TNA SLAMMIVERSARY PPV COVERAGE: Abyss v. Kendrick v. Kazarian

Jun 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Backstage, JB interviews Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett has already taken everything from Angle (his wife, his kids, his integrity), and tonight, he’ll take whats left – his gold mental. Jarrett says the victory tonight is dedicated to Karen, who is home in Tennessee.

(3) X-Division title match: Abyss vs. Kazarian vs. Brian Kendrick.

Earl Hebner is the referee for this contest.

With Abyss lifting Kendrick on the outside, Kaz hit a drop kick onto Kendrick.

Blackhole slam by Abyss on Kendrick, but Kazarian quickly broke up a possible pin attempt.

Missle drop kick by Kendrick on Abyss, but only a two count.

Tornado DDT by Kazarian on Abyss, but he kicks out to save the title.

Double drop kick by Kazarian and Kendrick on the champion. Stacked pin, but Abyss kicked both guys off. Roll up by Kazarian, kick out by Abyss. Kaz and Kendrick went at it, as Abyss slowly made his way back up the ring apron. Abyss pulled out Kendrick as he was about to pin Kazarian, and pinned Kaz himself at 12:02 to retain the X Division championship.

After match, Abyss cut a promo into the close up camera, divide and conquer in a three way!

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