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“Power to the People” three hour Raw tonight

The second three hour Monday Night RAW takes place tonight at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland with WWE fans in control over the fall-out from yesterday’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view. Last week the guest General Manager Steve Austin announced towards the end of the show that this week’s RAW will be controlled by the fans and is being billed as the “Power to the People” RAW. The concept will be similar to the former Cyber Sunday pay-per-view where fans chose matches and/or stipulations. Superstars from both RAW and Smackdown are scheduled to appear and while no preview has been released, former World champion CM Punk has promised to do “something monumental.” Writing on Twitter, Punk said, “Last night at Capitol Punishment, I not only defeated Rey Mysterio…I also vowed to perform the most honest act in WWE History. Join me on tonight’s Power to the People episode of Monday night Raw, and witness the genesis of something monumental.”

Note: We will provide live coverage, starting at 8 PM ET

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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  1. bob holly says:

    i swear if i hear that stupid “power to the people” song one more time during this show im shooting something. this raw was incredibly boring, nothing progressed…i watched three hours and i dont have anything to talk about. thats not good if youre making a tv show.

    in an era where the product sucks, ppv bys are down, the magazine sales are completely dead and will soon be an online publication only dont you think changing the product is the answer??

    not vinnie mac. if they are not making the ppv money they want, dont give the fans what they want! feed them the same shit…”we will just come up with a way for them to pay for raw!! i know how to do it! text in votes!!”

    and really King? REALLY?? “100’s of millions of texts”?? that number is such outrageous BS…it doesnt match up with its ratings numbers, number of viewers, etc.


  2. hennessy says:

    raw just became the biggest republican stunt on public TV

  3. James says:


    Was there a need to be bring politics in this? Nope, so just stop.

  4. Hennessy says:

    and there goes freedom of speech…. 😉

    I was just kidding James. Should have used the smiley i guess. I certainly did not want to start any kind of political discussion on a wrestling board :)

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