Jun 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

* Backstage, we see Jeff Jarrett arrive two hours before the show. Then we see Kurt Angle arrive at 5:20PM ET.

* Backstage, JB interviews Scott Steiner. Steiner calls the fans in the building and watching live white trash. He said Morgan isn’t as strong as he is. After the match, Steiner said he is going to show Matt Morgan’s girlfriend what it is like to be with a real name.

* Hemme messes up in the intro for Steiner. She said he was from the University of Michigan in Detroit (which is actually Ann Arbor).

(2) Scott Steiner vs. Matt Morgan.

With Morgan down, Steiner asked the fans to look at this “candy ass.” Brian Hebner is the referee for this one.

Steiner maintains the upper hand. Morgan feeds off the crowd, and hits a running clotheslines. Side slide by Morgan. Sit down slam into a pin by Morgan, but only a two count.

Back in control, Steiner continues to heat the crowd. Steiner recliner applied by “Big Papa Pump” on Morgan.
Morgan lifted Steiner, but Steiner does a victory roll, but only a two count.

Carbon foot print by Morgan gets the victory for Morgan at 9:20.

After the match, Morgan kissed his wife sitting ring side.

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