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WWE fails to patent the Sin Cara name in Mexico

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Believe it or not, WWE failed to patent the Sin Cara name in Mexico so EMLL decided to it instead.

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  1. Bryant says:

    Does that mean they cant say his name while in Mexico?

  2. Ian says:

    that is absolutely awesome…what a big mistake for WWE, how are they going to have him wrestle there if he can’t use the Sin Cara name…I smell a huge payment for that…good job on EMLL for jumping in on this.

    Hell they should create their own Sin Cara for Mexico and really piss Vinnie Mac off…thats the only thing that could make this better.

  3. Joseph says:

    Sin Cara is now able to Wrestle for EMLL…awesome! lol

  4. bob holly says:

    wow thats very….um, tna-ish of them…

  5. marty mcfly says:

    very TNA-ish indeed.

  6. Ashley says:

    My friends, I don’t think even TNA would be boneheaded enough to make that mistake…look for a new TNA VP or International Marketing tho…

  7. Kerry says:

    And now when Sin Cara wrestles for the WWE in Mexico, he will use the name…drum roll….Mistico!

  8. Agent Cooper says:

    It’s good to see the WWE’s annoying penchant for renaming everyone blow up in their faces like that. The only reason they do it is just so wrestlers… err… “superstars” can’t use their ring name again were they to leave the company.

  9. deathedge says:

    All it means is that WWE needs permission to use the “Sin Cara” moniker in Mexico (and I’d imagine EMLL will want payment). Also, the EMLL has the “Mistico” name trademarked, so WWE is hog tied here

  10. actually says:

    Just call him Cin Kara and be done with it

  11. McMahon says:

    So either WWE has to pay CMLL a ton of money or CMLL creates their own Sin Caras. I’d laugh if they created a new Mistico and teamed them up.

  12. JayJay says:

    Actually, you’re all wrong. EMLL won’t get a cent from the WWE. The WWE came up with the name and image first, if EMLL brought the case to court, they’d lose easily. This DOES mean that if Sin Cara leaves the WWE and wants to return to wrestle in Mexico, he can’t use the name or mask.

    Also, to Agent Cooper, the WWE didn’t want to rename him Sin Cara, they were forced to because EMLL own the rights to Mistico. So, if Sin Cara leaves the WWE, he won’t be able to wrestle as Sin Cara, OR as Mistico. He also can’t use the mask, so he’d have to come up with a complete different character.

  13. deathedge says:


    I doubt WWE will want to spend the money on a court case seeing how they just paid 5 mil in a settlement. Also, if the invention has yet to have a patent on it, ANYONE is free to patent it.

    Also, Mistico could be used if he decided to leave WWE but only if he went back to EMLL.

  14. JayJay says:

    @deathedge Anyone IS free to patent it, but if someone can prove that they came up with the idea first, then the patent is null and void. It happens all the time all over the world, EMLL is either hoping the WWE won’t challenge them on it… or they’ll pay another settlement to stay out of court. If the WWE fights this they’ll win, that’s how it always works. This isn’t the same as when someone invents a new type of engine or something… this is more about copyright than anything. The WWE can prove that they came up with the Sin Cara name and mask before EMLL, that’s what matters.

    Also, Sin Cara can go back to Mexico and wrestle as Mistico if he does it in EMLL, but the whole point of this is that they’re not happy with him. From what I understand of the situation, they’re not happy with him, and he’s not happy with them. They’re doing this so if he leaves the WWE, he won’t be able to make a living in Mexico, at least under the names he’s become famous as. This is just a company being really petty about one of their stars leaving. It’s just like when The Dudley Boys left the WWE… The WWE owned the rights to their names, so they made sure they couldn’t wrestle under “the Dudley Boys” anymore. If they go back to the WWE, THEN they can wrestle as “Bubba Ray Dudley” and “Devon Dudley”

  15. JayJay says:

    Just realized I keep type EMLL, when it’s really CMLL.

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