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Mick Foley comments more on his departure from TNA

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Mick Foley has added a new blog online discussing his departure from TNA and why he wants the wrestling community to know he is leaving on good terms despite some mistakes he may have made while employed.

“think it’s always a good idea to try see problems from other people’s points of view. I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago that I pushed hard for changes I thought would be beneficial to Impact, and as a result, was thought to be “difficult to work with.” You know, after a few days of serious thinking, I can really see how that “difficult” label could indeed apply to me. I was incredibly critical of the company on Jeff Katz’s “Geek Week” last November, did an interview with the opposition to support my book, forgot to mention the company I worked for on several interviews, took part in a handful of interviews that I was asked politely not to by the company that employed me, and lastly, sent out a fairly immature and hurtful tweet comparing my Empty Arena match with the Rock in 1999 to Impact house shows – in terms of attendance. If not for Congessman Weiner’s boner shot, my “empty arena” crack may have been the most ill-thought and costly tweet of the month.

I also mentioned my “request” to be released from my contract. Actually, it began as an a legitimate offer to Terry Taylor to help trim the Impact roster of some expensive fat. I had some genuine differences creatively with Impact, and honestly didn’t think the company should have to continue to pay good money to someone who had lost faith ion the product. At the time, it seemed like a pretty fair offer. But at the point we agreed to forge ahead with me as the Network rep, I should have just shut up and done the best I could in the role, at least until the Destination X show was over – at which point my departure could have become an interesting part of the show. I regret that an initial offer made in the company’s best interest became a request and maybe even a demand in my own self-interest – or at least what i thought was my own self-interest.. until I realized I didn’t get to go to Universal or to the mailbox anymore.”

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8 Responses

  1. -Jay- says:

    Good story Mick you should write a book or something.

  2. Steve says:

    If only most people could recognize their own shortcomings the same way. We all make mistakes and good on you Mick for being able to admit them.

  3. Rock says:

    Wow. Mick Foley is quite the impressive individual. Definitely deserves respect for this comment and many of his other actions over his career.

  4. bob holly says:

    foley, you should be absolutely ecstatic that you jumped on a life raft and can now sit back and watch that freakin ship sink without you on it.

  5. DeathNote81 says:

    I wonder if one of his ideas was to invest in more intl. talent. With all the country boys (and girls in Mickey’s case) on their roster, and white faces in general, IMPACT Wrestling looks more like REDNECK wrestling. Maybe that’s why guys like Joe, the Guns, The Pope, Jay Lethal, the British wrestlers, etc. keep disappearing. If you don’t shop at Cabela’s, you’re out of the big picture.

  6. Reign says:

    Agree 100% with DeathNote81. Honestly I stopped watching Impact about 2 months ago and I have not missed it whatsoever. I don’t know how to fix it or if it even needs to be fixed, but to have me back as a fan they need to stop having stars from the 90’s 80′ and even 70’s take up most of the show.

  7. Rob Deyette says:

    go back where u belong [WWE]

  8. Common Sense says:

    @Deathnote81 , I agree 100% with you, I am tired of seeing all these white faces take up all the show, they SHOULD put the motor city machine gun on TV more, and those british guys, they were white before white was cool, I mean before American White, so that exempts them, I really hate how it has all become just a white man’s show. How bout instead of looking at race/sexual orientation, we just look at skill, TNA is lacking in that, well atleast what they put on TV. I think you could have the Pope vs Chris Saban on every Impact Main event and it would be the best wrestling out there, but lets stick with Hogan and Bischoff talking. Also Mic, I thought you were god before but the self insight and depth at which you looked at yourself, makes me feel like you are the only person willing to speak the truth at the expense of your wallet book.

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