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Reports: Randy Orton suffers a legitimate concussion

Reported by Adam Martin of

WWE sources have confirmed that current World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton did indeed suffer a concussion over the weekend during the Smackdown brands overseas tour following an event in Madrid, Spain. The early assumption was that the concussion mention on Raw this past week was a storyline, but that is not the case. No decision has been made as to whether or not Orton will be ready to go Sunday for the Capitol Punishment PPV, with stating that it would be a “day of game” decision to be made by company doctors. It was also noted by The Wrestling Observer how serious WWE is taking concussions in attempts to keep people out of the ring as long as possible.

Orton was not used in a wrestling role on Raw or at the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday.

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  1. RJ Ace says:

    Hahahaha I’m the whiny mark?! You’re the one that’s crying about Christian getting screwed over by WWE management. I’m a huge Christian fan, much more so than Randy Orton but I was there the night Orton beat Christian for the title and the crowd was definitely pro-Orton. If you want to argue in the grand scheme of things that putting the title on Orton so quickly might be a bad decision long term, I can live with that. However everything you post around here is negativity and complaints yet I’m the one that is supposedly a troll?! You are the one that has backward logic, not me. Instead of just posting random comments bashing the product, why don’t you provide some actual discussion points instead of just saying, “WWE and TNA pisses me off, they’re all dummies, I’m not watching anymore.” As far as Christian goes, WWE obviously had this heel turn planned out months ago before Edge ever retired. They were planting he seeds back then for a Edge-Christian feud. Had Edge not retired, Del Rio probably would have gone over at Mania and Christian likely wouldn’t have ever gotten a run with the title at all. Now Christian has a great opportunity to prove that he belongs in the main events with Orton. I’ve known that all along and you as a Christian fan probably has as well. However whether it’s fair or notn the only opinion that matters in WWE is Vince McMahon’s. I don’t know if you’ve read the update or not but Orton is cleared to wrestle Sunday so how do you know Christian won’t get his “receipt”?

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Yeah, yeah… you “were there.” I’ve heard that line of garbage so many times, it’s unreal. Never amazes me how many wrestling fans online have been to every major title change in the history of the business. I’m guessing you were also in MSG with Foley the night Snuka came off the cage as well?

    Nice to see also, you don’t even know what I’ve posted on here in the past, which is why I called you a whiny mark. I’ve given so much insight, only a couple of ignorant trolls haven’t gotten it yet, that I know the business, because I was in it for a decade.

    By the way, yes they planned on turning Christian heel… but on Edge… and Del Rio was never booked to win the belt, because it was going to be about Edge vs. Christian. If you’re going to try and sound like you know something, at least keep up on the news, would you?

    Vince’s opinion isn’t important. THAT’S why you’re a mark. Vince McMahon’s insight on anything does not mean crap. The people who pay for tickets and PPVs, along with merchandise, are the ONLY opinions that matter, period. What the WWE has done the last few years, is alienate actual wrestling fans. As of now, only people like you, women and little kids can watch the WWE on a regular basis. You just make excuses for everything you see, and instead of admitting the product has SUCKED the last decade, you just try and tear everyone down who sees that it IS crap. Vince is supposed to be a business man, and he has kept his company in the same rut now for over a decade, because he’s too lazy to get a decent product moving. Ratings, buyrates, EVERYTHING has been on the same dead level for over 10 years now. Heck, one PPV this year was on pare with how some TNA PPV’s get buys because it was THAT bad. Where’s the excuse from you on that one?

    Pro-Orton that night? Please, I watched it on Youtube, the crowd went dead silent at the 3 count, only women were screaming. Orton isn’t a mainstream draw. Take a look at Miz. Never liked the guy until he got to the Main Event… and he was ALL OVER the media his entire Title reign. Orton? Never have actually seen him do talk shows like Miz did. Heck, can only recall him ever doing one. So no, I don’t care who thinks Orton deserves his spot, because when you compare who has worn the belt (yes, I said BELT, eff the WWE’s “can’t call it a belt” rule,) every legendary player at the top of that company who wore the gold, was ALWAYS plastered on TV outside wrestling.

    So, no… I don’t see Mr Poop In a Bag as some big star.

  3. AJ Starr says:

    Furthermore, I know your next asinine comment is going to be about how a local wrestler (whom you will no doubt call a backyarder because all you marks are unoriginal as crap,) has no real opinion. Guess what, slick? I had backing from the Vachons. Yes, THOSE Vachons, Butcher and Mad Dog. You know, the legendary HoF Vachons. My hometown has Butcher’s HoF plaque in his favorite restaurant where he eats every chance he gets. I’ve held the same Heavyweight Title Paul Vachon did, and Butcher himself on MORE than one occasion has told me I did a great job in the ring.

    So, say what ever mark-ish pile you want to. I’ve had TNA talent encourage me about wrestling, and I’ve been given personal compliments from The Vachon Brothers, as well as Dale Roberts, one of the original Hollywood Blondes.

    Are we done here, or would you like to continue making yourself look inept?

  4. RJ Ace says:

    If you would like to give me your email, I would happily send you pics of the event. Lol it was a Smackdown taping, not Wrestlemania at MSG. I live in Tampa and the taping was in Orlando. I don’t see how it’s that of a stretch to believe I was actually there live. You’re acting as if it was a historical event that I couldn’t have possibly seen in person or something. You continue you to call me a mark but you sound like a complete mark for yourself. You were in the business for 10 years? Good for you. The Vachon family thought you were good? Congrats. I do not watch WWE religiously and I do agree with many of your points. WWE has alienated a large portion of it’s audience. The ratings and buyrates show that. You act like by insulting WWE, you somehow offend me. I watch pro wrestling all over the world and I’ve been to countless Indy shows, WWE events, TNA events, and even WCW when they were still in business. I also didn’t say that Vince McMahon was end all be all of pro wrestling. I said his opinion is the only one that matters in WWE. He obviously doesn’t care about what actual fans think because he continues to shove Super Cena down our throats. Your bashing of WWE is irrelevant to the point I was making because I wasn’t defending WWE to begin with. I was calling you out for being the typical internet wrestling message board poster. “I’m never watching again, WWE sucks, TNA sucks, they should push my guy, they’re all idiots, I know more than everybody that works there, blah blah blah.” My whole issue was you bashing something and then not backing it up with arguments which you have finally provided so thank you.

  5. AJ Starr says:

    It’s only considered bashing, as you like to put it, if I do it for no reason. By agreeing with my points… and calling me a mark for having them… that makes YOU a mark by your own definition.

    And no, you took a 2 sentence remark and turned it into a flame war for your own personal amusement, and I put you in your place because of it. Next time, instead of being a mindless drone and lashing out because you can’t handle other people having an opinion you don’t like, or seeing expressed in a way you don’t like, instead of attacking that person because you can’t handle reality, keep it shut, and move on.

    Your last reply, is a testament to WHY you are a mark, and why most wrestlers cringe at getting into discussions with people online, because most of you think you know more than anyone who’s put on a pair of boots. You ARE defending the WWE, because in one sentence, you say you don’t watch it religiously, yet you gave them your money to go watch a show you now claim you don’t find to be interesting.

    What POSSIBLE sense does that even make?

    And the John Cena remarks are 6 years too late. Cena is an excellent humanitarian, possibly one of the best human beings on the planet, and an example of what we should all strive to be.

    If you don’t like the way WWE books him, fine. The constant digs on his character, WRITTEN BY WWE STAFF, are pointless, degrading, and downright arrogant. I’m sorry, but I can’t hate a man who constantly visits sick and dying children just to give them a happy day, or a guy constantly works for charities. It would be the same as you hating Mick Foley for putting a sock on his hand when he did it because it became a hit, and put security and money away for his family.

    Cena is on top, and Champion because he is the #1 draw there, and he is the prime example of how everyone in the locker room should be.

    So sorry… your remarks are done now. Even when you make a half attempt at going for a normal discussion, you still only show what an arrogant armchair quarterback you are. And by the way, you spent all this time bashing me, because YOU are a typical online poster. Get your head out of the clouds, or out of your butt, which ever you prefer to do first.

  6. RJ Ace says:

    Watching WWE religiously and paying to see a live event when they come to town once or twice a year is not the same thing. I’m not bashing Cena the man and you’re right, it’s the way WWE books him that gets under my skin. I don’t blame WWE for pushing him because he is their biggest draw and he sells the most merchandise to the audience they are trying to reach. That’s why I choose to watch other forms of wrestling because I don’t like everything I see. I also don’t claim to be an expert on pro wrestling and I don’t claim to have more knowledge about how to run a pro wrestling company than Vince McMahon or anyone else. The things you continue to accuse me of such as being a mark, being an armchair QB, etc. is what you epitomize perfectly. You act as if you have all the answers on how to fix the pro wrestling industry and you act as if because you spent 10 years in the indy’s (to your credit by the way) that you somehow know more than every promoter and fan out there. You also have an incredibly high opinion of yourself. This is obviously going no where. You think I’m a clueless mark and a troll. I think your arrogant, full of yourself, and a troll as well. Take your last shot at me because I won’t respond to the next comment.

  7. AJ Starr says:


    Problem is, when I’m right, I don’t back down from someone just because of their attitude. Don’t like mine? Shouldn’t have started trash-talking me. I have a high opinion of myself in regards to this discussion, because I have the experience factor to back it up. You would get the same response from anyone who’s ever been in the ring, whether they give you a more polite way of saying it, or flat out tell you to go eff yourself, which most would do.

    So yes, we are done here, because you went from telling me I was wrong, to telling me I was wrong but agreeing with me, to this. You have conceded, I accept… I’m done. Cya.

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