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Fit Finley returning to the ring

Former WCW and WWE superstar Dave ‘Fit’ Finley will face Sami Callihan for EVOLVE on 7/26 at the BB Kings in New York City. This is Finley’s first independent appearance since being released by WWE.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Finley to TNA. That would be one wrestler I actually would like to see there.

  2. Ian says:

    Yes because that’s just what TNA needs is more old guys that really don’t belong in the ring anymore…no more old guys to TNA…we need young talent they can push not old guys.

  3. Kerry says:

    @Ian – Yeah, young guys that have no reputation other than on the independent circuit where people who don’t watch or don’t have access to it have never heard of them, like when I first started watching TNA, I had no idea who AJ Styles was, or Low Ki or Christopher Daniels or Monty Brown or Abyss. What got my attention was names like Jeff Jarrett, Konnan, Dusty Rhodes, who was the Director Of Authority in NWA-TNA at the time). You need veterans AND young guys, as long as you have a nice balance of both as long as the older talent aren’t pushed over the younger guys.

  4. ryan says:


  5. Gazz says:

    Kerry, You hit the nail on the head. Any new company that is not only hoping to compete with WWE, but become as Internationally regognised as WWE , ie here in the UK, needs a small handful of veterans/well known names so that those fans can get behind the company. You’re also right in regards to some folks not knowing who guys like AJ and Joe are (although I had seen Daniels once or twice in WWE in the Jobber role) and having them interact with and/or wrestle the veterans will get them over aslegit stars of the future.

    As I’ve said elsewhere on the interwebs about TNA/Impact Wrestling: Come for the veterans, stay for the new talent. Simple analogy, but true if you think about it.

  6. McMahon says:

    Someone book Finlay vs. Eddie Kingston.

  7. Ryan C. says:

    Finlay was awesome. He was a true throwback to the age when wrestlers actually knew how to mangle people. As much as people like John Morrison entertain me, I doubt he could punish somebody in a fight like Finlay or William Regal would

  8. Drew says:

    EVOLVE is a great promotion.
    Finley is a great wrestler.
    Callihan is a great wrestler.
    This is gonna be a great match.

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