Hulk Hogan praises Matt Morgan

Jun 17, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Hogan praise for Matt Morgan: Hulk Hogan did some media interviews at
The E3 Convention last weekend to promote his new video game, “Hulk
Hogan’s Main Event”. In an interview with the ESPN gaming website he
said Matt Morgan was one guy he wants to push but feels his promos
aren’t up to par. Said Hogan: “There are a couple of things that need to
be fixed, and one of the main things is his interviews. When Scott
Steiner looks at you and calls you a punk and says you look like a tiny
turd in a toilet bowl, you need to come back and say something about how
you can look over the top of Steiner’s head. Instead, he’s out there
talking about how he respects Steiner as an athlete. His whole rap needs
to change. I think if we sit down and really dial Matt Morgan in, he can
be somebody who can really turn things around and lead Impact Wrestling
to the promised land.” Hogan also said he would like to be part of
anything to do with Steve Austin. “I can see him already making
appearances back on (WWE) TV, and he’s already starting to get full of
himself. I heard him say for a while that his back and his neck were too
messed up to wrestle, but from what I’ve been seeing lately, I think
he’s getting geared up to do something, and I’d like to be a part of

(source: Mike Aldren)

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