6/19 EMLL results from Arena Mexico

Jun 20, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

EMLL 6/19 – Arena Mexico (Dia del Padre)

1. Leono & Metalico beat Disturbio & Inquisidor

2. Dalis la Caribena/Goya Kong/Luna Magica defeated Princesa Sugei/Mima Shimoda/Tiffany

3. Diamante/Hijo del Fantasma/Sangre Azteca beat Shigeo Okumura/Vangelis/Virus

4. Ephesto/Hector Garza/Psicosis defeated Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata/Toscano

5. La Mascara/Maximo/”Strongman” Jon Anderson beat Averno/Dragon Rojo/Shinsuke Nakamura by DQ when Averno fouled Mascara. Averno was in a foul mood (pun intended) towards Mascara the whole match. Averno then told Mascara afterwards that he made three mistakes in life and they were being born, becoming a wrestler, and crossing him.

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