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TNA Hardcore Justice 2011 Poster

Hardcore Justice

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  1. Cody Tougas says:

    Best poster they’ve had in months IMO.

  2. Joseph says:

    Abyss’ time HAS COME!

  3. Gentleman Gaga says:

    Before the other comments come in…let me guess it’s TNA so it sucks right?

  4. Criss Brian says:

    As long as he loses the X Division title soon, I have no problem seeing Abyss be the top of this PPV or any other main event

  5. Why does TNA feel the need to zoom in on Abyss’ face all the time? Now in the poster too? Everytime he’s on camera, zoom in on his sweaty face. Sweat and spit flying into the camera. He’s such a channel changer.

  6. Jono K says:

    Im abit suprise dthey kept it as hardcore, but i guess it fits…

  7. name says:

    @Gentleman Gaga
    haha seriously right? I mean I don’t watch TNA but I’m no hater. The haters need to give it a break, it’s quite annoying (TNA fanboys too!). I can’t imagine the poll results for “Grade TNA Slammiversary”.

    Abyss needs to lose the X Title.. seriously. I hope the reason for him winning the title actually makes sense in the end.. though I sound wishful in saying that.

  8. Gentleman Gaga says:

    @name exactly. Don’t get me wrong TNA is pretty bad right now but these WWE marks bash TNA at every chance they can get while that company isn’t doing any better.

  9. eddie cook says:

    Hey name ably reason abyss has the title is because he has to hold it so he can have had all belts in tna like aj styles

  10. cold says:

    Thats the best poster they’ve had since BFG 4

  11. Chris says:

    Abyss needs to drop the X-Division title and needs to get that push!
    Wouldn’t Mind seeing his as the World Champ, Deserves a Decent run at the Top!

  12. korey parker says:

    WTF is TNA?

  13. The XFL says:

    Lmao @ korey parker

  14. The XFL says:

    Thought it was impact wrestling but, OK.

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