Jun 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

* Backstage, Bully Ray is interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Bully Ray says he is a man, while AJ Styles is a boy. Bully Ray said he is 6’3″ and 285 lbs, and in the best shape of his career. He said he is mad at himself for not getting rid of Styles earlier.

(6) Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles in a last man standing match.

Fans start a “lets go AJ” chant.

On the outside, Bully Ray pulled up the ring steps, and went after Styles near the guard rail. Bully Ray places a trap Styles under the steps as he put weight on for additional pressure.

A series of chomps appeared to show busted blood vessels on AJ’s chest. AJ asked for another, and the loudness of the chomp got fans to chant “holy s**t.”

A springboard allowed AJ to nail Bully Ray with a punch, as the referee counted to six with Bully Ray before he broke the count. Sit down power bomb by Bully Ray from the ropes landed both men hard on the bat, as the referee started to count both men down.

Bully Ray grabbed a chain , but Styles got it away from Bully Ray and nailed him with it on the outside. Bully Ray went under the ring to blade, and came out with color. Styles continued to throw punches, and finally brought him back into the ring. Springboard 450 on Bully Ray, as the referee counted, but he was able to get back to his feet. With Bully Ray tossed out of the ring, Styles launched himself onto Bully Ray. Ray is bloody mess.

Bully Ray tossed Styles to the top of the stage. Pele by Styles, and he kicked Bully Ray off to the floor. Running forearm off the stage to the floor on Bully Ray. Fans chanted “this is awesome,” as Bully Ray broke the count at eight. Styles set up a table. Styles nailed Ray with a chair, putting his opponent on his back on the table. Back to the stage, Styles climbs up the steel structure, and does the Macho Man elbow drop onto Bully Ray, landing both men throw the table! Both men down, as the referee counted. Styles is up at six, but Bully Ray kicked him down from the floor. Bully Ray gets up before 10, and is declared the winner at 20:18. Heck of a match!

Staff, security, and referee help both battered men up.

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