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Ventura interview, Raw and TNA Gut Check notes

– From Brian Soscia: Jesse Ventura calls The Soscia Network: Does Vince fear Jesse?‏

Jesse Ventura called into The Soscia Network Radio Show on Mix 106.1 in Philly yesterday.

Jesse talks:
WWE and tells us if Vince McMahon fears Jesse Ventura?
What 2 things Jesse Ventura DOESN’T do that most of the world does do.
Will Twitter or Facebook cause more harm or good in the world?
A story about when he bought his dream car.
We also discuss his new book.

– From Che: BBC Radio Documentary‏

We follow British-Asian wrestler RJ Singh (from FWA) as he prepares for a TNA Gut Check challenge earlier this year. We also feature D’lo Brown, Jeff Jarrett, Robbie Brookside and Alex Shane as we look at the rise of British-Asians (south Asians from India, Pakistan and the sub-continent) getting into professional wrestling – ala The Great Khali, Jinder Mahal and Sonjay Dutt.

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– Raw was #91 in last week’s Pay TV ratings in Australia with 23,000 viewers. (thanks to Mike Informer)

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