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Steve Austin comments on CM Punk’s promo

Steve Austin via Twitter:

CM Punk just melted my 52 inch TV with a scorching hot promo…delivery, content, and attitude…one of the best promos I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Drakeo says:

    Even both Austin and HBK are praising Punker with his promo!!

    Way to go,Punk!!! 😀

  2. RJ Ace says:

    When Steve Austin publicly states the greatness of an individual promo, you know it’s a great one. Even though it was scripted, Punk showed fire, passion, energy, and brutal honesty. As I was watching it, I knew I was watching history.

  3. NCW Promoter says:

    YUP Steve I Agree

  4. Thomas says:

    And if ANYONE should know, Stone Cold should! I agree!

  5. Kerry says:

    @RJ Ace – I’m not so sure it was “scripted”, meaning in the sense that it was not written out or thought out earlier & probably came out of Punk’s mind at the time he was doing it.

  6. James C. says:

    Phillp Jack Brooks(CM Punk)
    That was one of the best
    Shoot As Hard Interviews in a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. RJ Ace says:

    @Kerry – I’m sure it wasn’t written out word for word for Punk. I’m sure though that WWE gave him some bullet points to hit and he did, he knocked every one of them out of the park. He didn’t attack WWE’s corporate sponsors, he didn’t encourage fans to skip out on WWE’s shows, he didn’t sing the praises of TNA, and he didn’t tell the fans that guys like Cena, Ezekial Jackson, and Mason Ryan only get pushes because of their HGH induced physiques. It was a brilliant promo on many levels and one that I enjoyed tremendously. Now some of those thing he said could have been CM Punk’s true feelings. That might be why the promo was so believeable.

  8. Joseph says:

    its a shame WWF/WWE went this way. back in the old days stone cold could say anything he wanted about anyone including vince.

    ok so punk may have over stepped the mark saying when vince dies etc.
    but you could seriously tell he was sick and tired with how this company is being run.
    cutting his mic just dissapointed so many true old time wrestling fans.
    enough with this pro kid crap.

  9. Steve says:

    RJ I totally disagree. That did not sound like bullet points. I seriously doubt the WWE would encourage him to mention workers who work for the competition and also to imply the WWe isn’t as good as other orginizations. In fact I firmly believe the WWE allowed him to shoot and he went further than they expected. I think they loved the reaction it drew though. Still, now they are just trying to turn it into a way to get Cena over which I find pathetic, but hey what else could you expect with WWE.

  10. Steve says:

    @RJ, I;m not sure how old you are but if you remember back to the old worked shoot promos they were rarely scripted at all. As Austin pointed out one time they were allowed to just shoot off at the mouth. It adds a legitamacy to the whole thing that scripted or bullet pointed interviews lack. To be honest it was a bit too random to be bullet pointed. He seemed like he jumped from one subject to the other. I seriously don’ think the WWE enjoys him calling out Vince’s failings and saying how internet fans feel about scheduling a Wrestlemania main event a year ahead. The only thing I think they told him was to stay heel. That is why he ripped the fans when they started cheering. That was the only time I felt any scripted vibe. I;m afraid these last few years may have made people too cynical about anything not being scripted.

  11. RJ Ace says:

    I remember the Attitude Era very well. Part of the reason Austin had a falling out with creative in 2002 was because he felt they were taking the business away from the boys. The problem with 90 percent of the WWE roster is that they didn’t grow up wrestling fans. They never had to pay their dues in the indies for 5-10 years. Most of them have no idea how to cut a promo because theykve only been in the business for a few years and WWE just scripts it for them instead of letting them make fools of themselves on national TV. CM Punk is one of the very few WWE wrestlers that can be let loose because he has a high wrestling IQ and he knows how to push the right buttons with fans. You may be right, WWE may have let him loose on the mic. As good as his promo was, I still think he was at least given some things not to talk about. Colt Cabana worked for WWE at one point and he isn’t someone that Vince McMahon is worried about giving exposure to because he isn’t an international star. If Punk really wanted to rip into WWE, he would have cut alot deeper than he did. The only point I was kinda suprised they let him hit on was when he tore into Stephanie and Hunter. Hunter has a rep for being insecure so I would be suprised if he was cool with Punk calling him a doofus. One day I’m sure we’ll find out what went on behind the scenes regarding what I believe is the best promo on WWE tv in years. Right now it’s all speculation and I think that is definitely a good thing. Was anybody really all that fired up about anything related to WWE a week ago? I don’t think so but Punk changed all that last night.

  12. Radar says:

    @RJ Ace and @Kerry
    it was scripted. do you think vince would let punk go on for that long, while he is sitting in the guerrilla area montering every word and movement that went on. why do you think punk didnt say TNA as a company that he might bring the title to …. cause vince didnt want him to. it was ok to name drop ROH (where punk came from) and new japan (every wrestler works there at some point in there carear and vince is prob on good terms with them to name drop them) but the main reason is how do u think he got to rant that long. cause vince supervised the shoot and prob let punk inprov a lil like when he said he was breaking the 4th wall and saying hello to colt.

  13. hunter says:

    well he was wearing a stone cold t shirt

  14. Jay says:

    The Promo was not scripted, Punk was told to go out there and speak his mind, and he came up with the script himself. However the production team was told to cut the mic went they felt Punk was going a bit too far with it

  15. Jay says:

    Also he had some notes written on his wristband so then he could cover what he was gonna say

  16. -Jay- says:

    Considering they let Punk go out and speak his mind that was absolutely brilliant and when its real the people can feel it…Punk has the fire and charisma that so many lack.

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