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-As of the Capitol Punishment event, John Cena has been an official participant in every Pay-Per-Views’ final match since Survivor Series 2010 when he was the referee for Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton.

-Justin Gabriel will be portrayed as a face during WWE’s tour to South Africa (Gabriel’s home country) set for early July. He is booked for the following matches:

*July 7th in Capetown: Randy Orton & Justin Gabriel vs. Sheamus & Christian

*July 8th in Durban: Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara vs. Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes

*July 9th in Johannesburg: Justin Gabriel & Sin Cara vs. Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes

*July 10th in Johannesburg: Randy Orton, Justin Gabriel, & Big Show vs. Christian, Sheamus, & Alberto Del Rio with Bret Hart as the special guest referee.

-Shawn Michaels participated in an interview with Joey Styles Friday that will soon be published on They discussed his new hunting show, which premieres on the Outdoor Channel later this month.

-Skip Sheffield was spotted in Tampa, Florida this weekend on crutches and one of his legs in a cast. Sheffield recently had another round of surgery and is expected to be back in action sometime this year.

-John Cena and The Rock were at it again when John Cena wrote the following on Twitter yesterday, in response to The Rock posting a photo of Disney’s Goofy last week and relating it to Cena:

“Just saw this from my good buddy Dwayne. Had the same disney vacation booked but i’d rather be showing up at wwe events to perform for team bring it. The team shows up. The captain ….. well…. he’s at disney. Making goofy faces…..with….goofy. So if you are keeping score…John Cena has been to 40 wwe events since WM. Dwayne Johnson 1. Hmmmm doesn’t seem like a guy who’s nvr leavin”

(written by Zack Fisher)

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10 Responses

  1. The XFL says:

    Hate John Cena, but he burns the Rock with the truth.

  2. Beast says:

    Oooo Cena OWNING The Rock AH-GAIN!!!!!! lol. The Rock is getting corny with all these tweets. Cena speaks the truth.

  3. name says:

    Cena only has one general comeback.. but it’s all he needs. Hate to admit it, but Cena will always own on those tweets.

  4. Matt says:

    Is this all true between them or do u think Vince has told the keep it going in the build for WM

  5. -Jay- says:

    So they will promote the main event by being twits sending tweets, how the times have changed.

    John cena your a dork…oh wow Rock I’m doing shows and your not, omg c u @ Mania!

  6. Steve says:

    I love the Rock as a persona and find him much more entertaining. Cena I find to be today’s Hulk Hogan but you have to give him this, he works his butt off. He doesn’t take time off and is extremely loyal. The Rock really keeps digging his own grave and just coming across childish in his Tweets. Save all that energy for an in ring promo Rock.

  7. Agent Cooper says:

    Cena’s been in the main event for the last 8 PPVs. And he retained tonight, pretty much guaranteeing he’ll be in the main event of the next PPV. And they wonder why business is stagnant. God forbid they actually build someone up who isn’t Cena. That might mean Cena wouldn’t be in the main event. We can’t have that.

  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Now Agent Cooper, you wouldn’t be implying that Vince keeps pushing the same guys while burying the REAL talent (cough Zack Ryder) would you? Cause that’s definitely not in Vince’s nature or anything…

  9. B says:

    would you people get off zack ryders nuts he is horrible!!!!!!

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    It’s not so much liking Zack Ryder as it is being dismayed at the amount of talent that is misused. Week in and week out we get the same people shoved down our throats in the same types of matches. I personally am a big fan of Evan Bourne because he is actually athletic, and his style of wrestling is much more enjoyable to watch than the ho hum 5 moves of doom from Cena. I was pretty upset when Shelton Benjamin was gone way back when because he’s the best athlete they’ve ever had and they completely buried him. I just don’t want that to happen to other talent now. *steps off soapbox*

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