6/17 EMLL Results (Juicio Final)

Jun 18, 2011 - by Kris Zellner

EMLL 6/17 – Arena Mexico (Juicio Final)
1. Metro & Stuka Jr. beat Shigeo Okumura & Nobuo Yoshihashi
2. La Fuerza TRT (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Hijo del Texano) defeated Brazo de Plata/Hijo del Fantasma/Valiente
3. Negro Casas/Diamante/Hijo del Signo beat Blue Panther/Fuego/Polvora
4. Atlantis/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr. defeated Ultimo Guerrero/Angel de Oro/Rey Escorpion by DQ when Escorpion fouled Atlantis which made UG angry.
5. Rush/La Sombra/”Strongman” Jon Anderson beat Mephisto/Shinsuke Nakamura/Mr. Niebla
6. Mascara contra Mascara: La Mascara defeated Averno in a match of the year candidate as both men went all out for over 30 minutes hitting big moves, kicking out of finishers, using the other guy’s finishers as the crowd went nuts. Mascara used a combo of Devil’s Wings then his own finisher La Campana to get the win. Averno unmasked as Renato Ruiz, 34-years-old, with 15 years experience from Mexico City.

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