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Smackdown Spoilers for Friday


The show opened with Teddy Long announcing the main event will open the show, Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry with Christian banned from ringside. The Money in the Bank briefcase was set up above the ring.

Orton b Henry via count out. Show’s music played and Henry was distracted, enabling Orton to hit the RKO when both were outside the ring. Henry went crazy after the match and destroyed the music area.

Daniel Bryan b Ted DiBiase with the LeBell lock. Both came out to no music since Henry had destroyed everything.

Christian asked Teddy Long for a title shot. Didn’t he just earn the shot with his win lasts week? Long was mad, as he blamed Christian for playing Show’s music and screwing with the match.

But it was fixed for Sin Cara vs. Christian

Christian b Sin Cara. Sin Cara was super over but Christian won with a spear.

Cody Rhodes b Ezekiel Jackson in a non-title match evidently to start a new IC title program. DiBiase distracted Jackson

Johnny Curtis did another promo

Kane b Wade Barrett. They focused a lot on the briefcase so this may have been for a spot in Money in the Bank.

Main segment was the Orton/Christian title match contract signing for Money in the Bank. Christian got a lot of cheers, although nothing compared to Orton. The major stip is that if the referee makes a mistake in the match, then there is an automatic rematch. Orton signed. Before Christian could sign, Sheamus came out and laid out both men. He then tore up the contract, so it was never signed. Perhaps a three-way at the PPV?

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9 Responses

  1. steven says:

    So if there’s a three-way we will basically see christian as champ?

    Also, christian going over sin cara… wow. Is this a precursor to a title reign?

  2. David says:

    I’m a huge Christian fan and attending Money in the Bank, so I really really hope he ends up as the new Champion at the PPV!

  3. deathedge says:

    Well, SmackDown’s main event program is… interesting to say the least. It kind of reminds me of a watered down attitude era storyline… really random and crazy but somewhat engaging.

  4. Gentleman Gaga says:

    So is Eastside Dave added to the world title match so if Christian does in fact win he doesn’t have to pin Vince’s prized fairy boy?

  5. AJ Starr says:

    Maybe I’m just having trouble following by only reading results, but how many #1 Contender’s does the WWE crown every week now?

  6. Philly Phil says:

    @AJ too damn many….

  7. timothy says:

    Christian wins title then SD MITB winner cashed in and Christian loses title again. That would be a screening.

  8. timothy says:

    Screw job*

  9. Nuff Said says:

    Time for R Truth to turn babyface again and him and Johnny Curtis to win the tag titles

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