Jun 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

* Opening video, which was put online prior to the PPV.

* Announced earlier, the tag team title match would open tonight’s PPV.

* Pryo

* Tazz and Mike Tenay hype the PPV.

* Christy Hemme is the ring announcer…

(1) TNA Tag Team title match: James Storm and Alex Shelley (with Bobby Roode) vs. The British Invasion (Douglas Williams and Magnus).

Roode (with his arm in a sling) joins the broadcast position with a six pack a beer. Roode says Storm and Alex Shelley are like an all star team. Great suplex by Magnus on Shelley, but he doesn’t go for a cover. Fans start to chant “USA, USA.”

With his legs open on the ropes, Shelley does a suicide dive onto both members of the British Invasion on the outside of the ring. High impact move by Shelley from the top rope, but only a two count.

Storm accidentally spit into Shelley face, which nearly cost the babyfaces the tag titles with Storm nearly being pinned.

Sliced bread by Shelley, and Storm gets the pinfall to retain the tag team titles at 10:56.

Storm and Shelly shake hands after the match.

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