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Jun 19, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

from Joseph N.:

Hey Gerweck.net readers, this is Joseph Nocera alongside my good friend Brittney O’Loghlen and we are here to give you our preview and predictions for the upcoming WWE pay-per-view, Capitol Punishment. This is the first time ever they have done the Capitol Punishment event, and it looks like a great show. Capitol Punishment will be taking place at the Verizon Centre in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. We are going to start off with the WWE Championship Match:


Brittney: I am extremely looking very forward to this match, because I feel currently R-Truth is by far the best heel in the WWE. Truth’s heel turn has gotten him so much further and highly entertaining with his psycho actions of his, like talking to himself towards the ring, calling everyone ‘little Jimmy’ and destroying anyone who crosses his path. I’m very pleased with Truth’s character as of late, and I’m glad they are mixing it up because Cena is in need of an opponent like this. This match will be a perfect main event to close up the pay-per-view, because the crowd will be entertained by both a face and a heel superstar, which isn’t often! R-Truth is still very interactive with the crowd and often chooses to pick on the Cena fans. John Cena, well he’s WWE Champion and is one of the most entertaining in the business. John Morrison and R-Truth have a lot of history, once were the best of friends and now the worst of enemies. I feel John Morrison will definitely have a part in this match towards the end and ruin it for R-Truth after R-Truth cost him the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules and then injured him, leaving Morrison out of action for over a month. This will be the perfect chance for him to get his revenge on Truth, as he hasn’t been able to so far. John Cena will not start off his best, as usual, and will get himself a beating for a little while of the match. John Cena’s motto ‘Never Give Up’ always ends up coming into play towards the end, and he will dominate against Truth, but with Truth’s aggressive nature, he will knock Cena back down, setting him up for the ‘lie detector’ but will see John Morrison making his way to the ring. With John Morrison leaving Truth distracted it will give Cena the advantage to hit the Attitude Adjustment, perfect opportunity for Cena to set up the STF! As Cena does so, he will get the victory and retain his WWE Championship! John Morrison will enter the ring and get his revenge on Truth leaving him in thriving pain. What better way to end a pay-per-view and leaving the Washington crowd happy and excited!

Joseph: This match will be very unique in my opinion. I never expected to see R-Truth in the main event of a WWE pay-per-view event. This whole feud started when R-Truth was begging for a WWE Championship Match. After being denied by the Raw General Manager, R-Truth took his new attitude and his new aggression to another level. After defeating John Cena by count-out three weeks ago, he then went into the crowd and threw soda onto a WWE fan, just because he was wearing a John Cena t-shirt. The Raw General Manager then announced that night after Raw went off the air that R-Truth would have to apologize in order to get a WWE Championship match against John Cena at Capitol Punishment. The next week on Raw, R-Truth came out and he apologized, and the Raw General Manager granted R-Truth his WWE title match against John Cena at Capitol Punishment. John Cena has history with R-Truth. These two men used to be close friends until R-Truth turned his back on him and the WWE Universe. This match will be R-Truth’s first WWE Championship match in his career. R-Truth got the advantage over John Cena this past week on Raw after R-Truth was about to throw water on a young John Cena fan. Cena told the fan not to listen to him, and he cost John Cena a victory after CM Punk defeated Cena. After the match, R-Truth attacked John Cena and told him that he would win the WWE Championship on Sunday and thats the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I believe that this match will be good and it will have some good spots. I believe that we will see an interference from John Morrison in this match because R-Truth was the one who injured John Morrison and left him on the shelf for over a month and also, R-Truth cost John Morrison the WWE Championship back at Extreme Rules. I think that R-Truth may be the WWE Champion one day in the future, but I do not think that he will win the championship at Capitol Punishment. I believe that we will see John Cena retain the WWE Championship this Sunday at Capitol Punishment. I think now John Cena will move on the feud with CM Punk for the WWE Championship, leading onto a title match at Money in the Bank next month. While with R-Truth, I think he will move on to feud with John Morrison and I think those two men will compete against each other at Money in the Bank next month.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: John Cena retains the WWE Championship.
Joseph: John Cena retains the WWE Championship.


Brittney: This is going to be an exciting match. Both of these superstars have had great matches with each other over the last few months and they have not only excited me, but the rest of the WWE Universe. Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a new side of Christian. The former World Heavyweight Champion has attacked Orton twice with the championship belt, and he has said that he is sick and tired of listening to the WWE Universe. He has said that he feels he has been screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship and he blamed Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long for his problems and he has been criticizing Long for the way he lost the World Heavyweight Championship by polling the Smackdown audience. It has been obvious that Christian has gotten into Randy Orton’s head and it is obvious that Randy wants to destroy Christian. Randy Orton confirmed on Twitter that he has been cleared to compete at Capitol Punishment after receiving a concussion last weekend at a Smackdown event in Spain. Orton will slower the pace down in the match and it take his time to hurt the number one contender, while Christian will use his unique offence as well as having numerous attempts at his finisher, the killswitch. The fans in Washington D.C will be really into the match and they will be behind the current World Heavyweight Champion. The referee will get knocked out, and Christian will hit a killswitch on Orton as well as a low-blow. Another referee will run out and count the pin, only to count two after Randy lifts his shoulders off the mat. Christian will be too distracted complaining to the referee, which will give Orton time to recover and to make him connect with an RKO, which will lead to another two count. These men will go back and forth, in a similar way they did during their match at Over the Limit. After Christian gets some offence and he gets Orton in the position for a second killswitch, Randy Orton will come out of nowhere with a second RKO, and he will get the three count therefore retaining the World Heavyweight Championship. This match will have a lot of crowd involvment, and it will be one of the best matches of the night.

Joseph: I have mixed feelings about this match. The feud between these two started on the May 6 edition of Friday Night Smackdown. Randy Orton had just got drafted to Smackdown from Raw and Christian was just five days off winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules. Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long gave the fans the choice on who Christian’s first title defense would be against. The fans chose Randy Orton over Mark Henry and The Great Khali, and Theodore Long announced that the match would take place later that night. In that match Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship, ending Christian’s title run after just five short days. Christian cashed in his rematch clause at Over the Limit last month, and the result from the first match repeated itself, with Orton retaining the championship in a great match. Two weeks later, Christian was the special guest referee in Orton’s next title defense against The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. After Randy Orton successfully retained the championship, Christian smashed Randy Orton in the face with the World Heavyweight Championship, shocking both Orton and the entire WWE Universe. The next week, Christian challenged Randy to one more title match at Capitol Punishment, which Orton accepted. Later the night, Christian repeated the action he did the week before as he attacked Orton with the World Heavyweight Championship, costing him a victory in a no disqualification match against Sheamus. It has been reported over the last week that Randy Orton suffered a concussion at a Smackdown live event in Madrid, Spain and it has not been confirmed as of yet if he will be 100 percent able to compete. I do see this match going ahead though, but you have to wonder what condition will The Viper be in on Sunday. Christian will want to take advantage of the concussion and will want to just abuse Orton. Randy will want to inflict as much pain as possible on Captain Charisma after what Christian has done to Orton over the last few weeks. I can not say I am looking forward to this match as much as I was for the match at Over the Limit, but I still think that Orton and Christian will put on a good show. I see Randy Orton leaving Washington D.C still the World Heavyweight Champion. I think that the feud between these two men will be over after this pay-per-view and I think that they will each move on to feud with other superstars. I think that we will see Sheamus get more chances at the World Championship in the near future and I think he will feud with Orton leading into the Money in the Bank pay-per-view next month. While I believe Christian will be involved in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match and I think that he may start feuding with the likes of Sin Cara and maybe Kane.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship.
Joseph: Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship.


Brittney: Alex Riley and The Miz, let’s just say, have been through a LOT! Alex Riley first started as The Miz’ rookie on season two of NXT. The two both got along very well, as they were both arrogant, and had the ‘it factor’, there’s nothing wrong with cocky crowd pleasers. The two stuck side by side ever since day one, until Miz finally pushed Riley’s buttons. It eventually came to Riley’s attention that The Miz was using him to either retain his WWE Championship or regain it. When Alex Riley ‘failed’ to do so, or did it in a way that was not acceptable to Miz, he would be punished. A few weeks back on RAW we all saw Riley snap. Out of all seriousness now, it was AWESOME! The crowd went crazy, and that’s when it showed that this was most definitely over! It was good to see Riley come out of his shell and be himself.. I have a feeling this guy has a big future ahead of him and I can’t wait to see it. Riley has been getting most of the attacks on Miz, although a couple of RAW episodes back, Miz took a cheap shot, but of course Riley took control and finished him off. Is the Miz forgetting he’s taught Riley everything he knows? Because of that, this will make this match even more interesting! When Riley and Miz collide this Sunday it will definitely be one to check out! The Miz will take advantage for most of the match and look as if he’s going to pick up the win, although Riley will pick up the three-count and finally have his revenge on his ex- pro!

Joseph: I am really enjoying this feud between The Miz and Alex Riley. I am a huge Alex Riley fan and I believe the kid has a very bright future in WWE. This whole feud began the night after Over the Limit on Raw. At Over the Limit, The Miz lost an I Quit Match to John Cena for the WWE Championship. Then the next night on Raw, The Miz came out and blamed Alex Riley for him not winning the WWE Championship at Over the Limit. The Miz then demanded the Raw General Manager to give him another WWE Championship match, but the RAW GM denied him a title match. After he found that out, he went crazy at Alex Riley and fired him. After that, Alex Riley finally snapped and attacked his former mentor and the former WWE Champion. Throughout three of the last four weeks, Alex Riley has been able to get the momentum heading into the match. He has beaten down The ‘Awesome’ One twice, and he cost The Miz $5,000 this past week on Raw in his match with WWE Hall of Famer, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper. The Miz has been the mentor of Alex Riley throughout Riley’s whole WWE career, from NXT Season 2 until Over the Limit last month. This match will be very entertaining and this is the match that I am looking forward to the most. I am very interested to see what WWE will do with Alex Riley now that he is no longer with the former WWE Champion. I am also interested to see what will happen with The Miz and who he will feud with over the next couple of months leading up to Money in the Bank and Summerslam. I think that Miz will want to finish this match as soon as possible, while Alex Riley will want to take his time and just punish his former mentor. I expect a good match here, and I believe that Alex Riley will win this match via disqualification, and I think this feud will continue in the future. Both of these men have bright futures, both are charismatic and they both have ‘IT’ factor. I can not wait to see what happens with these two superstars in the future.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Alex Riley wins this match.
Joseph: Alex Riley wins this match.


Brittney: 4 weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, Big show was involved in an incident backstage with Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. As Show and Kane had just lost their titles, they were being interviewed backstage. After Big Show had said they got robbed, Alberto Del Rio slapped the taste out of the Big Show’s mouth. After Big Show started running after Alberto, we saw that Big Show had been run over by Ricardo. Ricardo claims it was an accident, and the look on his face said it all, but accident or not Big Show wouldn’t take that easy. It was obvious this would lead to a Del Rio and Show feud, but the WWE universe were unsure when Show would make his return. Last episode of RAW Big Show returned and had an interview with Josh Matthews in the ring, in front of the live WWE audience. Big Show was very frustrated that night and struggled to hold it all in. On the previous Friday Night Smackdown we saw Big Show let it all out, and a LOT was just an understatement. He destroyed the barrier among many other objects, letting out all his anger. A terrified Del Rio managed to escape the fury; although Big Show was unable to take a shot at Del Rio until Capitol Punishment, in order of Theodore ‘Teddy’ Long. I cannot wait to see what Del Rio has to offer, but Big Show will definitely be exciting to see, as he can finally let out his rage and get his payback. It’ll start off with Big Show dominating, of course, although it will be pretty even throughout. Big Show will pick up the win with his fantastic knock out punch, letting Del Rio know that he is not someone that well let you off easy. If this feud continues, it will be very entertaining as it grows.

Joseph: This match will be straight-up brutal. Last month, Big Show and his tag team partner Kane lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to Nexus members Michael McGillicuty and David Otunga after an interference from CM Punk. After the match, Big Show and Kane were being interviewed by Scott Stamford, when Alberto Del Rio came up to the former WWE Tag Team Champions and slapped the Big Show in the face. The world’s largest athlete started chasing Del Rio, then all of a sudden we saw Big Show get his leg run over by one of Alberto Del Rio’s cars. It turned out that it was Ricardo Rodriguez, who is Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer. After weeks of making fun of the former WWE, ECW and WCW Champion, we saw the Big Show return this past week on Raw, absolutely destroying Ricardo Rodriguez, leaving him knocked out and lifeless in the ring. Straight after that, Raw General Manager for the night Stone Cold Steve Austin announced that Alberto Del Rio would have to go one-on-one with Big Show at Capitol Punishment. This past friday night on Smackdown, we saw a side of Big Show that no one has ever seen. He wasn’t able to talk, he was worried about a match with Mark Henry, and he was just frustrated. He knocked out Mark Henry, forcing the world’s strongest man to be sent out of the arena on a stretcher. Later that night, Alberto Del Rio continued to make fun of the Big Show, forcing the world’s largest athlete to wreck havoc, destroying the announce table, the timekeeper’s arena and even the bottom rope of the ring. Big Show will be out for revenge on Sunday. I think that this match will be decent and I think this feud will be similar to the Big Show vs. CM Punk feud which occurred mid way through last year. Alberto Del Rio will want to stay out of the Big Show’s way, while Big Show will want to inflict as much punishment as possible on the 2011 Royal Rumble match winner. I see a good match, with a victory for the Big Show following a powerful knock-out punch.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Big Show wins this match.
Joseph: Big Show wins this match.


Brittney: These two former Corre members do not get along what so ever, what better way to battle it out for the Intercontinental Championship?! This match will be very good, thinking about it. The two hate each other with a passion and are both fighting for something they truly desire, the Intercontinental Championship. Wade Barrett has held the title for about 3 months now, so my guess is he’s feeling pretty confident about this, but then comes Ezekiel Jackson. Ezekiel is one huge Superstar, weighing in at 270 pounds, very intimidating to be wrestling against. On both Raw and Smackdown this past week, Ezekiel was able to get the better of the NXT Season 1 winner after defeating him twice in two 6 man tag team matches. With Wade’s height and speed and Ezekiel’s strength, this should be a very entertaining bout for the WWE universe in attendance and around the world at home. Ezekiel Jackson should have nothing to be concerned about going into this matchup as there is no more Corre, and let’s get real here, nobody likes Wade Barrett anyway. Wade Barrett will definitely be his over-confident self, although the only way he will think that he can win is by DQ, so Ezekiel needs to be careful. Wade Barrett will go to get himself a chair, in fear of not being able to keep Ezekiel down. As he enters back into the ring, Ezekiel will come back to his feet and dodge it. With Wade distracted as his plan failed, Ezekiel will hit the torture rack, giving him the submission win, his hand raised in victory and holding the Intercontinental Championship! I feel that the feud ends here as Ezekiel has made his statement.

Joseph: I am very interested to see what will happen in this match. We will know the history between these two men. They were both in The Corre, before Ezekiel Jackson decided to leave the group. After getting ambushed by the three remaining members of The Corre, it was announced that Wade Barrett would be forced to face Ezekiel Jackson at Over the Limit and in the match, the Intercontinental Championship would be up for grabs. At Over the Limit, Ezekiel was only seconds away from winning the championship, before Corre members Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater came to the ring and attacked Ezekiel Jackson, causing Jackson to win via disqualification but Wade Barrett retained the Intercontinental Championship. Then two weeks later, Barrett and Jackson had a rematch for the championship. Ezekiel Jackson won by countout, but Wade Barrett still retained the Intercontinental Championship. It was announced via WWE.com after Smackdown that Ezekiel Jackson would get one more opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship against Wade Barrett at Capitol Punishment. Then last week, Ezekiel Jackson and the Uso Brothers defeated Wade Barrett and his two other members of The Corre Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel after Wade Barrett walked out on his two tag team partners. After the match, Slater and Gabriel told Barrett that they were done with The Corre and that Barrett would be by himself for his title match with Ezekiel at Capitol Punishment. This past week on both Raw and Smackdown, Ezekiel and his team of Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara defeated Wade Barrett and his two partners, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in two separate matches. I was really looking forward to their match at Over the Limit, but I was disappointed after watching it. I was looking forward to thier match on Smackdown a few weeks ago, but I was once again disappointed. I am hoping that their third match will be better then the last two and I hope it will be a normal match with no screwed up finishes or no interference. I am a huge Ezekiel Jackson fan and I am hoping to see him put on a good match on Sunday. When these two men had their match at Over the Limit, I chose Wade Barrett to win, but I am changing my mind for this match. I see Ezekiel Jackson winning the Intercontinental Championship this Sunday at Capitol Punishment. I think that both these men will be involved in the Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match next month at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Ezekiel Jackson wins the Intercontinental Championship.
Joseph: Ezekiel Jackson wins the Intercontinental Championship.


Brittney: This is the match I am looking forward to the most. Both Superstars in this match-up have a lot of past history. Back in 2008 at Armageddon the two had a spot to fill, the number one contendership for the Intercontinental title. The two were in the final round, so this was definitely going to be a match filled with intensity. CM Punk picked up the victory with his finisher the GTS and accidently broke Mysterio’s nose in the process. At this point in time both of them got along and Punk raised his hand out of sympathy and respect. It’s weird to think that ever happened, when looking at them now; they simply cannot stand each other. Last year on Smackdown, both Mysterio and Punk had one of the most entertaining feuds in a long time ending with Mysterio almost being unmasked for all his life-long fans to see and CM Punk losing his greasy black locks. Their matches were very enjoyable and together possibly hold one of my favourite feuds of all time. CM Punk’s attitude towards the crowd always leaves them so irritated, which means he’s doing his job right. Rey Mysterio leaves smiles on all his fan’s faces when he connects with them. This obviously tells you most of the crowd will be on Mysterio’s side the entire matchup. With the crowd behind him, as always, Mysterio always finds a way to find momentum when he’s down, with his unforgettable moves leaving the crowd speechless. CM Punk will most definitely take the lead in most of the match up, when Mysterio tries to get up; he’ll only get knocked back down. Mysterio will finally get to his feet and eventually hit the 619. As he sets up for the West Coast Pop, the Nexus will interfere, leaving Rey with no choice but to land the move on them.. Down goes Nexus and up comes Punk. As Mysterio rolls back into the ring it gives the perfect set up for the GTS. Punk gets the win.

Joseph: I am excited to see this match. Throughout their feud in early 2010, they never disappointed me with their matches. They had three great battles on pay-per-view last year and now they are competing against each other at Capitol Punishment this year. These two men have history with each other. Last year at Wrestlemania 26, Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk, then a month later at Extreme Rules CM Punk defeated Rey Mysterio, then finally Rey defeated CM Punk at Over the Limit last year, forcing Punk to shave his head bald. These men also had a match in Armageddon 2008, where CM Punk broke Rey Mysterio’s nose. Three weeks ago on Raw, CM Punk picked up a victory over Rey Mysterio. Then the week after that, Rey was able to pick up a victory over the leader of the New Nexus. It was announced this past week on Raw that Rey Mysterio would face CM Punk in a rubber match at Capitol Punishment. During Rey Mysterio’s match with Christian this past week on Raw, CM Punk came out and attempted to attack Rey Mysterio, Rey was able to fight them off until the big man of the New Nexus Mason Ryan caught Rey and from there on, it was all Nexus. I am really looking forward to watching this match. I am a big fan of both CM Punk and Rey Mysterio and I have enjoyed the matches these two men have had against each other over the last 18 or so months. Expect to see interference from the New Nexus as they will probably help CM Punk pick up a victory. I think that this match will be given a good amount of time and I think that this will be the match that the fans mostly remember on this show. Rey will want to use his high-flying ability to wear down CM Punk, while the straightedge saviour will want to use his mixed martial arts background to get the better of the master of the 619. I see a great match and I see CM Punk picking up the victory with help from the New Nexus. I think after this match, CM Punk will be next in line for a WWE Championship Match.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: CM Punk wins this match.
Joseph: CM Punk wins this match.


Brittney: I am personally looking very forward to this match, as Kofi’s high flying moves and Ziggler’s arrogance always leaves the WWE universe satisfied. As we all saw on Monday Night RAW, Dolph Ziggler requested Raw guest host, Stone Cold Steve Austin, a championship match at Capitol Punishment against current US Champion, Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston has held the belt previously so this is his second reign as champion. Kingston’s move set is more highflying, and he does it extremely well, so there shouldn’t be a problem as Ziggler isn’t an overly huge guy. Although Ziggler is a very talented superstar and will be able to adapt to Kofi’s moves, which is often hard for anyone to do as he’s so fast. Ziggler will start off a little shaky, but will eventually end up wearing Kofi down. He’ll definitely take control for the entire matchup and set himself up for the win. Kofi is one of those superstars that will not give up a fight that easy. My personal opinion for the near-end of the match is that Kofi will set up for a cross-body dive off the top rope and will land it. As Ziggler comes to his feet, he’ll get a couple of punches in. Ziggler will set up an Irish whip into the ropes, but Kofi will reverse it, running in the opposite direction setting up a close-line. Although both Men will have the same idea, resulting in both of them getting knocked to down on the canvas. Kofi will manage to get to his feet first, leaving the Ref checking up on Ziggler to see if he’s okay. Ziggler will realise that Kofi is hurt, and quickly rush to his feet trying to nail the Zig-Zag, although Kofi will still be holding onto the ropes. Kofi will hit the Trouble in Paradise and retain his United States Championship.

Joseph: This is another match I am really looking forward too. Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler have always put on exciting matches that leave fans on the edge of their seats. These two men had a great series of matches last year and both men have accomplished a lot throughout their WWE careers. Kofi Kingston has been very successful over his WWE career, two-time United States Champion, former two time Intercontinental Champion and a former World Tag Team Champion. And we have Dolph Ziggler who has accomplished a lot through his WWE career, being a former World Heavyweight Champion and a former Intercontinental Champion. Both of these men came to Raw during the early part of 2011. Dolph Ziggler was fired from Smackdown, but hired on Monday Night Raw in March, while Kofi Kingston was drafted to Raw during the Supplemental Draft back in April. At Extreme Rules, Kofi Kingston won the United States Championship after defeating Sheamus in a Tables Match. Since Kofi won the United States Championship, one particular superstar has been paying a lot of attention to Mr. Kingston, and that is Dolph Ziggler. Three weeks ago on Raw, Dolph Ziggler picked up a victory over Kofi Kingston in a non-title match in what was a great match. Then this past week on Raw, Stone cold Steve Austin gave Dolph Ziggler a shot at the United States Championship at Capitol Punishment on one condition, that is Vickie Guerrero was no aloud to be in the corner of Dolph Ziggler. These two men do have a lot of history and if you remember back to August 6 2010, that was the night Ziggler defeated Kofi to win the Intercontinental Championship, which was Ziggler’s first ever championship win in WWE. Both of these men have a ton of talent and they both know how to put on a great match. Kofi will want to use his unique offense to win while Ziggler will use his amateur background and his solid moves to try and pull off the win. I see a great match happening here and I see Dolph Ziggler winning the United States Championship.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Kofi Kingston retains the United States Championship.
Joseph: Dolph Ziggler wins the United States Championship.

So there you have it, there are the preview and predictions for WWE Capitol Punishment. Brittney and I had a great time writing this and we are excited to see what happens at Capitol Punishment. Remember, Gerweck.net will be keeping live coverage of Capitol Punishment. Thanks for reading, and make sure you catch WWE Capitol Punishment this Sunday from Washington D.C!

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