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Impact to air with limited commercial interruption


Don’t miss Thursday’s huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast at 9/8c on SpikeTV – and for the first time ever, IMPACT WRESTLING will be presented with LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION by 5 Hour Energy! That means more nonstop action with LESS commercials during the event!

Can’t watch IMPACT WRESTLING on Thursday night? Make sure to set your DVR to record it so you don’t miss any of the action.

energy2Here is a preview of Thursday’s special broadcast:

– The road continues to the July 10 Destination X Pay-Per-View event! Tune in for more news, matches and X Division Superstars!

– The maniacal Sting vows to meet Hulk Hogan face to face inside the IMPACT Zone

– The Bound For Glory Series continues with two more major matches:
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs Gunner and Samoa Joe vs Devon

– In a 6 person elimination match, the Knockouts will be featured as Knockouts Champion Mickie James teams with Tara and Miss Tessmacher to take on Angelina Love, Winter, and Madison Rayne

Plus, 3 more stars from the X-Division’s past return to do battle in a 3 Way X-Division Match with the winner advancing to the Destination X PPV.

Don’t miss Thursday’s huge broadcast on SpikeTV at 9/8c with LIMITED COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION

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12 Responses

  1. Gentleman Gaga says:

    Blah blah blah tna iz the suzzorx@@@!!!!! whutz tna??? lol wwe rulez…this suckz y wood dey not have commercials…lolz idiets

  2. RJ Ace says:

    More time for backstage segments talking about WCW and the never ending power struggle in TNA. Fascinating…

  3. RJ Ace says:

    WTF happened to you Gentleman Gaga? Lol

  4. deathedge says:

    Oh gee, Samoa Joe vs Devon and Hogan and Sting continue their “epic” feud

    Besides that the show actually seems watchable…

  5. deathedge says:

    Oh and @Gentleman Gaga

    WWE iz entertain-a-ment no wrestling! We iz Wrestling! We for adults, WWE is for kiddies! Styles pwns Cena!

    Seriously TNA bashers are annoying, but the fanboys are annoying too.

  6. ILMH says:

    Ugh. This whole thing reeks of when TNA did their three hour special when Hogan (And Val Venis and Brian Knobbs) were on the first impact going against Raw. Nothing but whoring out 5 Hour Energy. Don’t get me wrong, WWE did it too with KFC, but no matter how you cut it, it just equals out to horribly overdone product placement.

    Example: The Beautiful People are playing strip poker. And there is two five hour energy bottles in the middle of the table for no reason. Later in the show, Orlando “How Am I Still Employed Anywhere” Jordan shows up and cuts a promo while holding a five hour energy. He’s really taking his sweet time savoring that.

    Bottom line: Reduced commercials make for a far less enjoyable show as it glares so so dramatically, whether it be for TNA or WWE.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    No wrestling company has ever been able to pull off 3 hour specials or limited/no commercial shows. Today’s wrestling companies feel that a wrestling match can’t hold their audiences attention so they do more backstage crap and stupid skits. If TNA won’t give us more in ring action, at the very least they should show some highlight videos of their wrestlers. WWE’s been doing it lately and TNA used to do it with their roughcut segments. A highlight video on someone like Crimson or Gunner with soundbyte cuts would be fantastic. Allow these guys to explain their motivation and goals and it will help them connect with the audience better. TNA wastes so much time backstage that it messes up the flow of the show. WWE on the other hand does a bunch of idiotic skits like dance offs and arm wrestling contests that kills the live crowd. I really hope TNA takes advantage of this show.

  8. deathedge says:


    Plus TNA is taped. I know people say that the spoilers are a big reason for people not watching or hating on TNA and though people who don’t actually watch the TV product have little right to ridicule, it’s a fact that if you know what is gonna happen, you’ll feel less inclined to watch most of the time (something Eric Bischoff knows all to well). They need to switch to a live format, imho.

  9. CJ says:

    I thought Sting was supposed to fight Mr. Anderson in a couple of weeks.. Why not have the limited commercial show then. Last time when TNA had the Hardcore Justice type PPV, they did the Whole F’n Show around the same time as a free ppv type show. They could potentially do the same thing with the July 14th show I believe that is.

  10. Bo says:

    What…limited commercials?…that was the best part of a TNA Show.

  11. Gentleman Gaga says:

    @deathedge wtf r u talking about? aj who? you mean that 100 lbs guy who flips aroundz? he sux ne doesn have muscells like cena pluz hes not sexy and buff like the wwe superstarz

    backyard wrestlzng > tna im-crap

  12. Kyle Christie says:

    @deathedge I watch WWE & TNA no matter what the spoilers are

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