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Interview Recap: Nikki Roxx

Interview conducted: January 7, 2005

Interview highlights:

- Roxx always watched wrestling as a kid, and one of her friends joined a wrestling school. At the school, Roxx met April Hunter, who convinced her to start training.

- Slyck Wagner Brown was her primary trainer at Killer Kowalski’s school. She is currently training with Steve Bradley.

- Roxx made her debut in March or April 2002 against Hunter. Roxx worked against Gail Kim in her third match, shortly before Kim signed with WWE.

- Roxx got the name ring from a shoe company.

- Roxx considers her home fed the WFA.

- In recent tours of Mexico, Roxx has won Ariel’s mask, another lady wrestler’s hair, and most recently, captured a LLF title.

- Roxx prefers mat wrestling.

- In 2005, Roxx hopes to focus her time and attention more to wrestling, and less on her daytime job.

- Roxx considers her biggest strengths her technical ability and being able to work the crowd.

- Roxx considers herself as her toughest critic. She critiques her matches and has her trainer review them.

- Roxx considers a match against Susan Green as her best match thus far in her career.

- Nikki talked about working against Trinity, Hunter, Ariel, Tracy Brooks, Kim, and more!

- Roxx hopes to work against more of the girls from the south.

- A dream tag team match would pit herself with Hunter (as the Killer Babes) against Team Bondage (Amber O’Neal and Krissy Vaine).

- Roxx talked about returning to Mexico in February where she will work a title vs. mask match.

- Roxx’s official web site is currently down, but she plugged her yahoo group.

- She talked about doing a recent photo shoot with April Hunter, who snapped the pictures.

- She tries to watch the WWE product as much as she can. Roxx says WWE is looking for more of the diva type ladies, and she is trying to focus on her wrestling right now.

- Roxx considers April Hunter the total package, and doesn’t understand why she has never been offered a contract by WWE.

- She considers her career highlight being invited to wrestle in Mexico.

- Roxx considers Ivory as her favorite current female wrestler.

- She pointed to Kurt Angle and Eddy Guerrero are her biggest wrestling influences.

- Roxx wrestlers more as a babyface, and prefers being a babyface in the ring.

- Roxx plugged her upcoming wrestling dates.

- Gerweck plugs the fact that Roxx appears in the current edition of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Women of Wrestling.

- In most months, Roxx works all weekend dates that she can get.

- Roxx talked about a recent ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in Mexico.

- Roxx doesn’t consider herself a sex symbol. She considers herself as just one of the ‘boys.’

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