:

    I think Wade Barrett is the obvious pick here, not Cody… Barrett just dropped the IC strap and has continually improved since Nexus… Great on the mic and in the ring!!

  6. Kevin says:

    even though his finsher sucks

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