WWE CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: Fake President Obama, Booker T segment

Jun 19, 2011 - by Adam Martin

The fake President Barack Obama is on his way out. He said when he should be working on the budget, he is actually watching Monday Night Raw. Lots of “WHAT!” chants. Obama wants to kill the rumor that he is the Anonymous General Manager of Raw. He adds if he was the GM, we would see less Michael Cole and more Jim Ross. Obama added, “I love that fat bastard.” Obama wishes John Cena and R-Truth good luck in the main event tonight. He goes to leave when Booker T calls him back to the ring. Booker says Obama has accomplished a lot, but he has yet to accomplish executing the Spinaroonie. He says he will show him and does it. Booker then asks everyone if they want to see the Barack-a-roonie. The fake Obama does some kind of a version of it. Cole said it was some kind of a spin. Lawler added, “Yeah, we have a lot of spin here in Washington, D.C.”

A promo runs focusing on the National Guard teaming with the WWE.

Another video package runs focusing on John Cena vs. R-Truth tonight.

* John Cena defending the WWE Championship against R-Truth is up next to close the show.

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